Version 3.4 Released!

Qwinn’s Ultimate Dragon Age: Origins Fixpack Version 3.4 has been released! If you want to see just what’s changed in v3.4, you can read the v3.4 Changelog thread on my forums. If you’ve been waiting for the Fixpack to be finalized before trying it out, I’d say now’s the time. I’m not saying there’ll never be another version, but I don’t currently see a need for one, and if the need arises it shouldn’t be for quite a long time. If I do any more restorations of cut content, they’ll almost certainly be released as a separate mod (and again, this won’t be any time soon).

If you installed any hotfixes for previous versions in your packages/core/override folder, you can and should remove them upon installing v3.4.

Oh, and if you haven’t finished your Christmas shopping yet (or just need something from Amazon), I’d be truly grateful if you could click on one of the Amazon ads on my website before doing so. (Use the International Portals link in the sidebar instead if you’re not from the USA). It won’t cost you a single additional penny, it just means I get a tiny percentage of what you pay that will otherwise go to Jeff Bezos. That, or making a donation through the PayPal button on the sidebar the old fashioned way, would be a very nice way to show your appreciation for the thousands of hours I’ve put into this Fixpack to make your gaming experience better. Thank you! Enjoy! And Merry Christmas!


Hello! Welcome to the new, where I’ll be hosting my mods from this point on. I intend to use this website as my portfolio in my quest to seek employment doing this sort of thing in the future.

For now, this site is just hosting my Dragon Age: Origins Fixpack, which contains over 770 dialogue, scripting and item fixes and dozens of restorations of broken content to the base Dragon Age: Origins game. Compatible with all graphic, textures, morph and gameplay mechanic mods. Please download or view the Readme for details. A LOT of details.

I have released the QUDA:O Fixpack Builder to Builder Package and my full Developer’s Notes version of the readme in case any other modders would like to make their mods compatible with mine. If they do, I’d appreciate credit extended for any fixes reimplemented in other mods as a result of my work, and a link to either this website ( or my NexusMods mod page so folks know where to get it.

If anyone has nice things to say or finds any issues with the mod, please feel free to either email me at or register and post on the forums.

And yes, I’ll host my Planescape Torment mods here as well, for those who already own the old Planescape Torment non-Enhanced version. That’s just lower priority for me for now, but I’ll get around to adding them.

The Download List – For Players

Download Qwinn’s Ultimate Dragon Age: Origins Fixpack v3.4 (includes the Readme and Affected Files List)

Download the Affected Files List and Readme as separate .txt files.

View the QUDA:O Fixpack Readme v3.4 Online

View the QUDA:O Fixpack Affected Files List v3.4 Online

Regarding NexusMods and the Nexus Forums

Development of version 3.0 of my Dragon Age: Origins Fixpack began on January 4, 2017. The entire development was continuously liveblogged on the following thread of the Nexus Forums, which grew to 122 pages by the release of version 3.2:

The QUDAO Fixpack Development Liveblog

Warning: Walls of text. So, so many walls of text.

The posters on that thread at the Nexus Forums were an invaluable source of input and encouragement throughout the entire 6 month development, for which I remain quite grateful. The mod was initially hosted at the NexusMods website as well, and still has a mod page, which is probably where most folks are still finding out about

The QUDAO Fixpack Mod Page at the Nexus Forums

I’d prefer if comments, questions, bug reports and so forth were posted in the new forums here instead of there, as I’d like to be able to back up and archive our discussions for future reference, and to keep it all in one place going forward.

The NexusMods website remains, in my opinion, hands down the best place on the internet to find quality mods for this and pretty much all other PC games. All mods that I refer to in the Compatibility section of my Readme can be found there.

Again, many thanks to the staff and posters of NexusMods and the Nexus Forums for their encouragement and for providing the platform for the mod’s development and initial distribution.

Regarding Compatibility, Installation and Save Games

My DA:O Fixpack is very humble. If my Fixpack modifies a file, and any other installed mod touches the same file, that other mod’s file will get priority and override mine by default. If this happens, the fixes my mod makes to that file will not work, but it maximizes the chances that the other mod will work without problems. That’s no guarantee, however, as another file somewhere else in my Fixpack that was not overwritten may be dependent upon the changes in the file that was overridden. So, add files from other mods that are also in my Affected Files List with great caution. Note that if you overwrite player_core.nss, as a number of combat mechanic mods do, you will only lose my Soundset fixes (GL3002) but it should otherwise work without additional issues.

