Qwinn’s Ultimate DA:O Fixpack Readme v3.4

Qwinn’s Ultimate Dragon Age: Origins Fixpack
Author: Paul Escalona (aka Qwinn)
Original Release Date: April 15, 2010
Current Release Date: November 30, 2017
Current Version#: 3.4
Mod Hosted at: https://qwinnmods.com/

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This fixpack attempts to address ALL dialogue, quest, scripting, plot, and MOST item bugs in the base game of Dragon Age: Origins. As of version 3.4 it fixes more than 790 such bugs. It also attempts to restore any cut content that is consistent with all existing content, and that doesn’t appear to have been cut for any reason other than time or budget constraints.

Note that my intent here is to fix the game, not tweak it to my liking. I only change something if I believe the game’s behavior in any given instance was more than likely -not intended- by the developers. In other words, I try to fix bugs. Actual bugs. As opposed to, “I forgot to talk to the guy in the Lothering Chantry for the Blackstone Irregulars and now I can’t get back to him, that’s a bug, fix it!”. No. That was actually intended, as is clear if you read the completed failed entry for that quest. Now, if I make a change to something that someone believes was intended, please do offer up arguments/evidence in support of that in the comments section where you downloaded this or any other forum I may come up with to support this Fixpack. I enjoy hashing that sort of thing out.

I have no future plans to do fixpacks for Awakening, DLC, Dragon Age 2 or Inquisition unless Bioware would like to pay me a fair wage to do so and they unlock the encryption for me.


This fixpack makes no attempt to fix combat mechanics. It also makes no changes to graphics, textures or morphs. Any mods that make those sorts of fixes *should* be fully compatible. It does not attempt to fix bugs in Awakening or any of the other DLC, with two exceptions: one related to giving Oghren gifts in Awakening (OG3003), and a fix moving a camera in a specific stage used in dozens of dialogues throughout the game (and probably in the DLC as well) in order to prevent large armor shoulder pauldrons or large weapons from occluding the speaker’s face, sometimes completely and for significant stretches of dialogue (see GL3209).

RESTORATION HIGHLIGHTS (this is above and beyond many many dozens of lines restored here and there in various dialogues):
SPOILER WARNING: This list has a lot of spoilers, don’t read it if you haven’t played the game before.

Restored all broken codex entries (aside from a handful in the “Controls” section)
Restored human female cocky soundset
Restored option to show mercy to Mandar Dace if fighting him during the Dwarf Noble Origin
Restored dozens of scripted approval changes, particularly when first meeting various followers
Restored 3 different reactions each to breakups with Morrigan and Zevran, depending on approval level
Restored harsh breakup with Leliana
Restored turning Morrigan in as an apostate to Greagoir
Restored dialogue when taking Morrigan to Flemeth’s hut during her personal quest
Restored the proper extended ending to Flemeth’s Real Grimoire quest.
Restored several conversations with Oghren in the Deep Roads
Restored Oghren asking to join the party permanently after a king is crowned
Restored long dialogue with Wynne about Connor, and fixed bugs usually preventing another long dialogue with her between “Rescue the Queen” and the Landsmeet
Restored 18 interparty banters that previously would not play at all
Restored Alistair’s intended warnings when you are about to be attacked by stealthed darkspawn in the Korcari Wilds
Restored Alistair introducing you to Ser Donall in Lothering
Restored being able to distract Lanaya (with very high persuade/cunning) long enough to steal her Songbook without getting caught
Restored the ability to heal Deygan in “Wounded in the Forest”
Restored ability to turn Godwin in to Greagoir
Restored several ambient dialogues between Redcliffe villagers and Shale
Restored non-functioning morale boosts/penalties to the Redcliffe militia and knights depending on how you prepared them for Attack at Nightfall
Restored combat shouts and calls for healing by Redcliffe militia and knights during Attack at Nightfall, which vary depending on morale and sobriety
Restored Sophie’s Guard being able to catch you ransacking Sophie’s room in the Gnawed Noble Tavern
Restored 3 of the 5 intended ways to be able to Steal the Teyrns Crown
Restored Haven alternate shopkeeper if you side with the Cultists
Restored exchange between the beggar and a guard in the Hall of Heroes
Restores the broken Jowan’s Intentions Chanter Board quest
Restores the intended final reward for completing all Chanter’s Board quests
Restored Vartag confronting you in the Provings if you fought for Harrowmont after agreeing to work for Bhelen
Restored the ability for a dwarf noble who didn’t kill Trian to be exonerated
Restored the ability for a dwarf noble to complete “Of Noble Birth” properly
Restored ability for Shale to come rescue you during “Captured!”
Restored interjections by Leliana, Morrigan and/or Sten during the Landsmeet if you are betrayed by Anora
Restored Alistair thanking you for not making him king
Restored dialogue between Loghain and Anora in Redcliffe Castle after the Landsmeet
Restored the last two “Story So Far” updates in the game.
Restored many location based party comments and follower interjections during dialogues
Restored 13 previously unobtainable items in game


This mod is most likely not going to be compatible with most mods that modify dialogue, quests and some items. The following mods are not compatible, but they are also mainly not necessary as all bugs and restorations they deal with are also dealt with in this fixpack. This list is by no means complete, it’s just what I’m aware of:


Alistair Dialog Patch (ADP) – Bugs are all dealt with, 4 tweaks listed in the readme were not implemented.
Zevran Dialogue Fixes (ZDF) – Only things in the readme not dealt with are some tweaks to kisses.
Leliana Fixes – All issues dealt with, though not always the same way
Morrigan Restoration Pack (MRP) – Only things in the readme not dealt with are Angry Kiss and Dark Ritual Kiss because they are tweaks.
Dialogue Tweaks – Bugs addressed, tweaks are not.
Tiny Fixes – Completely Redundant
A Lost Nug Quest Fix – Completely Redundant (though with different reward)
Unobtainable Item BUGFIX – I do not restore 2 two handed swords in Korcari Wilds as I believe they were cut deliberately
Jowan and Another Different Jowan – Completely Redundant
Ancient Elven Boots Fix – Completely Redundant
Fang at Tier 7 – Completely Redundant
Golem Registry and Shapers Life Reward Fix – Completely Redundant
Shale Will Come For Me Restoration Fix – Completely Redundant
Templar Armor Fixes – Completely Redundant
The Gnawed Notebook – Completely Redundant
Her Hammer is her… uh.. never mind – Completely Redundant
Fixed political support in “A Paragon of her Kind” – Completely Redundant, though my implementation is slightly different
Cammen’s Lament Quest Fix – Fixed much much more thoroughly in this Fixpack
Human Female Cocky Voice – Completely Redundant
Chevalier Armor Set Bonus Change – Completely redundant
Zevring – Fixes are redundant, but I do not make the ring a usable item
Bye Oghren – Redundant, but with a difference – if you turn down Oghren’s request to join you, you don’t get another chance to recruit him.
Jowan’s Intention Fix (at Bioware site) – Completely Redundant
Give Robbed Elves Money Patch – Completely Redundant


Improved Atmosphere – portions of this could probably be added successfully, with some major surgery. Installing both mods in their entirety is known to cause issues with Crime Wave and Trial of Crows quests, and probably many additional issues not yet discovered. Much of IA is redundant, though, as the fixes listed in the Readme are dealt with in this fixpack, but tweaks are not. The following folders would PROBABLY be okay to add (not actually tested): 1. Global (Animations, Materials and Tints only), 5. Awakening Expansion, 6. Downloadable Content, 7.2 Awakening Quick Items, 7.3 Optional Campaign Mods (Alistair Climax Speech and Release Jowan ONLY), 7.5 Weapons VFX Remover, and finally the single file party_barks.dlg (which makes all followers give their location based barks, instead of just one) that can be found in “4. Companions / 4.1 Dialog Changes / Global Dialog Changes”. Thanks to firepanda of the Nexus forums for helping me put that list together.


Equal Love (If you want that sort of thing, use GoesOnGhost’s Complete Bi Overhaul instead as it is mostly compatible).

Any mod that modifies companion dialogues. You will at least lose my own fixes that changed those files if you install such mods, and there’s nothing I can do about that without the other modder’s cooperation. I have changed my previous stance and am now willing to attempt to address more significant compatibility issues with mods that alter the follower dialogues, UNLESS they are already listed in the “Mostly or Completely Redundant” list above. Just let me know about the compatibility issues on the Compatibility Issues thread on the QwinnMods forums.

REGARDING PLAYER_CORE.NSS: Many combat rule type fixpacks and other mods make changes to this file. The ONLY change I make to it is related to fix GL3002, the fix that corrects some soundset bugs (the lines played when you click on your followers). If you install other mods that alter player_core.nss/ncs, you will lose GL3002, so Alistair may start calling your male warden “My Love” at 100 approval again, and your followers will be strangely hostile when you click on them at neutral approval levels, but aside from losing that fix, the other mods should work without issue.


* The lists in parentheses are the mods in that category that were reported as fully compatible during and after v3.0 and v3.1 BETA testing.

Any morph, texture or visual/graphics mods (* Bidelles Cosmetics, CC Extra Tints & Tones, Leliana Facemorph, Leliana Sacred Ashes Armor (normal and update v1.1), LOTC’s Longer Eyelashes, More_Hairstyles, Morrigan Tweaked, NBaio, Practical Dalish Female Armor, PT’s Vibrant Colours, Tucked Hair, UDF Dyekit, Robes of Possession – Retex of Jewelry, Personal Annoyance Remover and pretty much any other mod in this category)

Any mods that strictly address combat mechanics (* Full Combatant Dog)

Any Awakening-only mods (* several were confirmed but not bothering to list as they should all work)

Any mods for other DA:O DLC

Some gameplay mods (* Extra Dog Slot, Alley of Murders, Skip The Fade, ZevranASAP, The Rescue At Ishal, Cousland Sword and Shield, Level 50, FtG UI Mod, FtG Quickbar, AddItem with Console Improved – Script, Damage Statistic Fix, No Helmet Hack)

Most mods that only directly alter existing cutscenes should work. (* Better Sex Cutscenes)

GoesOnGhost’s “Complete Bi Overhaul” mod.


Either “Elfy Ghost Boy” by theskymoves, or “Ghost Elves” by mintflavoredwindows, both available on the Nexus forums. I don’t handle these because this is the only bug I’m aware of that requires a morph fix, and I don’t want to make a lie of my claim that my mod won’t conflict with ANY morph mods. That the boy in the Brecilian Ruins needs to be changed to an elf is indisputably a fix – multiple references to him as an elf can be seen in the toolset. The evidence is less absolute for the mother, but she also speaks elven, and my guess is that the mother was probably also intended to be an elf. If you want to change just the boy, use “Elfy Ghost Boy”, and if you think the mother should also be an elf, use “Ghost Elves”.


It came to light in the final days of creating version 3.0 that having Vertical Sync disabled can have some strange effects – specifically, it causes Gorim to not reach your prison cell in the Dwarf Noble origin. I fixed that single issue, but as I did all my development and testing with VSync enabled, I did not catch any other instances where that issue could have an effect. I therefore recommend having VSync enabled if possible.

It’s not necessary, but I also did all my development with 3D Vision and it worked quite well, aside from some cutscenes looking a little glassy. If you have the hardware for it, I certainly recommend it for Dragon Age: Origins.


As of version 3.4, there is no multi-language support for this Fixpack. If installing it on a foreign language version, it will replace a small amount of text with english text. My apologies to the international players. 🙁


Use daupdater.exe (found in your Dragon Age installation’s bin_ship directory) to install the accompanying .DAZIP file as an addon (viewable and toggle-able from the Downloadable Content menu option). Please be sure to *actually extract* the .dazip from the .zip the mod comes in before trying to drop it into daupdater.exe.


I have organized the readme below hoping to avoid spoilers as much as possible. You therefore won’t find much in the way of references to later game events under the companion sections, for example (this is why the ALISTAIR section is so short – he has *tons* of fixes but most of them are listed under the Landsmeet, Dark Ritual, etc. sections for reasons obvious to those already spoiled.) Within each section, I’ve tried to order the fixes in the order you’re likely to come across them within that area, and group fixes pertaining to a specific quest all together, for those trying to use a walkthrough and consult this readme at the same time. I do tend to list side quests prior to main quests.

The code system used to reference fixes, established in v3.0 BETA, has been changed as of v3.2 from a 5 character code to 6 characters. The first two alpha characters still denote the category they are listed under in the readme (see the following category list). The next two digits are now the version number where the fix was added to my fixpacks (and it is for this reason that v3.01 BETA is being retconned to be remembered as v3.1 BETA). The last two digits are used to establish the order in the readme. With this new system, I can insert new fixes without having to reorder or renumber existing fixes, and therefore the code used to denote any particular fix should not change from v3.2 on.

If you are looking for a specific fix, and it could potentially belong to multiple categories below, you are most likely to find it by finding the *last* category in the following list that matches what you’re looking for. For example, you won’t find any PLOT ITEM REMOVAL fixes anywhere above that section. If you’re looking for a fix to something about Morrigan during the Dark Ritual conversation, you’ll find it in the Dark Ritual section, not under Morrigan. If an event is tied to a specific location and can’t happen anywhere else, you’re most likely to find it in the section for that location (so all restored party bark/comments are listed in the respective location where they can now be heard). Note that there is no PARTY CAMP section – things that can only happen in the party camp will generally be under the relevant companion’s section.


GL0000: GLOBAL (10 Fixes)
AL0000: ALISTAIR (9 Fixes)
DO0000: DOG (1 Fix)
LE0000: LELIANA (29 Fixes)
MO0000: MORRIGAN (37 Fixes)
OG0000: OGHREN (22 Fixes)
SH0000: SHALE (1 Fix)
ST0000: STEN (17 Fixes)
WY0000: WYNNE (8 Fixes)
ZE0000: ZEVRAN (18 Fixes)
OS0000: OSTAGAR (17 Fixes)
LO0000: LOTHERING (20 Fixes)
DE0000: DENERIM (Excluding Crime Wave and Endgame) (24 Fixes)
CW0000: CRIME WAVE (22 Fixes)
RQ0000: RESCUE THE QUEEN (14 Fixes)
CA0000: CAPTURED! (10 Fixes)
LA0000: LANDSMEET (and Post Landsmeet up to Dark Ritual) (29 Fixes)
DR0000: DARK RITUAL (14 Fixes)
FB0000: FINAL BATTLE (14 Fixes)
CO0000: CORONATION (6 Fixes)
PC0000: POST-CORONATION (18 Fixes)
FU0000: FUNERAL (7 Fixes)
PI0000: PLOT ITEM REMOVAL (16 Fixes)
IF0000: ITEM FIXES (23 Fixes)

Total number of fixes as of version 3.4: 794


GL3001: Mostly fixed a bug where, when a follower gained or lost approval that put them into any new approval category below Friendly/Love, the character sheet would not update with the new approval status until the next time that follower’s approval changed. Note that this fix will not work if the approval change was caused by gifting items from the Feastday Pranks and Gifts DLC.

