Version 3.4 Released!

Qwinn’s Ultimate Dragon Age: Origins Fixpack Version 3.4 has been released! If you want to see just what’s changed in v3.4, you can read the v3.4 Changelog thread on my forums. If you’ve been waiting for the Fixpack to be finalized before trying it out, I’d say now’s the time. I’m not saying there’ll never be another version, but I don’t currently see a need for one, and if the need arises it shouldn’t be for quite a long time. If I do any more restorations of cut content, they’ll almost certainly be released as a separate mod (and again, this won’t be any time soon).

If you installed any hotfixes for previous versions in your packages/core/override folder, you can and should remove them upon installing v3.4.

Oh, and if you haven’t finished your Christmas shopping yet (or just need something from Amazon), I’d be truly grateful if you could click on one of the Amazon ads on my website before doing so. (Use the International Portals link in the sidebar instead if you’re not from the USA). It won’t cost you a single additional penny, it just means I get a tiny percentage of what you pay that will otherwise go to Jeff Bezos. That, or making a donation through the PayPal button on the sidebar the old fashioned way, would be a very nice way to show your appreciation for the thousands of hours I’ve put into this Fixpack to make your gaming experience better. Thank you! Enjoy! And Merry Christmas!