I always encourage starting a new game after applying my Fixpack, as installing it mid-game always has the potential to create unforeseeable issues that may not be immediately obvious. During development of v3.0, I rewrote every fix from older versions, and internally versions 1.0 to 2.0 are considered a completely different mod from versions 3.0+. Nothing from those older versions will transfer to version 3.0.

If you *must* try to apply my Fixpack (or any other mod that affects quests) to an old save game, you can minimize the possible negative consequences by first finishing off any side quests you had open in your journal that are affected by the mod, and any main quest areas (especially Orzammar) that you’ve visited previously. Basically, load your save game, finish up as many main and side quests as you can that take place in areas you’ve already visited, THEN apply the Fixpack. Again – none of this is recommended, you’re always better off starting a new game as there are many fixes in the early game that have ramifications later on, but if you must, this method gives you the best chance of avoiding problems with quests. Even that will probably not be enough to avoid issues with fixes applying to any followers that have already been recruited, however.

The Download List – For Developers

Download the QUDAO Fixpack v3.4 Builder to Builder Package

Download the QUDAO Fixpack v3.4 Readme – Developer Notes Edition.

This version of the Readme lays out, in excruciating detail, exactly what I changed in every single affected file in my Fixpack. This makes it a MASSIVE text file – over half a megabyte uncompressed. Opening it up in Word, it comes to 208 pages – literally book length. But it tells you everything I did step by step – I think there were maybe 3 fixes total where redoing a fix from scratch would be much easier than documenting what I did, so I didn’t bother, but the other 99.9% of fixes are fully and completely documented.

The downloads above should make it very easy for other modders to make their mods compatible with mine – at least, I can’t think of anything else I could possibly provide to make it easier. Good luck, and thanks for taking an interest!

Support ongoing modding and development – for FREE!

I hate to ask for donations, I really do, and I’d rather not do so anymore. For one thing, hardly anyone does – less than 1 per 200 downloads so far. It’s understandable – why pay when it’s free, and doesn’t EVERY modder want donations? But please realize that the opportunity costs for me in creating and maintaining fixpacks as large and detailed as mine – which incidentally saves you time and frustration trying to get dozens of partial fix mods all working together, as was required before QUDAO v3.0+ – are *huge*. Over 700 fixes and restorations took over 7 months at a pace that was nearly a second full time job for me, and I’m still spending over 20 hours a week answering questions, fixing any reported issues and supporting it in general.

SO! I’ve found a way that users of my mods can show their appreciation and support for FREE, by signing up for free trials or just doing their Amazon shopping after clicking any Amazon link on my website (or, if you’re from Germany, Spain, Italy or France, by finding your portal in the QwinnMods International Amazon Portals page.) It adds nothing at all to your purchase price and, if successful enough, would allow me to devote many more hours to modding (including possibly creating a DA:O combat mechanics fixpack, or perhaps Unfinished Business for PS:T Enhanced Edition, or another game entirely!) without being pulled away by every temptation to do something more lucrative – which, at this point, is virtually anything.

Here’s a few things that, if you’re here, I suspect you might well enjoy (and if you’re using an adblocker, please whitelist my site to see them). I’ll assume you already have DA:O, but perhaps (like me) you don’t have the sequels yet! So:

And then there’s the books and novels. Lots of them! Way more than I knew about…

Another Bioware series I truly loved – Mass Effect! (I so wish I could do a fixpack for this series!). A great price for the original trilogy – digital download, though you have to wait for the game code to be shipped to you. And yeah, I’m not doing a generic link to all Mass Effect products because I shall not promote the Sequel That Shall Not Be Named:

And of course, it’s pretty much required that I link to these. I’d link to the Enhanced Edition too but it doesn’t appear to be available on Amazon – oh well.