GL3002: The sound clips that played when selecting a party member were completely screwed up. You’d get their HATE soundset at anything below 26 approval, their NEUTRAL soundset from 26 to 75, and their FRIENDLY from 76 to 99…. and then at 100 you’d get their LOVE soundset, whether you were in a romance with them or not (so Alistair at 100 approval would respond to a click from a male warden with “My love?”). Note that Sten, Wynne, Oghren and the rest of the non-romancable followers have no LOVE soundset, so at 100 approval they’d just stop saying anything. You will now get the HATE soundset only below -25, the NEUTRAL soundset from -25 to 25 (which is the actual “Neutral” range), and the FRIENDLY soundset if you are warm or better (26+), unless you are actually in a romance with them and they are 71+ (Adore), in which case you get their LOVE soundset. Many thanks and much credit to squareinc on the Nexus Forums for making me aware of the issue at 100 approval and showing me what he did to fix that issue on his own, which led me to further discover that my followers utterly despised me at 20 approval. NOTE: other mods that overwrite player_core.nss/ncs will cause this fix to not work, but should otherwise work without issue.

GL3003: It should no longer be possible to steal invisible plot items from your party members, anywhere. This includes the party camp, Arl Eamon’s Estate during the Landsmeet, and anywhere else party members are accessible without currently being in your party. Let me know if I missed anywhere.

GL3004: When any follower leaves the party for good, a bit of script was supposed to remove the codex entry describing what kinds of gifts they like so that that did not remain the final codex entry for that follower. That bit of script was bugged and did not work. It does now, though the gift entry will not disappear until the next time a save game is loaded.

GL3105: HOSTILE and NEUTRAL approval levels are valid approval states when in an active romance, but the GUI would fail to display either of them – INTERESTED was the lowest it would ever actually display. As with the previous global approval fixes, I cannot fix proper updates to the approval status due to changes from Feastday Pranks and Gifts.

GL3206: The GUI would display that you had achieved a particular approval level at 1 point lower than the scripts would actually return that you had reached that level. For example, at 25 approval the GUI would say you changed from Neutral to Warm, but scripts and dialogues would still think you were at Neutral, until you got to 26 approval. As with the previous global approval fixes, I cannot fix proper updates to the approval status due to changes from Feastday Pranks and Gifts.

GL3207: The inexplicably missing female human “Cocky” soundset has been restored in the character selection screen. Thanks to Maeassel and firepanda of the Nexus forums for making me aware of this one.

GL3008: Location based party barks would sometimes randomly fail to play at all. In almost all cases, you should now always get a single bark at each of these locations. This fix only works if you have a full party of 4. This fix was in the Fixpack since the v3.0 beta but was undocumented until v3.2 – my apologies. Note that the party_barks.dlg file from the mod Improved Atmosphere that causes ALL followers to give their barks at every location should be fully compatible, overwriting only fix UR3015.

GL3209: A particular frequently used camera in a particular dynamic stage used in dozens of dialogues throughout the game was placed such that if the player had armor with big shoulder pads or a large weapon, the armor/weapon could occlude the speaker’s face, sometimes completely and for significant stretches of dialogue. I have moved the camera slightly to significantly reduce this problem (any occlusion should be very temporary at worst). This camera is also used in many cutscenes that I cannot test in every circumstance. If any camera work in any dialogues or cutscenes appears to have worsened with use of this Fixpack, please do let me know, and I can fix the problem in future versions, but I expect few if any issues and the cure is almost certainly far better than the disease in this case.

GL3410: A reported bug I was never able to duplicate was that sometimes, in the 3 places where you can be stripped of all your inventory and then regain it (the Pearl, Captured! and the Urn Gauntlet), sometimes a follower wouldn’t get their gear back. I strongly suspect this problem was caused by the fact that dozens of items that are set to fire events when acquired to add associated codex entries or quest updates *continue* to fire these events every single time they enter your inventory, despite the fact that in the vast majority of cases there is no reason to ever fire those events more than once. When your entire party regains their entire inventory, this would cause potentially dozens of completely unnecessary item-acquired events to fire in extremely rapid succession. In this fix I stop over 35 items from firing item-acquired events after they’ve run once and fulfilled their purpose. This should significantly reduce the chances of hitting the hard limit on script calls and events that can be reached when using multiple mods that use Event Manager, which again is what I strongly suspect caused the reported inventory-not-restored problems.


CM1001: “Mage Origin”: During the Harrowing, if you have acquired your staff and you talk to Bear Mouse, he would prematurely shout, out of context, “And there is a spirit of rage”. Then, when you actually got near the spirit of rage, he’d initiate a casual conversation, again quite out of context.

CM3401: Senior Mage Quarters: Fixed a couple of bugs in Niall’s dialogue. 1) The camera will no longer inexplicably focus on a silent Torrin while Niall is talking. 2) You will no longer be forever cut off from asking Niall about apostates if you fail to ask about them the very first time the option appears. Thanks to Illusia for reminding me of the first one and making me aware of the second one.

CM3102: “Mage Origin”: Eadric will no longer shift off his chair and sit on empty air after talking with him. Credit to sialivi of the Nexus forums for making me aware of this one.

CM3003: “Mage Origin”: You will no longer get stuck with a “Signed Rod of Fire Request Form” in your plot items. This would only happen if you didn’t save and load the game between getting the form signed and turning it in to Owain.

CM3004: “Mage Origin”: Enchanter Sweeney will no longer respond as if he signed your form if someone else did so.

CM3005: “Mage Origin”: Lily will no longer appear in the background in the final cutscene after she’s been led away by the Templars.

CM3006: “Mage Origin”: When Gregoire and Irving confront the player, Jowan and Lily as they leave the basement, if the player was working undercover for Irving, Irving tells Gregoire that the player was following his orders. If the player is female, Jowan realizes you betrayed him and curses you, but then would forget that you betrayed him in all future conversations. If the player is male, that entire bit of dialogue is simply skipped. The male path is now fixed, and Jowan will remember that you betrayed him. Credit for making me aware of this one goes to SpaceAlex and the readme of Improved Atmosphere.


DA3001: “Dalish Elf Origin”: The statues in the Dalish camp do not give the customary 50 xp reward for their codex entries.

DA3002: “Dalish Elf Origin”: In the opening cutscene, Tamlen refers to female elves as “Lethallin” and male elves as “Lethallan”. This is the reverse of every other elvish dialogue in Dragon Age Origins, including a different section of Tamlen’s own dialogue. Corrected. Credit to TotalBalance on the Nexus forums for making me aware of this one.


DN3001: “Dwarf Noble Origin”: A bit of code that was meant to equip your shield (if you asked for one) and weapons at the end of the introduction to this origin, and again when sent to the Deep Roads near the end of the origin, were also equipping all DLC. They will no longer do so. Thanks to Maeassel of the Nexus forums for making me aware of the first instance, and Adenyeshua for the second.

DN3002: “Dwarf Noble Origin”: Gorim’s sword will now be tier 1 iron, as it is in console versions of the game, instead of tier 5 red steel. This fixes the PC-only bug where Gorim’s sword could not be unequipped and re-equipped due to a high strength requirement.

DN3003: “Dwarf Noble Origin”: The five possible ambient lines from guards in most of the areas of the Origin were supposed to be random per scripting comments – and they are repeatedly triggered simply by walking near a guard – but all but one would only appear once per game, easily exhausted at the first guard you meet, and then the dozens of remaining guards in the Origin would forever say nothing but “I am at your service” as you passed by them. The first four lines will now be able to be heard more than once, making the guards much less robotically repetitive.

DN3004: Royal Palace: Five examinable objects in the Royal Palace did not give the customary 50 xp reward for their codex entries.

DN3005: Diamond Quarter: If you were harsh with Gorim earlier in the Origin, when the magic merchant would faint in dialogue, the conversation would end with his being unconscious while still standing upright.

DN3006: Diamond Quarter: Exchanged the placement of a couple of triggers for ambient overheard dialogue in this area so that they correspond to the actual placement of the speakers. The way they were tended to cause both ambient dialogues to overlap, making it difficult to hear both.

DN3007: Diamond Quarter: Two scripted ambient dialogues in this area can no longer be interrupted by the player until they are complete. Doing so would prevent the participants (who did not have additional dialogue appropriate for the area) from leaving as they were supposed to.

DN3008: Diamond Quarter: Disabled an ambient line belonging to one of the male nobles in this area that is unvoiced and appears more than likely to have been added mistakenly.

DN3009: Proving: When choosing to watch the Provings instead of participating, everyone would be moved to the lower balcony for a better view. If you talked to your escort even briefly before talking to the Proving Trainer, even if you chose to remain in the Proving, you and the escort would still be teleported back up to the upper balcony, preventing you from talking to the Proving Master or Trainer and giving you no further options but to leave.

DN3010: Proving: When choosing to watch the Provings instead of participating, after talking to the Proving Trainer, the Proving Master alone would be teleported back up to the upper balcony. He could still be interacted with from below, and you would get more interesting dialogue (including congratulating the winner of the Proving), at the end of which the player would also be moved to the upper balcony… but the escort would remain on the lower balcony and could no longer be interacted with, causing you to be stuck in the Provings and forcing a reload. Now, after talking to the Proving Trainer, the player and the escort will also be brought back up to the upper balcony.

DN3011: Proving: When choosing to watch the Provings instead of participating, when moving from balcony to balcony, Gorim would not always move with you.

DN3012: “The Nobles’ Feast”: Restored the option to fight Mandar Dace without killing him. Before you land your final blow, you will now get the option to kill him or spare him. Credit to SpaceAlex and the readme of the Improved Atmosphere mod for making me aware of the previously inaccessible dialogue that will now follow if you spare him.

DN3013: “The Nobles’ Feast”: Winning the Proving will now properly close the subquest in your journal.

DN3014: “The Nobles’ Feast”: When speaking with Trian after the feast, fixed a bug that prevented a few extra lines of dialogue from playing if the player has the Noble Dagger given to him by the weapon merchant equipped and visible.

DN3015: “A Noble Expedition”: When confronting Trian in the Deep Roads (if you plotted to kill him), the player would disappear for several lines of dialogue, at one point leaving their weapons hanging in mid air. Thanks to TotalBalance of the Nexus forums for making me aware of this one.

DN3016: “A Noble Expedition”: Ruined Thaig: In the dialogue and cutscenes where you are found next to Trian, the two guards are actually Trian’s guards, which you may well have just killed. If so, the guards would usually be bloody, sometimes be headless, and frequently fade away right in the middle of the dialogue.

DN3017: “The Exile”: If the game is running with Vertical Sync disabled in the video options, Gorim will frequently not get close enough to the player’s cell for the player to initiate conversation with him, preventing further progress (if Vertical Sync is enabled, he always moves flawlessly into position). Now, if Gorim is not close to where he’s supposed to be at the end of his ambient dialogue, he will attempt to move there a second time, and in all my testing that always gets him easily close enough for the player to initiate dialogue. Still, if possible, I’d recommend playing with Vertical Sync enabled to avoid other problems like this (I developed this fixpack and did all my testing with Vsync enabled, as I was unaware of this issue). Many thanks to Totalbalance of the Nexus forums for doing extensive testing, and huge credit to Maeassel of the Nexus forums for figuring out that disabling Vertical Sync was the culprit.

DN3018: “The Exile”: When speaking with Duncan in the Deep Roads, fixed a couple of player responses that were supposed to be available only if you did not plot to kill Trian, but instead only showed if you did.


HN3301: Daytime: Fixed an invisible door in the room just before the hall to Fergus’s bedroom. Thanks to Greinke34 of the Nexus forums for alerting me to this one.

HN1002: Nighttime: At the beginning of the main hall battle, it was briefly possible to initiate dialogue with Ser Gilmore and prematurely trigger his post-combat dialogue. Doing so would make the exit never open, forcing a game restart/reload. Now, if you talk to him during that brief interval, he just shouts one of several combat barks instead.


AL3001: Alistair: Restored all scripted approval changes (about a dozen of them, potentially) that were not functional in your first conversation with Alistair in Ostagar.

AL2002: Alistair: In Ostagar, you can now interact with Alistair after receiving the darkspawn blood quest, which opens up a previously inaccessible conversation about the Joining. (Improved in v3.0)

AL3003: Alistair: In camp, one of the first things you can ask Alistair is: “So you said this Arl Eamon raised you?” The problem is, Alistair never says this until you go to Redcliffe. When he jokes about it, you can say “That’s not what I remember you telling Flemeth.”, but those lines were cut from Flemeth’s dialogue and no longer exist to be restored. The question has been changed to “So you said you were raised by the Chantry?” (and it is conditioned on his having told you that’s where he came from now), and a few other minor tweaks were made to make the dialogue and codex entries consistent with that change. Credit to Totalbalance of the Nexus forum for making me aware of an additional codex issue.

AL2004: Alistair: When asking Alistair about how he joined the Grey Wardens (post-Joining), when replying “If you don’t want to answer, say so”, Alistair’s responses toward males and females were reversed.

AL2005: Alistair: In camp, talking to Alistair about your companions, you can now say “He and I have a connection” about Zevran only if you’re in a romance with Zevran, rather than in a romance with Alistair.

AL3206: Alistair: If you gave Alistair his mother’s amulet before he mentioned it in his normal dialogue, when he does finally mention it, he’d forget you’d already given it to him. He will now remember and acknowledge it (restoring a previously inaccessible line of dialogue) but only if he believes the amulet you gave him is the same amulet he remembers from his childhood. Thanks to Totalbalance of the Nexus forums for making me aware of this one.

AL3207: Alistair: When you gave Duncan’s Shield to Alistair, you could only tell him you remember him saying he wished he could have something to remember Duncan by if he *hadn’t* said that to you before. Your available response will now properly reflect whether or not Alistair actually said that to you in previous dialogue. Thanks to Totalbalance of the Nexus forums for making me aware of this one.

AL3008: Alistair Romance: At Arl Eamon’s estate, a romanced Alistair would only offer his non-romance dialogue.

AL3009: Alistair Romance: Fixed the broken kiss cutscenes when Alistair propositions the player after falling in love. Thanks to Lady Olivia and her Alistair Dialog Patch readme for making me aware of the bug, and Maeassel of the Nexus forums for taking the trouble to do a test run and confirm the nature of the bug for me.

DO0000: DOG

DO1001: Dog: When Dog was commanded to fetch, you would frequently get a notification that an item was obtained, but no item actually appeared in your inventory.


LE3001: Leliana: With only a couple of deliberate exceptions, you will no longer lose any conversation options with Leliana due to improving her approval of you or initiating a romance.

LE3002: Leliana: Fixed reversed check of the Warden’s race when discussing the Chantry’s teachings after the Brecilian Forest.

LE3003: Leliana: Leliana will no longer discuss the player’s elven heritage if the player is a mage, as the only available dialogue is for Dalish or City elves, and elven mages would always get the City Elf dialogue.

LE3004: Leliana: A second discussion about spies in Orlais that was only available after completing Leliana’s personal quest is now available much earlier (i.e. no longer requires “Friendly” or “Love”), but it does now require not currently being in a romance with Leliana, and it offers a second opportunity for male wardens to initiate (not restart) a romance with her.

LE3005: Leliana: Per the developer scripting comments (and common sense), some approval changes in her dialogue were set incorrectly.

LE3006: Leliana: When asking Leliana to tell stories, your request and her response were always the same, as if you’d never asked her to tell stories before. Restored the intended request and her response that should have played after she’s established as the party storyteller.

LE3007: Leliana: Telling Leliana to leave forever did not add the proper codex entry.

LE3008: Leliana: If a female warden responds to Leliana’s romantic advances uncomfortably and suggests that she is not interested in women, Leliana will now take the hint.

LE3009: Leliana: At Arl Eamon’s estate, and anytime after asking Leliana what she knew about your current location, a non-romanced Leliana would respond with her Warm dialogue even if she was really at Friendly.

LE3010: Leliana: Restored an unimplemented approval boost that was called for in scripting comments during Leliana’s confrontation with Marjolaine.

