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I hate to ask for donations, I really do, and I’d rather not do so anymore. For one thing, hardly anyone does – less than 1 per 200 downloads so far. It’s understandable – why pay when it’s free, and doesn’t EVERY modder want donations? But please realize that the opportunity costs for me in creating and maintaining fixpacks as large and detailed as mine – which incidentally saves you time and frustration trying to get dozens of partial fix mods all working together, as was required before QUDAO v3.0+ – are *huge*. Over 700 fixes and restorations took over 7 months at a pace that was nearly a second full time job for me, and I’m still spending over 20 hours a week answering questions, fixing any reported issues and supporting it in general.

SO! I’ve found a way that users of my mods can show their appreciation and support for FREE, by signing up for free trials or just doing their Amazon shopping after clicking any Amazon link on my website (or, if you’re from Germany, Spain, Italy or France, by finding your portal in the QwinnMods International Amazon Portals page.) It adds nothing at all to your purchase price and, if successful enough, would allow me to devote many more hours to modding (including possibly creating a DA:O combat mechanics fixpack, or perhaps Unfinished Business for PS:T Enhanced Edition, or another game entirely!) without being pulled away by every temptation to do something more lucrative – which, at this point, is virtually anything.

Here’s a few things that, if you’re here, I suspect you might well enjoy (and if you’re using an adblocker, please whitelist my site to see them). I’ll assume you already have DA:O, but perhaps (like me) you don’t have the sequels yet! So:

And then there’s the books and novels. Lots of them! Way more than I knew about…

Another Bioware series I truly loved – Mass Effect! (I so wish I could do a fixpack for this series!). A great price for the original trilogy – digital download, though you have to wait for the game code to be shipped to you. And yeah, I’m not doing a generic link to all Mass Effect products because I shall not promote the Sequel That Shall Not Be Named:

And of course, it’s pretty much required that I link to these. I’d link to the Enhanced Edition too but it doesn’t appear to be available on Amazon – oh well.

Haven’t played this one yet, but heard great things, and Obsidian hasn’t let me down yet – another one I’ll bet I wish I could mod before I’m done! Looking forward to it myself…

Note that you don’t need to buy the product that I linked to lend your support. Click any of them and buy pretty much anything at Amazon over the next 24 hours, at no extra charge to you, and you’ll have helped make ongoing support and future mods possible. Thank you!!

Note to non-U.S. visitors: if you’re using Amazon UK or Canada, any of the Amazon links on this page should redirect you to your country’s site (and please let me know if that doesn’t work! I haven’t had confirmation that it does yet.) If you are from there or France, Spain, Germany or Italy, click here to access the QwinnMods Amazon portal for your country. Thank you for your support!