Regarding NexusMods and the Nexus Forums

Development of version 3.0 of my Dragon Age: Origins Fixpack began on January 4, 2017. The entire development was continuously liveblogged on the following thread of the Nexus Forums, which grew to 122 pages by the release of version 3.2:

The QUDAO Fixpack Development Liveblog

Warning: Walls of text. So, so many walls of text.

The posters on that thread at the Nexus Forums were an invaluable source of input and encouragement throughout the entire 6 month development, for which I remain quite grateful. The mod was initially hosted at the NexusMods website as well, and still has a mod page, which is probably where most folks are still finding out about

The QUDAO Fixpack Mod Page at the Nexus Forums

I’d prefer if comments, questions, bug reports and so forth were posted in the new forums here instead of there, as I’d like to be able to back up and archive our discussions for future reference, and to keep it all in one place going forward.

The NexusMods website remains, in my opinion, hands down the best place on the internet to find quality mods for this and pretty much all other PC games. All mods that I refer to in the Compatibility section of my Readme can be found there.

Again, many thanks to the staff and posters of NexusMods and the Nexus Forums for their encouragement and for providing the platform for the mod’s development and initial distribution.