LE2011: Leliana: Several lines in Leliana’s dialogue that were meant to show only if she had been “hardened” never appeared because it was checking the wrong variable. This includes her (very different) reaction if the PC gets married, the first dialogue with you when she’s fallen in love, and her response to your asking what she plans on doing when all this is over.

LE2012: Leliana: When discussing Zevran with Leliana, saying “He’s been claimed, my apologies” will no longer loop to an earlier state in the conversation.

LE2013: Leliana: Several fixes to Leliana’s post-Marjolaine conversation. Most importantly, there was a path through the dialogue that would automatically and invariably start or even restart a romance with Leliana, no matter how badly you treated her the last time you had a relationship with her. This was not intended. The final post Marjolaine conversation will no longer initiate a romance with Leliana at all – what were meant to be conditions checking for LOVE were instead trying to create it. I have added an approval boost at the beginning of this conversation, as there is no other set boost for doing her personal quest, and it should help those who start the conversation at high ADORE be able to see the dialogues that were previously unconditional that now require that Leliana be IN_LOVE. (Greatly improved in v3.0)

LE3014: Leliana: In your final conversation with Leliana about Marjolaine, a conversation path that was supposed to be exclusive to female wardens was instead given to everyone.

LE3115: Leliana: Leliana’s codex entry would state that she was a spy before this information was actually revealed. Thanks to Totalbalance of the Nexus forums for making me aware of this one.

LE3016: Leliana: Leliana had no distinct hostile dialogue unless she was in a romance with the player. Her friend-track neutral and hostile dialogue were mostly identical. Copied the romance hostile track to the friend track. This actually restores a previously inaccessible track following a harsh breakup with Leliana – see next fix LE3017 for more information.

LE3017: Leliana Romance: Restored interesting and previously inaccessible exchange between you and Leliana after (in certain dialogue paths following “About us…”) you break up with her very harshly, with fairly serious consequences. SPOILER AHEAD, SKIP TO THE NEXT BUG IF YOU DON’T WANT DETAILS: This restored exchange was already designed to set Leliana’s approval to 0 the next time you talked to her about the breakup (even if you sincerely apologize), but in order to prevent what could be some glaring inconsistensies (she could still be friendly after the harsh breakup and that could trigger very friendly dialogues between the breakup and the new restored angry exchange, in particular a high likelihood of a non-sarcastic heartfelt congratulations on your other romances, talk about *awkward*), I’ve moved that set to 0 ahead so it happens immediately upon the harsh breakup, which frankly makes much more logical sense anyway.

LE3018: Leliana Romance: When breaking up with Leliana via “About us…”, you had the option to say “I think I prefer Morrigan” and “Morrigan was better in bed” (yeah, these would be some of those harsh breakups referred to earlier), but there were no equivalent responses about Zevran. Fixed.

LE3019: Leliana Romance: Fixed a bug in the post Marjolaine conversation where Leliana would not acknowledge a romance with a male warden if he asked “Have you felt this way about another person?”, and females would get the response intended for male wardens if they asked that question.

LE3020: Leliana Romance: If your romantic relationship with Leliana ends, it can no longer be restarted (as was intended).

LE3021: Leliana Romance: Minor typo correction: When denying you’ve slept with Zevran, your response is “That a lie!”. Corrected to “That’s”.

LE3022: Leliana Romance: When Leliana forces you to break up with Alistair, it did not trigger the breakup with him in his dialogue.

LE3023: Leliana Romance: Once Leliana decides she’s in love, she’s meant to tell you how she feels the next time you talk to her in camp. Due to a bug, though, if you spoke to her at all anywhere outside of the camp before that conversation happened, the conversation would very likely never happen.

LE3024: Leliana Romance: When Leliana bares her soul and confesses her love, telling her that you want to just stay friends, and even telling her you were interested in someone else, and with her responding “Yes, I… I understand. Completely. It’s you and not me. I… should go.” had no effect whatsoever beyond a 1 point approval decrease. It will now end the romance, as it does when you say milder things in the “About us…” conversation.

LE3025: Leliana Romance: Unlike all of the other romance triangle dialogues, Leliana’s is supposed to come in two stages, the first at CARE and the second at ADORE (there’s also a non-romance FRIENDLY reaction to the other romances – see next fix LE3026). The two romance ones are supposed to be sequential – the second makes references to the first. However, if you did not trigger the dialogue while at CARE and skipped to ADORE, then talked to her, it would skip the CARE one and you’d get the ADORE that makes references to things you never got the chance to say in the CARE one. You will now always get the two romance dialogues in the correct order regardless of how quickly you increase your approval.

LE3026: Leliana Romance: If you are romancing Leliana, have completed her personal quest and are at high ADORE or IN_LOVE with her, you could get her non-romance FRIENDLY dialogue where she congratulates you for sleeping with someone else.

LE3027: Leliana Romance: In the CARE romantic triangle dialogue mentioned above (see LE3025 for more information), where she confronts you for the first time about sleeping with Morrigan or Zevran, and you do not persuade (lie) to her that nothing happened, some dialogue paths will end the relationship but other paths just make her angry (without breaking it off) and you were supposed to get an option to later say “Are you still upset with me?” and, depending on how you handled the previous conversation, she would break up with you or actually apologize and tolerate the other relationship (until the eventual ultimatum at ADORE, anyway). However, a script bug prevented the “Are you still upset with me?” dialogue from becoming available unless she was angry at you about BOTH Morrigan AND Zevran simultaneously, which is extremely unlikely to happen.

LE3028: Leliana Romance: This change/fix deserves a bit of justification. Another way to get the ADORE triangle conversation without the CARE conversation is if you never sleep with Morrigan or Zevran. The CARE convo for those 2 is contingent on having slept with them (for Alistair, it’s his being at ADORE, just like every other triangle conversation in the game). Clearly, this can cause the CARE conversation to be skipped if you get to ADORE without sleeping with them. Another flaw with that condition is that if you sleep with them and then dump them before talking to Leliana, Leliana’s triangle convo would still be triggered and there’s no recognition that you’re not even romancing them anymore. Now, looking at the CARE dialogue, it seems to me to be significantly less problematic to have it at just ADORE, without having to sleep with them, than the problems caused by the original conditions. Yes, Leliana brings up that she believes you slept with them, but you can deny it… the only difference here is that in the original, when you deny it you’re definitely lying, whereas if it’s switched to the ADORE condition, you could be telling the truth OR lying by denying it. And I don’t think less of Leliana for suspecting that you might have slept with them if you didn’t – Morrigan or Zevran DO adore you even with the new conditions, after all, and neither of them are exactly subtle about their intentions at that level of the romance. There’s even lines that support the idea that you might actually be innocent, like if you fail your persuade check that you didn’t sleep with Morrigan, and Leliana *doesn’t* believe your denial, she still only says “I am not some innocent twelve-year-old you can fool with half-baked lies. I know the strut of a woman who intends to seduce a man.” So, as a final piece of the fix to making sure those conversations happen in the correct order, I’m going to switch the condition of those two CARE triangle conversations to being ADORE with the other person instead of having to have slept with them, just like every other triangle conversation. I actually think it makes the conversation more interesting in the case you didn’t sleep with them but Leliana is jealous anyway. It seems to work quite well either way – well enough in fact that while it’s not *certain*, it seems more likely than not it was the actual intent, and it’s definitely less buggy this way.

LE3029: Leliana Crisis (requires -100 approval): If Leliana told you she was leaving due to low approval, she didn’t actually leave.


MO3001: Morrigan: Restored a great number of non-functional scripted approval boosts and penalties in Morrigan’s dialogues in the Korcari Wilds and inside and outside of Flemeth’s Hut both before and after the Battle of Ostagar. Note that you will not be notified of any approval changes until Morrigan is properly recruited, at which point you will be notified of the total accumulated approval gains or losses earned up to that point. (v3.3) Fixed some issues with the implementation – it is now safe to delay going with Morrigan to see Flemeth. Also, Morrigan will no longer appear in the Ostagar quartermaster’s “Compare To” list.

MO3002: Morrigan: In talking with Flemeth about the treaties in the Korcari Wilds, a response you could inexplicably give only if you were a human male is now available to everyone.

MO3003: Morrigan: After being rescued by Flemeth during the Ostagar attack, any dwarf could claim to Morrigan that they have royal blood. Changed to dwarf noble only.

MO2004: Morrigan: Morrigan will now offer to teach shapeshifting based upon the intended criteria. If she was at least warm or interested, she would *not* teach it, the opposite was intended.

MO3005: Morrigan: You will no longer get the option to ask “Can you teach others to become shapechangers?” after Morrigan has already agreed to do so.

MO2006: Morrigan: City Elf Wardens Only: When asked by Morrigan about your mother, your standard reply is now consistent with the information provided during the city elf origin story.

MO3007: Morrigan: Morrigan will now remember if you already gave her a golden mirror when she tells you about the one she saw during her first excursion out of the Wilds.

MO3008: Morrigan: The golden mirror will no longer unconditionally reactivate a romance with Morrigan that had previously been cut off. This was widely used as an exploit to maintain multiple romances (sorry – it creates bugs galore all over the place, and I’m sure it screws up imported saves into further sequels too), but also more legitimately to get both desired romance epilogues in Origins and Awakening for those who were romancing just Morrigan. The latter use is no longer necessary because you no longer have to break up with Morrigan to get the Ring epilogue in Origins (see DR3013 for more information). Note that the mirror can still reverse a number of ways in which a romance with Morrigan can be cut off, such as merely insulting her – just not ALL of them (for example, if Morrigan was dumped for someone else, or you broke up after the ritual, it won’t restart the romance anymore.)

MO3009: Morrigan: Several dialogue paths kicking Morrigan out of the party would clear, rather than set, the relevant flag (though she would still leave).

MO3010: Morrigan: If Morrigan left your party because of low approval (Crisis, requires -100 approval) or because you refused her personal quest, the codex was not being updated properly.

MO3111: Morrigan: Per scripting comments, mage Wardens can no longer ask Morrigan “What exactly is an apostate?”. Credit to Totalbalance of the Nexus forums for making me aware of this one.

MO3012: “Flemeth’s Real Grimoire”: If you give Morrigan the black grimoire from the Circle tower, then tell her to leave you forever, on a subsequent visit to the party camp a Disembodied Morrigan would tell you what she discovered in it.

MO3013: “Flemeth’s Real Grimoire”: If you already have the first (Black) Grimoire when Morrigan first discusses it with you, the option of telling her so and giving it to her through that dialogue has been fixed/restored.

MO3014: “Flemeth’s Real Grimoire”: Fixed a bug that could let you get Morrigan’s first discussion about the Black Grimoire twice.

MO3015: “Flemeth’s Real Grimoire”: Fixed a bug where, if you told Morrigan to wait to tell you about the Black Grimoire and her approval was at Neutral, the conversation could abort prematurely.

MO3016: “Flemeth’s Real Grimoire”: Restored Morrigan dialogue if she is taken to Flemeth’s hut with her personal quest active.

MO3017: “Flemeth’s Real Grimoire”: If you agree to leave Flemeth alive, she will be gone the next time you return to her hut’s exterior as was intended.

MO3018: “Flemeth’s Real Grimoire”: If you agreed to leave Flemeth alive but talked to her again and changed your mind, killing her, you’d wind up with the flags for both her being alive and being dead set which caused several buggy effects down the line. (v3.1) Due to an oversight, this fix was not actually applied to v3.0. It is working as of v3.1.

MO3019: “Flemeth’s Real Grimoire”: Morrigan has a non-romance Friendly dialogue that takes place after the quest is completed. Removed the unnecessary restriction that it take place in camp, as the dialogue is coded properly for taking place outside of camp, with a line of additional dialogue in that case as well. Credit to TerraEx and the readme of his Morrigan Restoration Patch for making me aware of this one.

MO3020: “Flemeth’s Real Grimoire”: If you left Flemeth alive and gave Morrigan the real Grimoire, leading her to believe Flemeth was dead and completing the quest, in subsequent conversation you could still ask Morrigan if she really wanted you to kill her mother as if Morrigan believed Flemeth was still alive.

MO3021: “Flemeth’s Real Grimoire”: Restored the proper ending of this quest, including a significant amount of dialogue with Morrigan (“You have returned from the Wilds”) that was meant to play once the player had acquired Flemeth’s Grimoire by any means and returned to camp. This dialogue will trigger automatically at that time. Note that if you give Morrigan the Grimoire as a gift before returning to camp (by adding her to your party somewhere else), you will no longer get this scene.

MO3022: “Flemeth’s Real Grimoire”: When giving Flemeth’s real Grimoire to Morrigan, the condition on an option that was meant to activate a romance if one had not already been started was reversed such that you could only get that option if your romance with Morrigan was previously cut off.

MO3023: Morrigan: If you do her personal quest and she then asks if there could ever be anything more with her, some conversation paths check to make sure you’re not dating Leliana and Zevran, but other very similar paths only check Leliana. All paths now check both.

MO3024: Morrigan Romance: If Morrigan gave you her ring in the same conversation that she gave you an ultimatum about Zevran or Leliana, the next time you talked to her she’d give you a second ring.

MO3025: Morrigan Romance: Fixed a bugged condition in Morrigan’s dialogue that blocked a conversation path about love being a delusion which could activate, or cut off, a romance with Morrigan.

MO3026: Morrigan Romance: Fixed camera not focusing on a non-romanced Leliana when she comments after you kiss Morrigan in public. Credit to squareinc on the Nexus Forums for pointing this one out to me.

MO3027: Morrigan Romance: When discussing “our nights together”, the option “I like that idea. Let’s do that” (only available in camp) was supposed to trigger a pre-lovemaking kiss but failed to do so.

MO3028: Morrigan Romance: There were several incorrect flag checks and settings in Morrigan’s dialogue when she refuses to sleep with you because she’s in love. Hostile responses that were clearly meant to end the romance actually (re)activated it instead, and a response meant to be available to you if you hadn’t slept with her previously was inaccessible.

MO3029: Morrigan Romance: If you were in a romance with Morrigan and told her “We must end this”, you were supposed to get different dialogues depending on whether Morrigan was Interested, Care, Adore or In Love. Instead, you only got her “Interested” dialogue. The Care, Adore and In Love responses to the breakup are now restored.

MO3030: Morrigan Romance: Various breakups with Morrigan that were supposed to close off restarting a romance with her would fail to do so.

MO3031: Morrigan Romance: Fixed bugged condition in Morrigan’s dialogue when checking whether the player was in another romance.

MO3032: Morrigan Romance: At Arl Eamon’s estate, a romanced Morrigan would only offer her non-romance dialogue.

MO3033: Morrigan Romance: If Morrigan forced you to break up with Leliana, a scripting bug prevented anything from actually coming of it, and both romances would be unaffected.

MO3034: Morrigan Romance: When Morrigan confronts you about Zevran, the flag for Leliana confronting you about him was being set instead.

MO3035: Morrigan Romance: If Morrigan confronted you about *both* Leliana and Zevran, the flag that you had the conversation about Zevran with her was not being set.

MO3036: Morrigan Romance: If Morrigan forced you to choose, and you dumped Morrigan for someone else, scripting comments in the dialogue file make it clear that any romance restart was supposed to be permanently cut off, but the necessary flags for this were not being set, which could easily lead to her speaking later as if you had never had a romance with her among other various buggy effects.

MO3137: Morrigan Romance: You could not break up with Morrigan in dialogue if your approval range was between -24 and 25. Thanks to Totalbalance of the Nexus forums for making me aware of this one.