Haven’t played this one yet, but heard great things, and Obsidian hasn’t let me down yet – another one I’ll bet I wish I could mod before I’m done! Looking forward to it myself…

Note that you don’t need to buy the product that I linked to lend your support. Click any of them and buy pretty much anything at Amazon over the next 24 hours, at no extra charge to you, and you’ll have helped make ongoing support and future mods possible. Thank you!!

Note to non-U.S. visitors: if you’re using Amazon UK or Canada, any of the Amazon links on this page should redirect you to your country’s site (and please let me know if that doesn’t work! I haven’t had confirmation that it does yet.) If you are from there or France, Spain, Germany or Italy, click here to access the QwinnMods Amazon portal for your country. Thank you for your support!

Compatibility Update – Fully compatible with Alley of Murders!

Excellent news!

The note in the Readme that the mod Alley of Murders by modder AmstradHero was not compatible was based on a user report that turns out to have been mistaken. I’ve just tested both mods together thoroughly and am very pleased to report that they are 100% compatible. I suspect the mistaken report was due to a long standing issue with Alley of Murders (reported since 2013) that would cause an infinite load screen upon trying to enter the alley. I discovered that this was caused by trying to install the .zip download of Alley of Murders with DAModder. Instead, you need to rename the .zip file download to .dazip and install using .daupdater, then it works perfectly.

I don’t often make recommendations (in fact, this may be my first one!), but if you like using mods to add content/quests to your DA:O game, I can recommend this one. I found it well done, balanced, and in keeping with the style and flavor of the original game, and I can see why there was such disappointment when it was originally thought that they were not compatible. Very happy that’s not the case.

Have fun everyone!

New website features: Registration, Subscriptions and Forums

I’ve simplified the Registration process significantly (I really don’t need to know your first and last name just to let you post on my forums), and I won’t bother you with email activation for now, though I do have to ask you to actually enter it for lost password resets, sorry. The email entered in registration will ONLY be used for that, my solemn promise. I hope you’ll all register and make use of the forums!

As for subscriptions, yes, I need to do email activation for that for obvious reasons. And I promise to only do posts that will email subscribers if it’s something I think you really should know (like new versions or hotfixes, etc.). No email blasts of my awesome Ser Henric/Ser Donall fan fiction!

Why you should use the DA:O Fixpack even if it’s your first time playing the game

This bit from the Readme was written 7 years ago, in version 1.0. The example I give about Lothering seems dated now, since “everyone knows” what happens to Lothering, but back then when the game was just released, everyone was new and a lot of people really did think it was a bug:

“Note that my intent here is to fix the game, not tweak it to my liking. I only change something if I believe the game’s behavior in any given instance was more than likely -not intended- by the developers. In other words, I try to fix bugs. Actual bugs. As opposed to, “I forgot to talk to the guy in the Lothering tavern for the Blackstone Irregulars and now I can’t get back to him, that’s a bug, fix it!”. No. That was actually intended, as is clear if you read the completed failed entry for that quest.”

My last fix to version 3.2 before release (and now one of my favorite fixes) is this:

LO3219: Lothering: A helpful location based party bark where your party members advise you that you should do everything you can in Lothering before leaving because the Darkspawn are coming was interrupted 99% of the time by Sten’s first line from his cage (the triggers were only a couple of steps apart, you have to inch past the Chasind very, very slowly in the vanilla game to hear it.). I have moved this trigger closer to the actual exit of the area where it should no longer be interrupted.

THIS is the reason everyone thought it was a bug back then. The intent was that new players should receive this warning from your followers, but because the warning almost always went unheard, getting cut off from the quests seemed patently unfair to the player. And I believe this is the proper fix: restore the warning so that, if new players do leave Lothering without finishing things up, at least they were warned and chose to ignore the warning.

It is because of fixes of this nature that I recommend even first time players use the Fixpack, despite the conventional wisdom of “always play without mods the first time”. As I do only fixes and restorations, not tweaks, I’d suggest following the conventional wisdom in this case is unnecessarily masochistic. I really don’t think there’s anything in the vanilla game that one would miss by playing with this Fixpack (except maybe for those who like deliberately exploiting bugs, but I have little sympathy for that), but the reverse is certainly true – you will run into many annoying issues and miss out on what was intended, necessary information in vanilla that you will not have to deal with if the Fixpack is installed your first time through.