OG3001: Oghren: Restored a handful of non-functional scripted approval boosts and penalties in Oghren’s dialogues in Tapsters and when first requesting the player’s help in finding Branka.

OG3002: Oghren: It is virtually impossible to raise Oghren’s approval to Friendly levels (+76) unless you use Feastday gifts, infinite approval exploits (which I remove) or massive metagaming (and I’m not even sure the latter is sufficient to do it). The options for increasing his approval are extremely limited. For example, between recruiting Oghren and finding Branka, it is only possible to lose approval, not to gain it, even when eliciting lines from Oghren like “I’ve been waiting for someone to say that for two sodding years” and “My thoughts exactly.”. Now, during the quest to find Branka, you will have opportunities to raise Oghren’s approval considerably.

OG3003: Oghren: Since Oghren’s approval in Origins does not transfer to Awakening, the gifts given to Oghren in Origins will no longer cause diminishing returns in the approval granted by gifts given in Awakening.

OG3004: Oghren: In too many conversations with Oghren to count, but particularly during his personal quest, the viewpoint and camera would jump around and Oghren’s helm would magically disappear and reappear in mid conversation. This should happen much less frequently, but if I’ve missed somewhere, please let me know.

OG3005: “Oghren’s Old Flame”: Oghren will now only initiate his personal quest in camp. This is because the conversation references “here on the surface” and “Girl I knew in Orzammar. Before I left, obviously.”. Without this change, you can get it before Oghren ever leaves Orzammar.

OG1006: “Oghren’s Old Flame”: Removed infinite loop approval exploit in conversation where Oghren gives his personal quest (“Oh, Maker, we don’t have time for this.” can only be picked once now.)

OG3007: “Oghren’s Old Flame”: When giving his quest, Oghren would say “I tried to look her up the last time we were at Lake Calenhad” even if he hadn’t been recruited yet when you went there.

OG3407: “Oghren’s Old Flame”: In the quest-starting dialogue, a couple of dialogue paths allowed the player to reference Oghren mistaking “Lake Calenhad” for “Lake Cleanbad” even if Oghren had been there and didn’t make the mistake. Thanks to Illusia for making me aware of this one.

OG3008: “Oghren’s Old Flame”: If you didn’t previously talk to Felsi when you bring Oghren to the inn, and then agree to talk to Felsi before Oghren does to get information for him, and then you leave the inn before talking to Oghren again, any response you picked would teleport the party somewhere horrible, very probably forcing a reload. If in Lake Calehad, you’re teleported to the middle of the lake. If in the party camp, under the world. Oghren will no longer ask you “Well, what did she say?” anywhere except in the inn.

OG3009: “Oghren’s Old Flame”: When talking to Felsi by yourself, you could ask her “What’s a dwarf doing working in a bar in Lothering?” Changed to “by Lake Calenhad”.

OG3010: “Oghren’s Old Flame”: When telling Oghren what Felsi said, you could be blocked from telling him everything simply by choosing the various responses in a particular order.

OG3011: “Oghren’s Old Flame”: Knowing to say to Felsi “Admit it, Oghren is much more fun than the men around here” is now conditional on Felsi having told the player that the men around here are no fun.

OG3012: “Oghren’s Old Flame”: Completing Oghren’s personal quest successfully yields the following journal entry: “After learning about what happened with Branka back in Orzammar, Felsi seems willing to forgive Oghren.” Except there is no discussion of “what happened with Branka back in Orzammar” whatsoever in the dialogue with Felsi, in fact, it’s revealed that that’s not why she was upset in the first place. Removed the nonsensical reference to Branka from the closing journal entry.

OG3013: “Oghren’s Old Flame”: In the context of the issue listed in OG3002, there were also no approval boost at all for actually completing Oghren’s personal quest successfully, or any negative approval for making him look like a cowardly idiot in front of Felsi either. Oghren’s approval can now rise or fall considerably depending on the options you pick during his conversation with Felsi.

OG3014: Oghren: Oghren could initiate an almost completely identical conversation with you about Branka up to four times in a row in camp based on having completed main plot quests, and repeated potential approval boosts from them but only IF you were already at Friendly when they each occurred. Once you have had this friendly conversation with him, you won’t get it again. (Improved in v3.1)

OG3015: Oghren: Conversely, if you asked Oghren about Branka before you got him to Friendly, you’d never get that option again, so if you ever wanted to hear what he really thinks about her fate, you have to metagamingly know to avoid asking until he’s Friendly. You will now get a chance to ask him at Friendly so asking him prior to that doesn’t block that content permanently.

OG3016: Oghren: Reordered some of Oghren’s Friendly conversations… you should be a lot less likely to hear “I guess we’re pretty good friends now, right?” after you hear “You’re like family to me. Closest thing I’ve had in years.”

OG3017: Oghren: When sharing a drink with Oghren in the party camp, Leliana’s legs will no longer block the scene.

OG3018: Oghren Crisis (requires -100 approval): If you initiated the dialogue by lowering his approval sufficiently while in camp, then clicked on Oghren, the dialogue was properly staged, but if it was initiated automatically by returning to camp, the dialogue was unstaged (extreme close up of helmet). Staging has been added to the latter circumstance in order to match the former.

OG3019: Oghren Crisis (requires -100 approval): Oghren will no longer blink out of existence if told to leave during his first crisis conversation. Thanks to TotalBalance of the Nexus forums for making me aware of this one.

OG3020: Oghren Crisis (requires -100 approval): Reworked the approval that Oghren ends up at if he is persuaded or intimidated to stay, in order to match up with the intent in the scripting comments. This also fixes a bug where, if you intimidate him to stay, he’d still be in crisis coming out of the conversation. Thanks to TotalBalance of the Nexus forums for making me aware of the latter issue.

OG3021: Oghren Crisis (requires -100 approval): Oghren will no longer blink out of existence when the player chooses to . Instead, as scripting comments indicate should have been the case, combat will be re-initiated (one blow will finish him off, if you already fought him down to surrender) and all his equipment will be recoverable from his body. Thanks for TotalBalance of the Nexus Forums for making me aware of this one.


SC3001: It is now possible to reach Friendly approval with the Secret Companion. This restores a small amount of potential dialogue that couldn’t previously be seen because he didn’t have a personal quest to make him eligible for Friendly status. Talking to him in camp after sparing his life will now constitute his personal quest. You will still need to get his approval sufficiently high (76+) to see this dialogue.


SH3001: Shale: Shale will no longer appear to be a broken golem from the Deep Roads if you load a save game in the post-Coronation area.

ST0000: STEN

ST3401: Sten Caged: Made a significant fix to the dialogue that occurs if you talk to Sten after opening his cage but prior to convincing him to join you. The fix restores a previously unattainable line of dialogue should you tell Sten “Yes, you’re free to go”, and advances the dialogue the next time you speak to him as it was intended to.

ST3402: Sten Caged: Fixed a couple of dialogue paths in your initial conversation with Sten that could make the cage never activate, barring the player from ever opening it via lockpicking. Thanks to Alehazar for making me aware of this one.

ST1002: Infinite approval exploit in Sten’s second camp dialogue fixed. You can no longer repeatedly ask “Why do the Qunari care about the Blight?” which led to a +4 approval option.

ST3003: If you were warm with Sten when you asked him why he came to Ferelden, the game would not remember that you had this conversation with him, which affected your choices on how to deal with him in the Fade and elsewhere.

ST3004: Unlike any of the other companions, the bulk of Sten’s possible dialogue (four dialogue subjects with 3 separate dialogue chains each, for a total of 12 conversation topics) mostly depends on taking him to certain locations around the game world, where he will (hopefully, see below) utter a single line that you can ask him about later. As if taking him around the world weren’t enough effort to have to spend, it is also required that Sten be in the party the *first* time that you go to those locations. If you take him back after the first time you’ve visited, it won’t work. Now here’s where it gets absurd: even if you do all that, the chance he’ll say the line that opens up dialogue is completely random – if it randomly picks a different companion to say a line at that location, you will never be able to get that dialogue from Sten (actually, two of the four subjects can also be unlocked by specific interparty banters with a couple of other companions, but that’s a pretty strict requirement as well IMO). There is a fair bit of code that seems intended to make sure that he always gave his lines when visiting those spots, but it was only half implemented and non-functional, and they instead worked those lines into the party one-line barks code, which is where the randomness came into play. Trying to finish that code so that he always says his line when visiting those spots even after the first visit would be very invasive (I’d have to add or modify triggers to all of the area files, for example), but I have at least fixed it so that, if Sten is in the party the first time you visit these locations, his bark that opens up his dialogue will have priority over other party members’ lines. If you play with Sten as a constant companion, he should be a lot more interesting now.

ST3005: Related to the previous fix ST3004, there are two places in the game where you were supposed to be able to open up Sten’s dialogue on religion. Near the chantry board in Lothering was one of them, but that was completely nonfunctional (this is the only place that half implemented code I talked about was actually attempted to be used). Remember, if you want to trigger his religion dialogue there, you have to have Sten with you the *first* time you approach the chantry board in Lothering… and since you can’t get into the Chantry without passing close enough to the Chantry board, the only way you’ll do this is to pick the lock on the cage rather than get the key from the Revered Mother. If that’s too much trouble, be aware you can also open up the religion dialogue the first time stepping out of the Redcliffe chantry if Sten is with you.

ST3006: You will no longer annoyingly get the option to ask “I wanted to discuss something you mentioned” (which leads you to his 4 location-triggered dialogues) if none of the substantive options have been triggered or remain and the only option it will present you with is “That’s enough for now.”. There’s a fair bit of code there attempting to accomplish this, but it didn’t work.

ST3007: In Sten’s dialogue about mages, the game wouldn’t remember Sten telling you what the Qunari do to their mages (despite an existing variable being checked for it), preventing you from bringing it up in a later response.

ST3008: “The Sword of the Beresaad”: If you were warm with Sten when you first asked him what he was doing in the cage, you could go through his personal quest starting dialogue three times.

ST3009: “The Sword of the Beresaad”: When Sten tells you the story about his crime when he is giving you his personal quest, you should have the option to ask more intelligent questions if you found out what he did (specifically, about the farm where his crime took place) while you were in Lothering… except the variable that was checked for your having that knowledge wasn’t the same variable that was being set when you acquired it, so you couldn’t. You can now find out the necessary information to open up those responses from Sten, the Revered Mother, Ser Bryant or one unique farmer near the entrance to Lothering, but in ALL cases only before Sten is released from the cage.

ST3010: “The Sword of the Beresaad”: The Scavenger at Lake Calenhad would appear there until you talked to Faryn and learned about Dwyn, despite having nothing useful to say in the interim. He will now disappear when you leave the area after learning about Faryn from him.

ST1011: “The Sword of the Beresaad”: It was possible to go directly from the scavenger in Lake Calahad to Dwyn, skipping Faryn completely, leading to odd and confusing dialogue.

ST3012: “The Sword of the Beresaad”: When talking with Faryn, if you bribed him, you only had copper deducted instead of gold. Also, when you try to haggle him, your dialogue choice is “Three sovereigns.” but all of the underlying code and script comments indicate it was supposed to be two. Corrected the dialogue.

ST3013: “The Sword of the Beresaad”: When talking with Dwyn, if you buy the sword and haggle him down to 2 gold, nothing would actually be deducted from you. Also, all the checks (other than the full price 6 gold check) to make sure you had enough gold were incorrectly checking that you had that amount of copper, then (other than the 2) deducting gold.

ST3014: “The Sword of the Beresaad”: If you never spoke to Dwyn until after the Redcliffe siege (“Attack at Nightfall”) and then discussed Sten’s sword, there were two places in the ensuing dialogue where a Disembodied Sten would glitch the conversation if Sten wasn’t in your party.

ST3115: “The Sword of the Beresaad”: Fixed a disembodied Leliana interjecting if she is not in the party when picking certain dialogue options when completing this quest.

ST3016: Sten Crisis (requires -100 approval): Reworked the approval that Sten ends up at if he is persuaded to stay, in order to match up with the intent in the scripting comments. This also fixes a bug where, if you persuade him with “I’m being cautious”, he’d still be in crisis coming out of the conversation.


WY3001: “Wynne’s Regret”: Wynne and Aneirin will no longer discuss Irving as if he were still alive if he died during the Broken Circle quest.

WY3002: “Wynne’s Regret”: If your group talked to Aneirin before Sarel, the quest plot flag would remain on Sarel permanently.

WY3003: Wynne: As detailed in fix CT3005 for the side quest “Watchguard of the Reaching”, if Wynne’s previous team were all killed during that quest, it would set the WYNNE_KILLED flag to true even if she survived. This could result in many far reaching bugs, including Wynne becoming permanently inaccessible if you didn’t accept her offer to join at the end of Broken Circle before leaving the first level of the tower.

WY3004: Wynne: Restored a very long and previously inaccessible dialogue with Wynne about Connor. The conditions for this dialogue are: Wynne has actually been present in the party when Connor has been spoken to, the party is anywhere in Redcliffe, and the demon situation has not yet been resolved.

WY3205: Wynne: When Wynne first discusses your romance (“You’re quite taken with each other, aren’t you?”), if you have multiple romances at the Adore level or better, you can have multiple responses along the lines of “You know about (Romance Interest) and me?”. If you pick one, she’d initially discuss that interest, but could wind up talking about another interest later in the conversation. When you pick the romance interest for her to talk about now, she should stay focused on that romance interest for the entire conversation. Thanks to Totalbalance of the Nexus forums for making me aware of this one.

WY3006: Wynne: When Wynne discusses your relationship with Zevran with you, she will no longer claim you’re keeping everyone up at night having sex if you never actually slept with him. Thanks to TotalBalance of the Nexus Forums for alerting me to this one.

WY3107: Wynne: Restored a conversation that was supposed to take place after the completion of “Rescue The Queen” and before the Landsmeet, but that would only occur if you completed the “Captured!” quest in a very specific and violent way (were not rescued, did not use disguises). Also added a couple of approval boosts in this conversation that were called for in the scripting comments but not implemented. Thanks to poster Silverlucario of the Nexus forums (who referred to the mod Additional Adjustments by FJVP for this information) for making me aware of this one.

WY3108: “Wynne’s Regret”: You will now get an approval boost when Wynne discusses the successful completion of her quest in camp. This was not added arbitrarily, but is based on an unimplemented scripting comment calling for it in her dialogue.


ZE3001: Zevran: Restored a handful of non-functional scripted approval boosts and penalties in Zevran’s dialogue when he joins the party.

ZE3002: Zevran: Pressing the Tab key after the battle where Zevran is recruited will no longer reveal an invisible, non-interactive duplicate Zevran somewhere on the battlefield.

ZE3003: Zevran: The encounter with Taliesen in Denerim should now occur even if Zevran was never or is no longer with the party, although his motives for being there may have changed depending on circumstances. This restores a couple of previously inaccessible lines of dialogue when speaking to Taliesen under these circumstances.

ZE3004: Zevran: The entire conversation where Zevran thanks you for freeing him from the Crows (“I did not thank you”) will no longer play for those in an active romance. The dialogue for an IN_LOVE Zevran is the one where he gives you his earring. The thank you speech will now only play for those who are Friendly and not in an active romance, as was clearly intended.

ZE3005: Zevran: When Zevran asks what will happen when all this is over, the reply “I’m already quite fond of you” could incorrectly (re)initiate a romance with Zevran after one had been cut off permanently. That option will no longer appear in that circumstance.

ZE3006: Zevran: When discussing Antiva, only one of several (equally innocuous) responses at a certain point checked whether a romance with Zevran had already been cut off. Zevran will no longer try to reinitiate a romance in this conversation if it had already been previously refused or ended.

ZE3207: Zevran: If you gave Zevran the Dalish Gloves before he mentioned them in his normal dialogue, when he does finally mention them, he’d forget you’d already given them to him. He will now remember and acknowledge it (restoring a previously inaccessible line of dialogue). Thanks to Totalbalance of the Nexus forums for making me aware of this one.

ZE3008: Zevran Romance: If you initially rejected Zevran’s earring, then accepted it later, you wouldn’t actually receive the earring in your inventory. Thanks to Charsen from the Bioware forums who took the time to advise me about how to fix this bug 6 years ago.

ZE3009: Zevran Romance: Dialogue scripting comments indicate that accepting Zevran’s earring after refusing it the first time was supposed to lead to a kiss.

ZE3210: Zevran Romance: During the “You seem different now” conversation, if you didn’t accept Zevran’s earring the first time he offered it, Zevran would inexplicably fail to offer it a second time in one and only one dialogue path where you don’t outright reject him (“I do. And I feel the same way.”). Thanks to firepanda of the Nexus forums and ejoslin’s Zevran Romance FAQ for making me aware of it and that Charsen’s Zevring mod had fixed this one.

ZE3011: Zevran Romance: At Arl Eamon’s estate, a romanced Zevran would only offer his non-romance dialogue.

ZE3012: Zevran Romance: After completing Zevran’s personal quest, if the player kisses Zevran, the flag making him eligible for Friendly/Love status was not being set properly.

ZE3013: Zevran Romance: In a number of dialogue paths, most importantly all those when you are forced to dump Zevran for someone else, the flag that was supposed to prevent a romance from restarting wasn’t being set properly.

ZE3014: Zevran Romance: If you were in a romance with Zevran and told him “We need to end this”, you were supposed to get different dialogues depending on whether Zevran was at Interested, Care, Adore or In Love. Instead, you only got his “In Love” dialogue. The Care, Adore and Interested responses to the breakup are now restored.

ZE3015: Zevran Romance: Zevran will no longer refer to female Wardens as a man during his romance triangle dialogue about Leliana. Credit to the ejoslin and the ZDF readme for making me aware of this one.

ZE3216: Zevran Romance: Fixed infinite approval exploit that can be achieved by repeatedly teasing and then refusing to join Zevran in his tent. Thanks to firepanda of the Nexus forums for reminding me of this one.

ZE3017: Zevran Crisis (requires -100 approval): If Zevran is killed by the player during his crisis dialogue, his codex entry was not updated.

ZE3018: Zevran Crisis (requires -100 approval): If Zevran is killed by the player during his crisis dialogue, all equipment he was equipped with by the player should now be recoverable from his body (previously, it was somewhat random what equipment you could recover).


IB3001: Interparty Banters: Restored 7 completely broken Alistair-Zevran banters and four Oghren-Shale banters.

IB3002: Interparty Banters: Restored 3 previously inaccessible banters between Morrigan and Wynne.

IB3003: Interparty Banters: Restored a previously inaccessible banter between Morrigan and Alistair if he breaks up with the player after the Landsmeet.

IB3004: Interparty Banters: Restored a previously inaccessible and very amusing banter between Zevran and a hardened Leliana.

IB3005: Interparty Banters: Restored two previously inaccessible romance triangle banters between Leliana and Morrigan if one forces you to break up with the other and the one you stayed with is in love.

IB3006: Interparty Banters: Alistair will no longer ask Leliana what a woman could see in Zevran if the Warden romancing Zevran is a man.

IB3007: Interparty Banters: A banter between Morrigan and Sten will no longer trigger repeatedly.

IB3008: Interparty Banters: Leliana will no longer congratulate Morrigan about Morrigan being in love with the PC if Leliana is also romancing the PC.

IB2009: Interparty Banters: Oghren will no longer tease Alistair about having sex if he never has (after which he’d then tease him for never having had it).

IB2010: Interparty Banters: Zevran will no longer tease Leliana about not having sex if she recently has.

IB2011: Interparty Banters: Shale will no longer ask Oghren “Would the drunken dwarf have saved its former wife if it could?” if his wife survived.

IB2012: Interparty Banters: Based on comments in the dialogue file, Shale can say to Morrigan, “The swamp witch desires something from it (the Warden).” any time a romance is active with Morrigan, not just once the player has sex with Morrigan.

IB2013: Interparty Banters: Leliana will no longer talk about overhearing Morrigan and the PC having sex if that has never happened.

IB2014: Interparty Banters: The banter between Shale and Morrigan where Shale claims to have “no history” will no longer appear after Shale’s history has been confirmed through a personal quest.


OS3401: “The Mabari Hound”: Dwarf Nobles Only: The script check that disables the Quest-Available marker and associated trigger on the Kennel Master for Human Nobles (since they already have Dog) actually checks for the background “Noble”, thus deactivating them for dwarf nobles as well. The quest marker and trigger will now be active for Dwarf Nobles. Thanks to Alehazar for making me aware of this one.

OS3001: “The Mabari Hound”: If you didn’t get the quest before getting the flower, and you choose the reply “Daveth mentioned a reward”, you were supposed to still get reward options but due to a bug they didn’t appear. Now they will. Credit to Nexus Forums poster aeroldoth for making me aware of this one.

OS3002: “The Mabari Hound”: The rewards for this quest were strangely implemented. The more money you demanded, the more xp you received, and if you asked for no reward, you got no xp (or anything else) at all. This is the reverse of how rewards are implemented in the rest of the game. The rewards have been fixed so that the amount of xp you receive is inversely proportional to how much silver you request and receive. Credit to Nexus Forums poster aeroldoth for making me aware of this one.

OS3003: “The Mabari Hound”: Human nobles that only talked to the Kennel Master after getting the flower (completing the quest) and then returned to Ostagar at night would see a “Quest Available” marker on the Kennel Master but could no longer interact with him. The erroneous marker will no longer appear.

OS3004: “The Mabari Hound”: Under certain conditions, leaving Ostagar without completing the quest would fail to set the proper Quest Failed closing entry, leaving the quest stuck open in your journal.

OS1005: “The Hungry Deserter”: This quest will no longer close with an erroneous entry if you leave Ostagar having acquired the key by feeding the prisoner but without using it on the chest. (v3.0) A new closing entry has been added for the condition that you leave Ostagar with the key, with a hint that it may be of later use in a particular DLC…

OS3006: “The Hungry Deserter”: The only way you got the xp reward for this quest is if you A) gave him food without getting the key, or B) killed the prisoner. Getting xp for killing him was itself a bug, because killing him doesn’t technically end the quest until you use the key (or, with my previous fix, leaving Ostagar with the key). You will now get the quest completion xp when you A) give him food without getting the key, B) open the chest with the key, or C) leave Ostagar with the key.

OS3007: “The Hungry Deserter”: You can no longer steal the prisoner guard’s food and water after buying them from him.

OS2008: “Last Will and Testament”: Unimplemented rewards for both courses of action in this quest are restored (more money if you open the lockbox, 150 xp if you deliver it).

OS3408: Fixed bug that delayed mages getting Wynne’s main and first quote codex entries until they met her again during Broken Circle. Thanks to Alehazar for making me aware of this one.

OS3009: Ostagar: There are a number of dialogue options that are impossible to see because it requires passing a HIGH check against Cunning (30 Cunning required), which only a specialized rogue much later in the game would ever be likely to pass. Changed them to a MED check (requires 15 Cunning) that is possible to pass that early in the game. Dialogues affected: The Elven Messenger, the Tranquil Mage and two conversation options with Flemeth.

OS1010: Ostagar: Dwarves can now hear the tale of Luthias Dwarfson, with previously inaccessible dialogue specific to them. (v3.0) Also, all races could ask him about Luthias’ tale before he mentioned Luthias. This has been corrected. Also, you weren’t supposed to be able to have the Ash Warrior tell you the tale an infinite number of times, which was quite odd given how often he tells you he’s in a hurry.

OS3011: Korcari Wilds: After you speak to the Dying Soldier in the Korcari Wilds, and Jory gets all skeered, Alistair comfortingly reassures all of you: “Know this: All Grey Wardens can sense darkspawn. Whatever their cunning, I guarantee they won’t take us by surprise. That’s why I’m here.” Alistair then spectacularly fails to warn you, even once, about the 5 potentially very surprising ambushes by stealthed genlock rogues in the area. You had ONE JOB, Alistair! All of the code, triggers and dialogue meant for him to give you his warnings was in game, the only thing missing was those triggers actually being placed in the Korcari Wilds area. Alistair should now give you a warning whenever a genlock rogue ambush is imminent.

OS2012: Korcari Wilds: An undisarmable trap can now be interacted with and disarmed (only by rogues with sufficient skill to detect it, of course). Thanks to didymos1120 of the Bioware forums for supplying the new coordinates.

OS3013: Nighttime Ostagar: You can no longer steal Hardy’s Belt from the quartermaster at night if you already stole it from him during the day.

OS3014: Nighttime Ostagar: If you stepped onto the bridge leading to the Tower of Ishal prior to the meeting with the King, you would prematurely activate the autosave and loud battle music that was not intended until the actual battle started – and then the autosave and music would not be there when they were needed. There is no easy way to make either of those things conditional (and I still know of no way to make the music conditional). Therefore, by some bizarre accident, one of the ballistas that was being moved onto the bridge for the battle got stuck between the two statues leading onto the bridge! Damned union contractors. Access to the bridge will no longer be possible until the battle has started.

OS3215: Tower of Ishal: The Tower Guard who joins you came equipped with a heavy Soldier’s Helm with a strength requirement of 20, too high for him to actually equip. He now has a medium helm appropriate to his capabilities. Credit to Tyndel of the Nexus forums for making me aware of this one.


LO1001: “Bandits on the Road”: If you intimidate the bandits as a mage, and then “practice your spells (attack)”, one of the bandits would run away in terror. If you then killed the rest off, the quest would sometimes become uncompletable because that last bandit couldn’t be killed. Fixed by removing that fleeing bandit from the bandit team before he runs away.

LO3002: “Bandits on the Road”: If you intimidated the bandits into letting you go, then talked to them again and intimidated them into leaving town, the quest closed with an erroneous entry indicating you fought them and they surrendered before they left. If you bribed them into letting you go, then talked to them again and intimidated them into leaving town, you received no experience reward, journal entry or quest closure at all. All fixed.

LO3003: “Bandits on the Road”: A bug caused you to be able to tell the robbed family you killed the bandits even if you just ran them out of town.

LO3004: “Bandits on the Road”: Fixed bug that would cause the Helpful Refugee outside of the tavern to always ask you if you’re the one who cleared out the bandits, even if the bandits were still there.

LO3005: Lothering: Ever notice that if you repeatedly click on the refugees, the female refugees have like 10-12 different things to say, while the male refugees only have 3 or 4? This was due to a bug. This fix restores around 6-8 previously inaccessible comments made by the male refugees in Lothering.

LO3006: Lothering: The option to give the robbed elven family 50 silvers was badly bugged. You wouldn’t even see the option unless you had 10 gold (unlikely this early in the game), and even if you had it, no money would actually be deducted from you.

LO3007: Lothering: The Unscrupulous Merchant promises you a discount if you help him, but you get no better prices from him than if you sided against him. I found reference to what the discount was supposed to be in the game files. It’s actually pretty substantial – his markup over the base prices will now be reduced to zero (from 60%) if he gives you his discount.

LO1008: “Traps are a Girl’s Best Friend”: This quest will no longer reset to the beginning after completion.

LO3009: “The Qunari Prisoner”: Restored a bugged interjection by Leliana in the party’s first conversation with Sten.

LO3010: “The Qunari Prisoner”: Restored Leliana’s interjection when threatening the Revered Mother.

LO1011: “The Qunari Prisoner”: Removed exploit to get maximum Morrigan approval in Lothering by repeatedly failing to intimidate the grand cleric. Note that a consequence of this fix is that once you fail to intimidate her, depending on your dialog path, you will have either zero or one additional chance to attempt to intimidate her, and if you fail the extra chance you will no longer be able to have any useful conversation with her and you will have to pick the lock on Sten’s cage.

LO3012: “The Qunari Prisoner”: You can no longer admit to Sten that you stole the key from the Revered Mother, since it isn’t actually possible to steal it from her anymore – according to the DA wiki, it was made unstealable in an official patch, so that dialogue line should be removed as well.

LO3013: Lothering Chantry: Fixed bug that prevented Ser Bryant from recognizing and greeting Leliana.

LO3014: Lothering Chantry: Ser Bryant would never remember meeting you until you talked to him without Leliana or Sten in the party (assuming he notices Leliana – see previous fix).

LO3015: Lothering Chantry: Fixed a bug that prevented Alistair from introducing you to Ser Donall if he was with you the first time you meet. This restores some previously inaccessible discussion of Teyrn Loghain.

LO3216: Lothering Chantry: Two examinable books in the Lothering Chantry did not give the customary 50 xp reward for their codex entries. Thanks to dgm22 of the Nexus forums for making me aware of these.

LO3017: Dane’s Refuge: In the encounter with Loghain’s men, if you had anyone in your party with you, you could only ask “Why do you think we’re traitors?” if you already knew the answer. If you were alone, it worked correctly.

LO3018: Dane’s Refuge: Two minor characters with one-line responses would randomly fail to respond when you clicked on them.

LO3219: Lothering: A helpful location based party bark where your party members advise you that you should do everything you can in Lothering before leaving because the Darkspawn are coming was interrupted 99% of the time by Sten’s first line from his cage (the triggers were only a couple of steps apart, you have to inch past the Chasind very, very slowly in the vanilla game to hear it.). I have moved this trigger closer to the actual exit of the area where it should no longer be interrupted.

LO3120: Lothering: Once Bodahn has left Lothering, his wagon will no longer appear there. Thanks to sialivi of the Nexus forums for making me aware of this one.


BF3001: Dalish Camp: Once you agree to help find Witherfang, the option to ask Zathrian for equipment would come up in virtually every dialogue choice, even after he’d already agreed and sent you to Varathorn for it. Once he has sent you to Varathorn, the option won’t appear anymore.

BF3002: Dalish Camp: Once Zathrian *does* send you to Varathorn for equipment, he says he’ll tell Varathorn to put some goods together for you. Thing is, the chest and the equipment is always there, even if you don’t agree to the quest. The chest will now not be clickable (as in, empty) until Zathrian tells Varathorn to put the equipment there.

BF3003: Dalish Camp: If you get caught trying to steal from Lanaya’s chest after she warns you not to, other than Lanaya no longer speaking to you until the end of the plot (which is itself harmless), there are no consequences at all. Even though Lanaya promises to spread the news that you’re a thief, no one else ever seems to find out, and it does not trigger the Melora event or any of the other consequences that come with a failed steal attempt via the normal stealing method in the Dalish Camp. It doesn’t even drop the clan’s attitude toward you, when much lesser transgressions do so. This is inconsistent and implausible and almost certainly an oversight. Getting caught by Lanaya opening the chest after she’s warned you will now trigger the same consequences as a failed steal attempt via the normal stealing method. HOWEVER….

BF3004: Dalish Camp: Lanaya’s Chest Restoration: By restoring a good amount of previously inaccessible content in Lanaya’s dialogue, Lanaya can now be convinced, with sufficient Cunning/Persuade, to move away from the chest briefly, affording you a short window in which to pilfer the songbook without her catching you. The songbook *does* have a use during your exploration of the Brecilian Forest. Note that this restoration did require moving Zathrian from his usual spot. He will now keep vigil over the wounded elves (as he actually frequently says he intends to when ending conversation with him, so moving him to where he can “tend to his people” is a fix in and of itself IMO.)

BF3005: Dalish Camp: Doing quests around the Brecilian Forest before talking to Sarel or Lanaya will no longer interfere with your properly seeing their very long introductory dialogues. In particular, saving the halla or helping Athras would prevent you from ever seeing Sarel’s lengthy introductory dialogue (which was supposed to potentially give you four codex entries, though that was broken and fixed as well). Note that failing a steal attempt or otherwise deeply angering the clan can still cause them to never be willing to speak to you.

BF3006: Dalish Camp: Restored 4 long codex entries in the History section given by Sarel that were broken due to his script not being properly associated to his plot file.

BF3007: Dalish Camp: Dalish Elf wardens only: Fixed a bug in Sarel’s introductory dialogue where, if Sten was in your party and Morrigan, Oghren or Wynne were not, the conversation would end abruptly and prematurely. Also due to the same bug, depending on the party configuration, various companion introductions would not take place.

BF3008: Dalish Camp: Lanaya will now become more, rather than less, forthcoming as the clan’s opinion of you improves.

BF3009: Dalish Camp: Following certain conversation paths with Lanaya would increase her personal opinion of you… and then you could ask her your first question again, “Tell me more about yourself”, which would reset her personal opinion of you back down to the beginning.

BF3010: Dalish Camp: Mithra has various stringhead comments about your activities around the camp, but due to some bad settings and depending on the order you do your quests, you’d likely never see more than one or two of them.

BF3011: Dalish Camp: All of the placeable objects (statues, scrolls, etc.) that trigger a codex entry in the Dalish Camp failed to give the customary 50 xp reward. This also fixes one statue in the Dalish Camp that would remain clickable even after obtaining its codex entry.

BF3112: Dalish Camp: The two hunters that join in conversation with Sarel will no longer shift off their bench and sit on empty air after speaking with Sarel. Thanks to sialivi of the Nexus forums for making me aware of this one.

BF3113: Dalish Camp: Athras would not recognize an elven mage as an elf. Thanks to Totalbalance of the Nexus forums for making me aware of this one.

BF3014: “Lost to the Curse”: Until you agree to help look for Danyla, both you and Athras would become amnesiacs regarding talking about his problem (and it’s much much worse if you find Danyla before talking to him, because then you *can’t* agree to help). Every time you persuade him to tell you his problems, if you don’t agree to help (and assuming you don’t end things by giving him the scarf, if you have it), the next time you talk to him, both you and he would forget that he already told you about Danyla, and if you already have the scarf, your only options are to give it to him or to ask him (even though you already know) why he has the sadz and hear his story again (and again… and again). You will both now remember his problem (and that you know it) once he’s told you regardless of who you talked to first, and if you had the scarf already and don’t end things by giving it to him at that point, the next time you talk to him you will have the same options that you would have had had you heard about Danyla from Athras before finding her. This also fixes an infinite Morrigan approval exploit.

BF3015: “Lost to the Curse”: Due to a bug, an interjection by Sten in Athras’ dialogue would not play if Shale was also in the party.

BF1016: “Lost to the Curse”: Under the following conditions, you would get neither XP nor Athras’ Pendant when telling Athras of his wife’s fate: 1) He actually promised you the amulet when you took the quest, 2) You choose the specific reply “She died, Athras. But not before she sent her love.”, and 3) neither Leilana nor Morrigan are present at the time.

BF3017: “Lost to the Curse”: A couple of paths in Athras’ dialogue end with him disappearing (generally when the player gives him reason to lose all hope) with no update to the quest, leaving it permanently uncompletable. A new closing quest state was added to close the quest properly when this happens.

BF3018: “Lost to the Curse”: If you completed the quest without giving Athras the scarf, and then traded the scarf to the hermit, the quest would appear to be reopened (you’d get a “NEW QUEST: Lost to the Curse” popup), though thankfully that didn’t affect your closed journal entry or actually reopen the quest. You won’t get the false popup anymore.

BF3019: “Rare Ironbark”: Due to a scripting error, when you accepted Varathorn’s quest, at the end of the conversation he would always open his store even if you didn’t ask to barter.

BF3020: “Rare Ironbark”: When asking Valathorn for two items, if the player is not Dalish and your clan attitude is high, you’d get the choice of two seemingly identical responses “You wouldn’t have any wood at all if not for me, remember?”, but one required more persuasion than the other to pass.

BF3021: “Cammen’s Lament”: If you annoy Cammen the first time you talk to him before he tells you his story (“So be one and stop wishing for it”), on the second conversation he’ll be angry but you can get him to open up, share his problems with you and thank you profusely for offering to help, but then on every following conversation he’ll be even angrier with you and won’t talk to you at all. This fix makes it so that if you can persuade him to tell you his problems in the second conversation, he’ll get over his initial irritation.

BF3022: “Cammen’s Lament”: Only one of the four dialogue paths in Cammen’s dialogue where you agree to talk to Gheyna set the proper flag, updated the quest journal and put a plot marker on her, and because of this if you took any of the 3 bad paths and didn’t talk to her before completing Nature of the Beast, the quest would stay stuck open in your journal forever.

BF3023: “Cammen’s Lament”: Cammen explicitly requires only one wolf pelt from you, but if you have a stack, you give him all of them. He will only get one now. .

BF3024: “Cammen’s Lament”: If you seduced Gheyna, what was (per the scripting comments, and obviously given her character) supposed to be a high approval decrease from Wynne instead applied a high approval increase.

BF3025: “Cammen’s Lament”: If you agree to bring Cammen a pelt, and do not agree to talk to Gheyna for him, and you do not give him a pelt before completing “Nature of the Beast”, the quest would be stuck in your open quest log forever. This fix actually also restores a minor unused starting quest state with previously unseen text in the quest journal, at the point where you’ve been told that Cammen needs a pelt but you haven’t agreed to get it for him yet. It also fixes a bug that caused several dialogue paths to leave a quest-available exclamation point on Cammen even after you accepted his quest.

BF3126: “Cammen’s Lament”: In certain situations, Gheyna’s position could change and she could potentially wind up with her legs clipping through her bench. This should no longer occur.

BF3027: “Wounded in the Forest”: You would get different loot depending on whether you looted Deygan’s equipment via dialogue or off his corpse. His corpse would drop elf-flight arrows, and the dialogue mentions he has these arrows when you examine his equipment, but you wouldn’t actually get them if you looted him via dialogue. Now you will. As for his weapon, you’d get a unique named axe (“Deygan’s Dal’Thanu”) from dialogue but only a generic dagger from his corpse. You’ll now get only his named axe from looting him either way. Note that I cannot replicate in-game reports in the Dragon Age Wiki that you can exploit a bug to get his items once from his dialogue and a second set from his corpse, nor can I spot a hole in the code that would permit this. If anyone can replicate this and can give me the precise steps to do so, please do.

BF3028: “Wounded in the Forest”: Restored the ability of your party to heal Deygan. If you can cast Heal yourself, or Morrigan or Wynne can do so and are in the party, you were supposed to have the option of healing Deygan, but the wrong script was being checked to determine if you had the spell. After fixing that script and a couple of other minor bugs, you can now heal Deygan yourself, which restores quite a bit of previously unseen dialogue.

BF3029: “Nature of the Beast”: Leliana’s reaction to meeting the Grand Oak would only play under certain party configurations.

BF3030: “Nature of the Beast”: It will no longer be possible to destroy all werewolf pelts acquired prior to passing through the barrier, which prevents further game progress if the Grand Oak has been killed. The first werewolf pelt acquired will now become a plot item, and will be used by the Hermit to get you through the barrier should the need arise. If the player still has this plot item version of the werewolf pelt when passing through the barrier, it will be turned back into a non-plot, sellable werewolf pelt at that time. This also resolves the issue (previously fixed in v1.0 in a different manner) that the Hermit would take every werewolf pelt you had instead of just the one.

BF3031: “Nature of the Beast”: You can no longer get the quest from the Hermit to kill the Grand Oak after you’ve already traded the Oak for a way into the heart of the forest, since the Oak is unkillable at that point, and this would leave a permanent plot marker on the Grand Oak. Several paths that would allow you to get the quest multiple times have also been closed.

BF3032: “Nature of the Beast”: A couple of items you can trade to the Hermit in some dialogue paths weren’t available to trade in others (in particular the Songbook and Deygan’s boots).

BF3033: “Nature of the Beast”: It was possible to exploit a number of bugs to get multiple acorns, helmets and books from the hermit. The helmet was particularly easy – just equip it then trade for another. You can now only obtain one of each of the items.

BF3034: “Nature of the Beast”: If you agreed to kill the Grand Oak for the hermit, when you came back from killing it he’d react as if you didn’t agree, and vice versa. Also, the hermit could acknowledge your killing the oak multiple times, and give you the dialogue starting the quests to kill the oak or get a werewolf pelt more than once. You’ll only be given and complete the quests once each now.

BF3035: “Nature of the Beast”: An important potential question for the hermit, “What can you tell me about the forest?”, which you would only see if you hadn’t found the barrier yet, was only visible in one easily missed dialogue path (when you ask the hermit if he has a question and he says “It is your turn to ask, is it not?”). You can always ask this question when it’s your turn to ask one now (assuming you meet the other conditions).

BF3036: “Nature of the Beast”: Returning the acorn should no longer leave a permanent plot marker on the Grand Oak.

BF3237: “Nature of the Beast”: Multiple fixes to the Grand Oak dialogue: 1) You should no longer be able to ask the Grand Oak “What’s this about your acorn?” before he mentions his acorn. 2) Fixed several instances where both you and the Grand Oak could make references to the reward he can offer before he actually offered it. 3) The Grand Oak now WILL offer his reward if you tell him you’ll kill him for the hermit unless he gives you a reason not to, and he hasn’t offered it yet. 4) The question “Where would I find this thief?” has been restored to several dialogue paths. Thanks to Totalbalance of the Nexus forums for spotting one branch where the first bug can happen, the investigation of which led me to find all the other bugs.

BF3038: “Nature of the Beast”: Restored party comments that were meant to play when you discovered the door blocked by the werewolves in the top level of the ruins. The comment will play when you click on the locked door.

BF3239: “The Elven Ritual”: Triggering the trap will no longer close the quest in a failed state, so performing it correctly afterwards will update the quest properly. Thanks to dgm22 of the Nexus forums for making me aware of this one.

BF3040: “The Arcane Warrior”: Fixed broken scripted approval changes for Alistair, Leliana and Morrigan depending on how you deal with the Phylactery that gives Arcane Warrior Specialization.

BF3041: “The Arcane Warrior”: If you betrayed the phylactery, the phylactery remained clickable because you were supposed to get a post-betrayal description of it, but that description didn’t work and nothing would happen when you clicked on it. You will now get the intended description.

BF3042: “Nature of the Beast”: When talking to him at the werewolf lair, Zathrian will no longer say that you claimed the werewolves regained their minds if you never actually claimed it.

BF3043: “Nature of the Beast”: Per scripting comments, if Zathrian removed the curse, and you choose to attack the cured humans, they were supposed to run for an exit, not fight back. This makes events consistent with Panowen’s dialogue later in the forest.

BF3044: “Nature of the Beast”: If you killed Witherfang and then Zathrian, then went back upstairs to the Gatekeeper room, the Gatekeeper would attack you but his three guards would be non-hostile and just stand there.

BF3045: “Nature of the Beast”: Once the quest is completed, Sarel will no longer refer to Keeper Lanaya if Keeper Zathrian survived.

BF3046: “Nature of the Beast”: Once the quest is completed, if Zathrian sacrificed himself to remove the curse, instead of Lanaya saying “The essence of the wolf’s heart has banished all traces of cursed blood from the hunters” (because it didn’t), Lanaya will credit Zathrian for curing the hunters instead.


CT3001: “Broken Circle”: You can no longer render the Broken Circle quest (and therefore the game) unfinishable by being undecided as to whether or not to help Greagoir in your first conversation with him at the base of the tower. (This reimplements what I believe was a stealth fix from the official Bioware patches.)

CT3102: Apprentice Quarters: A chessboard (and a chesspiece on its side) float in the air between two chairs in the Apprentice Quarters with no visible support. A table has been placed underneath the chessboard. Thanks to sialivi of the Nexus forums for making me aware of this one.

CT3003: “Broken Circle”: When you first meet Wynne, if you decide to destroy the circle and tell Leliana that you don’t recall asking for her opinion, Disembodied Alistair would say you’re getting it anyway if he wasn’t in the party at the time.

CT3403: “Summoning Sciences”: During this quest, clicking on the statue “Magus Gorvish” was the only click that didn’t appear to have an accompanying sound effect. It did, it was just effectively buried in a wall and thus inaudible. The intended sound effect is now audible. Thanks to Alehazar for making me aware of this one.

CT1004: “Maleficarum Regrets” – unmarked codex quest: Bel’s Cache will no longer get reactivated as an openable empty container every time you re-enter the Circle Tower second level.

CT3205: Irving’s Office: Two placeables with codex entries in this room didn’t provide the customary 50 XP. Now they will. Thanks to dgm22 of the Nexus forums for making me aware of these. Note that there are a number of other placeables that create entries that do not provide XP in the Circle Tower. These codex fragments are not full entries unto themselves but only parts of a single codex entry that can be made up of as many as 6 fragments. It’s entirely plausible that xp was deliberately not added for these multiple-part codex entries, and I am deliberately not restoring xp to them.

CT3006: “Watchguard of the Reaching”: When clicking the statues to complete the ritual, there is no visual or audio cue when you click on them in the correct order, as there is on the PS3 and XBox versions. It does try to play a visual effect on the PC version too, but nothing actually happens. Fixed.

CT3007: “Watchguard of the Reaching”: If Shah Wyrd kills Petra, Keili and Kinnon after Wynne has been recruited, Wynne’s codex entry would be updated with “While trying to save what was left of the Circle, Wynne was cut down by (Player).”, and in fact, any future dialogue and script checks to see if Wynne had been killed would return true, probably causing many other issues later on. Fixed.

CT3008: Circle Tower: It should no longer be possible to trigger the Desire Demon/Templar cutscene and conversation multiple times if you manage to get the whole party into the room before the first activation can fire.

CT3009: Fade: Two of the sub-bosses (Uthkiel and Vereveel) were not getting their quest markers set properly.

CT3010: Fade: When rescuing the companions in the Fade that are besieged by demons (i.e. all except Dog), sometimes, rarely, there is a small window where you can talk to your companion before the game registers that the demons are dead. If so, the initial cutscene would repeat, which could be greatly amusing if you decapitated the demons during the fight and wound up repeating the cutscene with headless actors. I placed a block in each dialogue to deal with this so that if you click on them during that brief window, nothing will happen until the game registers that the demon is dead and the proper dialogue sequence can automatically continue.

CT3211: Fade: Fixed some buggy camera work in Sten’s Fade sequence (Sten stands up but the camera kept pointing at his sitting position in several paths). Thanks to dgm22 of the Nexus forums for making me aware of this one. (v3.3) Missed a few paths with this issue (thanks to Totalbalance for making me aware and helping test the extended fix). All camera issues in this scene should now be completely fixed.

CT3311: Wynne’s Nightmare: Fixed some clipping issues with the ground in the scene where Wynne stands amidst the bodies. Thanks to Totalbalance for making me aware of this one.

CT3012: “Broken Circle”: When talking with Cullen and Sten objects to your intent to spare the mages, successfully persuading Sten that “it isn’t that simple” will now reduce the approval loss suffered.

CT3013: “Broken Circle”: Fixed a bug in Cullen’s dialogue when you first find him where some of Wynne’s dialogue could *only* be heard as a disembodied voice and only when Wynne had been dismissed from the party. Also, some replies by the player referring to Wynne will now only be available if she is actually there.

CT3014: “Broken Circle”: Fixed an odd incorrect restriction on what the player could ask about and say when talking to Cullen just before facing Uldred.

CT3015: “Broken Circle”: Female mage wardens only: Fixed camera not focusing on Zevran during a comment he makes when speaking to Cullen just before meeting Uldred.

CT3016: “Broken Circle”: If all the mages are killed, when Cullen reports to Greagoir, he speaks toward the PC instead of Greagoir.

CT3017: “Broken Circle”: If Irving survived and surrendered to the Templars, his codex entry would state that he died. Fixed.

CT3018: “Broken Circle”: When completing this quest, restored the ability to tell Greagoir that Morrigan is an apostate, possibly leading to her escape (after which you will not see her again until she offers the Ritual). Per scripting comments this was only cut due to a lack of time to finish it before the game’s release.

CT3019: “Broken Circle”: Mage wardens only: Restored an inaccessible line in Greagoir’s dialogue when concluding the plot that can now be seen if: A) You helped Jowan under Irving’s orders in the Mage Origin, and B) You saved Irving but then chose to side with the Templars, and C) you ask Greagoir if that makes up for what happened during the Origin.

CT3220: Apprentice Quarters: Fixed Cullen’s post plot ambient dialogue – a line that is only appropriate if the Templars have been recruited will no longer play if the mages were recruited. Thanks to Totalbalance of the Nexus forums for making me aware of this one.

CT3021: Lake Calenhad Docks: Upon first entering this area after “Broken Circle” is done, a praying Templar can be found here. When you approach, he prays a few lines and then slowly leaves the area. If you left the area before he finished leaving himself, however, the next time you returned to the docks he’d be found stuck in praying position somewhere between the lake and the exit, forever.

CT3222: Lake Calenhad Docks: If the Templar mentioned in fix CT3021 is killed by friendly fire, he will no longer rarely drop invisible pieces of Templar armor. Thanks to firepanda of the Nexus forums for making me aware of this one.

CT1023: “Precious Metals”: Godwin will no longer vanish after talking to him once the “Broken Circle” quest is completed, which could unnecessarily force you to leave the area and return to respawn him for the “Precious Metals” quest.

CT1024: “Precious Metals”: The reply option “Why do you need all that lyrium?” was nonsensically appearing the very first time you talked to Godwin with Rogek’s quest in your journal. It wasn’t meant to appear until after you’d either sold the lyrium to Godwin or denied it to him. That could cause events to play well out of order.

CT3025: “Precious Metals”: Due to a bug, if you ever refused to sell the Lyrium to Godwin, he’d forget that you had it and the quest would become uncompletable successfully. Amusingly, the first line this fix restores is: “You still have my lyrium though… and I’m not going to soon forget that.”. Heh. (Broken in v3.0 and v3.1 – fixed in v3.2)

CT3026: “Precious Metals”: If you sold the lyrium to a merchant, you could still also sell it to Godwin. In fact, the dialogue never checked that you actually have the lyrium, which (in combination with some of the other plot flag fixes I did) allowed for unlimited exploits and absurd situations. You can no longer trade the lyrium unless you actually have it in your possession.

CT1027: “Precious Metals”: You could threaten Godwin that you would turn him in to Greagoir, but you couldn’t actually do it. Now you can. (v3.0) Additional fixes, such as Godwin was supposed to disappear permanently after doing this but he’d still reappear.

CT3028: “An Unlikely Scholar”: Dagna will no longer appear in the Circle Tower saying “The Circle is amazing! Thank you so much for making this possible!” if the Templars were recruited and Greagoir refused to allow her entry.

CT3229: “An Unlikely Scholar”: Dagna’s facing in the Apprentice Quarters has been reversed so that her animation no longer looks like she’s thanking the box in front of her when you click on her. Thanks to dgm22 of the Nexus forums for reminding me of this one.

CT3030: “The Arl of Redcliffe”: If you ask Irving for his help in saving Connor, he leaves for Redcliffe immediately, but if you leave the Circle Tower and return before going to Redcliffe, he’d reappear there, ignorant of anything being wrong. He won’t reappear in the Circle Tower until the Connor situation is resolved.

CT3131: “Five Pages, Four Mages”: When encountering Beyha Joam on the world map after starting this quest in the Circle Tower, his facial expressions will now match the tone of his voice as was called for in scripting comments. Thanks to Totalbalance of the Nexus forums for making me aware of this one.


RE3001: Redcliffe Chantry: Two children here would randomly fail to speak when clicked on.

RE3002: Redcliffe Village: It turns out that almost everyone here has a reaction to Shale being in the party in their dialogue, but those lines were cut. This is because Shale was originally meant to be found in Redcliffe, but they later changed it to a DLC. Most of the cut interjections really did need to be cut, as they refer to recognizing Shale as being a statue that had been standing around Redcliffe rather than Honnleath. Some of them don’t allude to this, though, and they are amusing (especially with the children), so if in the process of fixing dialogues I found a harmless and fun or interesting interjection with Shale, I’ve restored them. Almost all of these are in the Chantry.

RE3103: Redcliffe Tavern: You can no longer repeatedly ask Lloyd “Who are you, anyway?”. Thanks to Totalbalance of the Nexus forums for making me aware of this one.

RE3004: Redcliffe Tavern: Restored bugged response and approval change from a romanced Leliana if, before the battle, you ask Bella for a kiss in exchange for helping her leave after the battle.

RE3005: Redcliffe Tavern: Removed option to offer Bella a raise if you aren’t her boss yet.

RE3006: Redcliffe Tavern: Fixed Disembodied Oghren laughing and getting an approval boost during conversation with Lloyd when he was recruited but not in the party. If Oghren was in the party, he wouldn’t laugh or get the approval boost. Now he will.

RE3007: Redcliffe Tavern: If you own the tavern and ask “How’s the tavern running”, Bella will offer you Lloyd’s stash (3 gold). You can say “How about I take it as your purchase of the tavern?”, and scripting comments indicate that the flag that makes you the tavern owner was supposed to be unset, but it wasn’t, and thus she would continue to call you her boss, other people would treat you as the owner, etc. If you sell it to her, it’s really hers now.

RE3008: Redcliffe Tavern: You can no longer get Bella to give you Lloyd’s stash twice.

RE3109: Redcliffe Tavern: The conditions for being able to ask Lloyd and Bella about “that elf in the corner” will now be consistent and logical (for example, you can no longer ask about him if he’s no longer there).

RE3010: Redcliffe Village: It was possible to acquire up to 3 copies of Berwick’s letter (one acquired in the tavern, one stolen from him in the village after he’s agreed to fight, and one stolen from or dropped by him if killed during the fight). No longer.

RE3011: “A Missing Child”: Once you acquired the key from Bevin, you could do the entirety of the quest, including “giving it back” to her, without ever having used the key or laid eyes on the sword to verify Bevin was even telling the truth about it. This conflicts with my sword removal fix (see RE3024), and doesn’t make much sense anyway. To discuss the sword with Kaitlyn initially now, the sword must have been in your inventory at least once.

RE3212: “A Village Under Siege”: When talking to Ser Perth, fixed a bugged condition that made the player question “You mentioned something about an urn…?” never disappear. Also restored a bugged interjection by Leliana during the same conversation. Thanks to Totalbalance of the Nexus forums for making me aware of the first issue.

RE3013: “A Village Under Siege”: Due to a scripting error, getting amulets for the knights would not actually improve their morale.

RE3014: “A Village Under Siege”: The subquests for recruiting Dwyn, bringing amulets to Ser Perth, free drinks for the militia, and telling Ser Perth about the oil would remain stuck open if you did not complete them before the battle. They will now be closed with a failed entry if you didn’t complete them when the siege begins. The ones involving Ser Perth would also leave a permanent plot marker on him or on Hannah as well (though not on Perth’s nighttime version).

RE3015: “A Village Under Siege”: Telling Ser Perth about the oil barrels but convincing him that it was a bad idea to use them was supposed to close the subquest successfully (including the same reward as using them), but did not do so, leaving the subquest stuck open in your journal.

RE3016: “A Village Under Siege”: If you became the owner of the tavern, then either killed Lloyd or made Lloyd join the militia before getting free drinks for the militia from him, the subquest would update saying “Since Lloyd is no longer manning the bar, perhaps you could arrange for the militia to get their free drinks from Bella.” Only – you couldn’t, nor could you put her in charge of the bar. Now you can.

RE3017: “A Village Under Siege”: Prior to the siege, if the militia are getting their drinks for free, you can no longer ask Bella “How has business been?” as her responses indicate they are still being charged.

RE3018: “A Village Under Siege”: Removed infinite Oghren approval exploit in Dwyn’s dialogue when convincing him to fight for the village – you can only call Dwyn a coward once now.

RE3019: “A Village Under Siege”: When Ser Perth sends his knights to collect the barrels or the amulets, they will no longer return with them instantly. Some time must pass after the knights are sent (i.e. you must enter and exit a building, or tell a leader you’re ready to wait for nightfall) for the knights to actually have the amulets or oil in their possession.

RE3020: “Attack at Nightfall”: Talking with any of your companions during the Attack at Nightfall would cause the battle to glitch and fail to recognize when all the enemies are dead, making it impossible to end the fight, forcing a reload. This should no longer happen. Followers will simply not respond if you try (accidentally or otherwise) to start a conversation during the Attack now. WARNING: I cannot apply this fix to Shale. Either don’t take Shale into the battle or beware of accidentally initiating dialogue with Shale.

RE3021: “The Attack at Nightfall”: The high morale bonuses to the militia and knights, and the penalties to the militia for low morale (per scripting comments knights cannot have low morale) based on your actions during “A Village Under Siege” were all non functional. They should now work, with the bonuses and penalties applied made to match as closely as possible to the non-functional morale traits in the game’s abilities file.

RE3022: “The Attack at Nightfall”: The script that was explicitly supposed to make the militia non-lootable during the siege was bugged and not working. As a result, they each drop each and every piece of equipment they were given for the fight, making letting them all die way too lucrative an option. The militia are no longer lootable. (This is also necessary to properly implement the above fix RE3021 for morale bonuses and penalties).

RE3023: “The Attack at Nightfall”: Restored various stringhead shouts and combat barks by the militia and knights during the siege. Of particular interest is that those who are low on health will now alert you that they’re in trouble and ask for help (shouts such as “There’s too many of them!” are a cry for help, for the record). Combat barks will also vary greatly depending on their morale and, for three of the militia, if you bought them all free drinks before the battle. Note that if you try this fight with low morale, it will be hard to distinguish genuine cries for help due to low health from their general grousing and pessimism. Also note that while everyone in the battle will have random combat barks, there are three participants who will not have a discernible plea for help: Murdock, Tomas and Ser Perth. They’d rather go down than discourage their men, it seems.

RE3323: “The Attack at Nightfall”: This fix does not address a bug that can appear in the unmodded game, but rather attempts to make this Fixpack able to tolerate more Event Manager mods such as Dragon Age Rules Fixpack than the vanilla game can. As is noted in the DARF mod readme, the Siege of Redcliffe is known to break if an excessive number of such mods are in use because of a hard limit on the number of script/event calls that the engine can handle. The Siege of Redcliffe is particularly prone to having this limit exceeded, due to the large number of script calls it makes all on its own. I have streamlined the scripts in the Siege to make many fewer script calls, so that multiple Event Manager mods used in conjunction with my Fixpack should now be considerably less likely to break “Attack at Nightfall” than if they were applied to the vanilla game.

RE3024: “A Missing Child”: When returning the sword to Kaitlyn after “Attack at Nightfall” (requires having promised to do so prior to the siege), no attempt at all was made in the scripts to actually remove the sword from your inventory. Internet claims that you needed to equip it on a follower or stash it in a chest in order to keep it were incorrect. The sword will be removed now, but note that you will not get the option to return it unless someone in your current party has the sword, equipped or otherwise. (This is to prevent selling it to a merchant, then giving it back to her.) You only get one chance to talk to Kaitlyn after the siege, after which she will leave, so if you really really want to give it back to her but didn’t have it on you during that final conversation, you will need to reload a prior save. You can still offer to buy it from her if you don’t have the sword on you.

RE3025: “A Missing Child”: Due to a bug, if you gave Kaitlyn the maximum amount of money allowed after the siege instead of before the siege, the game would forget that you gave her any money at all, which had a major impact on her fate in the epilogue.

RE3026: Redcliffe Village: Restored an inaccessible line in a Chantry woman’s post-siege dialogue.

RE3027: Redcliffe Village: If you convinced the Doomsayer that appears in the village after the siege to leave Redcliffe, he would do so but then reappear every time you reentered the area. He was meant to leave for good. Now he will.

RE3028: Redcliffe Village: Between the siege and retaking the castle, a man burns the bodies of the dead by the left side of the Chantry. Once the castle is retaken, the man disappears, the bodies disappear, but the fire keeps burning, with no apparent source of fuel, forever. Fixed.

RE3029: Redcliffe Chantry: Three villagers in the Chantry were removed after the siege without being moved outside, so their post-siege dialogue could never be heard. Those 3 villagers will now remain in the Chantry after the siege, restoring a fair amount of previously inaccessible ambient dialogue.

RE3030: Redcliffe Tavern: If you became owner of the tavern, after the siege one of the drunks says “It’s going to be odd not having Lloyd behind the bar, yelling at us” even though there are many ways in which Lloyd could still remain behind the bar and even in charge of it. The drunk will now only say this line if Lloyd was killed.

RE3031: Redcliffe Tavern: After the siege, if you offer to Bella to keep your promise to help her, she only recognizes that Lloyd is dead and she’s in charge if you killed Lloyd, but not if Lloyd died in the siege. Fixed.

RE3032: Redcliffe Tavern: Lloyd will no longer appear in the background when kissing Bella if Lloyd is dead.

RE3033: “The Arl of Redcliffe” / “Attack At Nightfall” / “Lost In The Castle”: Four quest rewards in this area were always of extremely poor quality material (tier 3 steel or below), despite being rewards for very challenging quests from high nobility or a master blacksmith with the best quality material store inventory in the game. In all of these cases this low quality is also directly contradicted by in game dialogue or the item’s name, description, or lore history, which I have judged as being deeply immersion breaking. When possible, these rewards will now scale to the player’s level, or are upgraded to a specific higher tier if not. See item fixes IF3008, IF3009, IF3010, and IF3011 for more information. (Note – v3.0 and v3.1 versions of this fix affected two more items, those have been redacted, see RD3203 for more information.)

RE3234: “The Arl of Redcliffe”: When talking to Teagan and Isolde at the mill, Teagan will no longer claim you’ve “proven (yourself) quite formidable” if all you’ve done is let Redcliffe be destroyed. Thanks to dgm22 of the Nexus forums for making me aware of this one.

RE3035: “The Arl of Redcliffe”: When first dealing with Jowan, Leliana argues strongly that Jowan wishes to redeem himself and should be given the chance – but then in most dialogue paths where you do just that, it lowers her approval. Corrected to an equivalent approval increase in all paths where you follow her advice.

RE3036: “Lost in the Castle”: Fix to infinite xp exploit: If you rescue Valena and Owen is dead, and you talk to Valena in the smithy, she says she’s leaving to live with her aunt, but she doesn’t actually leave – and you can talk to her an infinite amount of times for infinite xp. She will actually leave now.

RE3037: “Lost In The Castle”: You will no longer be penalized in xp for telling Owen that no material reward is necessary.

RE1038: “Arl of Redcliffe”: You could break the game by talking to Ser Perth at the very beginning of the fight with Bann Teagan (assuming you entered the castle with Ser Perth, of course). Doing so would repeat the dialogue you are only meant to have with him at the gate, before you actually enter the castle, with game breaking effects. Now he responds to dialogue attempts during that brief interval with one of his combat barks instead.

RE3039: “Arl of Redcliffe”: Various fixes to approval changes in Isolde’s dialogue when confronting Connor that would either not be applied properly or were applied to party members that were not in the party at the time.

RE1040: “Arl of Redcliffe”: If you allowed Isolde and/or Connor to die, their codex entries would say that they lived, and vice versa.

RE3241: Fade: If Irving enters the Fade and talks to Arl Eamon there, a line that was meant to be voiced and spoken by Arl Eamon was instead voiced and spoken by Irving. Fixed. Thanks to Totalbalance of the Nexus forums for making me aware of this one and for suggesting a workable solution.

RE3242: Fade: The desire demon at the heart of the Fade should no longer be found buried in the ground up to her waist. (v3.4) This fix did not work in v3.2 or v3.3, sorry about that. Thanks to Portucally for letting me know and helping to test the ultimate fix.

RE3043: Fade: If you intimidated the Fade Demon twice such that she agreed to free Connor and give you something extra as well in exchange for just letting her escape, the flag that you accepted her deal to allow her to repossess Connor at a later date was still being set. Although the epilogue for Connor would still play correctly in Origins, I have changed it so that the flag is not set so that it does not potentially create problems in games imported into the sequels.

RE1044: Redcliffe Castle: Infinite XP exploit where, after resolving the Connor situation, the vault door would be locked every time the area loaded and could be picked again and again for 50xp, fixed. (v3.0) This fix wasn’t implemented correctly until v3.0. My apologies. The vault will now be re-locked once upon resolving the Connor situation, but it won’t be locked again after that.

RE3045: Redcliffe Tavern: If you promised Bella you’d help her leave after the battle, then wait until the Connor situation is resolved, you can suggest to her that she become Bann Teagan’s maid. She agrees, and is *supposed* to leave permanently, but in fact absolutely nothing happens and she remains running the tavern. She will now leave permanently as she was meant to, and if Lloyd is still around he’ll be put back in charge of the Tavern and the store if necessary. Note that this ending for Bella does not have an epilogue as most of the others do.

RE3046: “The Arl of Redcliffe”: When Alistair confronts you in camp after the events surrounding Connor and Isolde, you can no longer say “I think it turned out quite well, don’t you?” unless you saved both of them.

RE3047: “The Arl of Redcliffe”: When Alistair confronts you in camp after the events surrounding Connor and Isolde, you can no longer say “There was no time to try the Circle of Magi” or “We could have tried the Circle of Magi!” if the Circle was never an option because you sided with the Templars in Broken Circle. Credit to LadyHonor of the Nexus Forums for making me aware of this one.

RE3048: “The Arl of Redcliffe”: When Alistair confronts you in camp after the events surrounding Connor and Isolde, this fix implements an approval boost that scripting comments indicate should have been (but was not) applied for using an option that required passing a Cunning check during the conversation.

RE3049: After Eamon is revived, if the mages were recruited, a Senior Enchanter appears in Redcliffe Castle. When you speak to him, after initially turning around to face you, the Senior Enchanter snaps instantly back around and spends the rest of the conversation facing away from you.

RE3250: The Senior Enchanter described in RE3049 will no longer fail to recognize that Eamon has been revived. Credit to AdenYeshua of the Nexus forums for making me aware of this one.

DE0000: DENERIM (note: this section covers all Denerim content except “Crime Wave”, “Rescue The Queen”, “Captured!”, “Unrest in the Alienage” , “The Landsmeet” and board quests):

DE3001: Market District: Significantly reduced (though did not manage to eliminate) the lag and crashes that plagued the Denerim Market District, particularly when loading a save game there.

DE3002: Market District: Because using it can interfere with some quests (e.g. Trial of Crows), the ability in the Market district to travel to the city or world map from anywhere has been disabled. One must now use the area transitions to leave the Market district. To reduce the inconvenience of this, the party picker in the Market district has been enabled (and the reason why it was disabled has been dealt with in a different way). You can now switch your party members anywhere in the outdoor Market district.

DE3003: Market District: Gorim will stop shouting at you about his wares once you’ve spoken to him. Yes, it turns out that his shouting at you forever was actually not intended.

DE3004: Market District: Gorim will now always recognize Oghren the first time you talk to him with Oghren in your party. Previously, he would only recognize Oghren if he was with you the first time you talked to Gorim. Note that, by design, you will never get this conversation if you are a Dwarf Noble. Credit for making me aware of this one goes to SpaceAlex and the readme of Improved Atmosphere.

DE3005: Market District: Habren Bryland, Habren’s Guard and Habren’s Servant were only supposed to be present in the Market District during the Landsmeet, but were instead there the entire game.

DE3006: Market District: Elf Wardens only: Fixed a bug in the Denerim Priests dialogue that could cause the conversation to abort suddenly after asking if elves are mentioned in the chant.

DE3007: Market District: The door to Goldanna’s house will no longer reactivate after having spoken to her.

DE1008: “Honor Bound”: Unimplemented XP reward for persuading Ser Landry that Wardens would never ally with Darkspawn restored. That this was intended is supported by a comment attached to that reply: “ACTION: The PC should get a good xp bonus for this because he’s put doubt in a staunch opponent of the Grey Wardens. It should at least equal the XP for killing him in a duel.” A line matching that description already existed in rewards.2da, so I just activated the reward that was already there.

DE2009: “The Last Request”: Undisarmable trap in the “Deserted Building” in Denerim can now be interacted with and disarmed. Thanks to didymos1120 of the Bioware forums for supplying the new coordinates.

DE3409: “Pearls Before Swine”: If you had this quest the first time you entered the Pearl, it was pretty much impossible to avoid having Sanga’s ambient dialogue overlap with Isabela’s fight scene, making both of them very difficult to hear properly. Although some difficult area geometry issues make it impossible to fix this in an ideal manner – it is easily possible that one of your followers can accidentally trigger Isabela’s fight scene while Sanga is still saying her lines – it *is* now definitely possible, if you stop as soon as you hear Sanga’s lines start, to hear her entire ambient dialogue before triggering Isabela’s fight scene. Also, some animations have been added to Sanga’s ambient dialogue, as the animations that were coded for those lines didn’t work. Many many thanks to Illusia for alerting me most of these issues and helping me do extensive testing of my various attempts at fixing all of them.

DE3210: “Pearls Before Swine”: The two White Falcons standing in the background should no longer be eyeless during your dialogue with their leader. Thanks to sialivi of the Nexus forums for making me aware of this one.

DE3011: “Pearls Before Swine”: Leaving the Pearl by using the world map instead of the city map after dealing with the Falcons can temporarily break progression of this quest. As such, world map travel leaving the Pearl has been disabled.

DE3012: “The Crimson Oars”: Failing the quest by siding with the Crimson Oars would leave a permanent plot marker on Sergent Kylon.

DE3013: Market District: Restored ability to ask Kylon if he needs any more help after completing his first two quests (“Pearls Before Swine” and “Crimson Oars”), at which point he can tell you about his Chanter Board quest “Back Alley Justice” if you haven’t done it yet.

DE3014: “Trial of Crows”: After the messenger boy delivers Ignacio’s letter, he would simply vanish mid converation while you heard his disembodied voice saying goodbye. He can now be seen running away as was intended.

DE3415: “Trial of Crows”: If you ask Sanga about the poster, you’d get a descriptive line indicating she scowled and gestured toward the back, but her actual animation did not match this description. Now it does. Thanks to Illusia for making me aware of this one and helping to test my fix.

DE3015: “Trial of Crows”: Restored the unimplemented experience and monetary rewards for this quest. These rewards are listed in the rewards file but were never implemented (possibily because having done so would have given you the money during dialogue, when the dialogue indicates the money should be found in the chest). This fix awards the experience in dialogue, and the money will be found in the chest after each mission.

DE3016: “Trial of Crows”: The closing journal entry of the last mission of this quest chain would not update properly, leaving that subquest appearing to be incomplete when the overall quest moved to your closed journal section.

DE3017: “Drake Scale Armor”: If you ever talked to Herren before acquiring your first drake scale, the journal entry you’d get and the next conversation you had with Herren and Wade would both state that you’d already discussed Wade making drake scale armor for you, even though none of the dialogue you can have with them up to that point mention such armor crafting in any way.

DE3218: “Drake Scale Armor”: Herren will no longer refer to female wardens as male when discussing the cost of the armor. Credit to Totalbalance and sialivi of the Nexus forums for suggesting a workable way to deal with this one.

DE3019: “Dragon Scale Armor”: The dragon scale has been changed to a plot item. This prevents the exploit of selling it to a merchant prior to “giving” it to Wade, buying it back to reinitiate the quest, and repeating the process for an infinite amount of free armor sets.

DE3020: “Forgotten Verses”: Asking for collateral before giving Justine the scrolls will no longer change the total reward received (that’s not how collateral works! that’s not how any of this works!), and the total reward received will now be reported accurately.

DE3021: “Unbound”: Completing this quest will no longer disable the “Dirty Back Alley” Denerim city map location, which could interfere with the completion of the Mage Collective quest “Blood of Warning” and the Blackstone Irregulars quest “Notices of Death”.

DE3022: The Pearl: When playing cards with Isabela, if Zevran or Leliana offer to help you, you would only get a chance to have them actually help you in 1 out of every 6 hands – but even if it never came up, you’d always win the hand anyway. Now, once help is offered and accepted, you will always get the chance during the game to ask Zev or Lel for help – but you won’t automatically win unless they actually do help you.


BI3001: Blackstone Irregulars: When you talked to a Blackstone Irregulars representative after completing multiple quests and being due multiple rewards, you’d get all the rewards you were due, but the on screen reward messages and updated journal and codex links displayed on screen would only be for one of them. I have changed this behavior so that, when you click on an Irregulars representative, only one quest at a time is completed. This allows you to see each individual reward accurately, and get a link to the closed journal and codex entries associated with it. A plot marker will remain on the Irregular representative as long as you have another reward available.

BI3002: Blackstone Irregulars: Cashing in all possible rewards at one Irregulars representative wouldn’t deactivate the “reward available” marker on the representatives in other towns if you visited their areas previously and didn’t cash the rewards in then.

BI3003: Denerim: Due to a scripting bug in the area file, the Blackstone Irregulars contact in the Gnawed Noble Tavern would never get a plot marker on him when he had a reward available for you.

BI3004: “Notices of Death”: Fixed a bugged condition on one of Morrigan’s lines should she be the one to deliver the widows the news.

BI3005: “Notices of Death”: You can no longer ask for someone in your party to handle delivering the letter for you if you only have Dog and/or Shale in the party, since they have no appropriate dialogue, causing the conversation to abort prematurely.

BI1006: “Change in Leadership”: You will no longer meet Taoran in a random encounter before talking to Raelnor in Denerim. That you could do so was definitely a bug, and could easily make this quest uncompletable.

BI3007: “Change in Leadership”: Intimidating Taoran was always successful, despite him having a pretty formidable force backing him up. It will now require passing a high intimidation skill check. This restores a previously inaccessible line of dialogue (when failing the check).


CH3001: Chanters: When you talked to a Chanter representative after completing multiple quests and being due multiple rewards, you’d get all the rewards you were due, but the on screen reward messages and updated journal and codex links displayed on screen would only be for one of them. I have changed this behavior so that, when you click on a Chanter representative, only one quest at a time is completed. This allows you to see each individual reward accurately, and get a link to the closed journal and codex entries associated with it. A plot marker will remain on the Chanter representative as long as you have another reward available. Due to technical difficulties, this fix could not be applied to the Chanter in Lothering, at whom it is still possible to collect the rewards for one pair of quests (the Keepsake and Bear quests) simultaneously.

CH3002: Chanters: When you completed *all* of the Chanter board quests, you were supposed to get an additional reward, but in the base game you couldn’t get this grand prize because the side quest “Jowan’s Intentions” could not be completed. My earlier fixpack versions fixed that quest, which made the grand prize possible to obtain – BUT. There’s a big bug related to this. If you clicked on the chanter representative with all 10 quests either already rewarded OR complete but NOT yet rewarded meaning that by the end of that conversation he *should* have rewarded you for all 10 of them, the representative would give you your big reward – *and was supposed to also make sure to give you the smaller rewards for each individual quest you hadn’t cashed in yet too*. That last part only worked for 3 of the 10 quests though. If you had the other 7 quests all completed but still unrewarded when you clicked on the rep, you would get the grand prize but *not* the individual rewards for the other 7 quests, which amounted to 1225 xp and quite a lot of gold you could potentially miss out on. This has been fixed so that you will not get the bonus until all rewards for all 10 quests have been received (one at a time now, as per the previous fix CH3001).

CH3003: Chanters: Cashing in all possible rewards at one Chanter representative wouldn’t deactivate the “reward available” marker on the representative in the other town if you visited that area previously and didn’t cash the rewards in then.

CH3004: “Back Alley Justice”: Killing the thugs associated with this quest before accepting the quest will no longer prematurely activate the quest in your journal or prevent you from accepting the quest normally later.

CH2005: “Jowan’s Intentions”: This quest is now completable, assuming you meet the requirements to get the quest in the first place. Note that it will no longer automatically appear in your journal when you deal with Arl Eamon… the quest must be acquired from the Denerim Chantry board once the conditions are met.

CH3006: “Jowan’s Intentions”: If Jowan died during the battle defending the refugees, the quest would be stuck open in your journal and uncompletable forever. You will now be able to accurately report that you have determined he is no longer a threat in this circumstance.

CH2007: “Jowan’s Intentions”: Inaccessible deathroot in Jowan’s Forest area can now be harvested.

CH3008: “Jowan’s Intentions”: One of the refugees Jowan is helping looks… exactly like Jowan. Fixed. Credit for making me aware of this one goes to theskymoves and the readme of her “Jowan and another different Jowan” mod.

CH3009: “Unintended Consequences”: The experience reward for this quest was being granted at the point of killing the Trickster, rather than when turning in and completing the quest.

CH3010: “Fazzil’s Request”: Finding the sextant before accepting this quest will no longer render the quest unable to be completed.


MC3001: Mage Collective: When you talked to a Mage Collective representative after completing multiple quests and being due multiple rewards, you’d get all the rewards you were due, but the on screen reward messages and updated journal and codex links displayed on screen would only be for one of them. I have changed this behavior so that, when you click on a Collective representative, only one quest at a time is completed. This allows you to see each individual reward accurately, and get a link to every closed journal and codex entry associated with them. A plot marker will remain on the Collective representative as long as you have another reward available.

MC3002: Mage Collective: Cashing in all possible rewards at one representative of a board side quest faction wouldn’t deactivate the “reward available” marker on the representatives in other towns if you visited their areas previously and didn’t cash the rewards in then.

MC3003: Mage Collective: Fixed non-existent lip synching on one of the lines spoken by the Mage Collective reward givers when turning in a quest.

MC3004: “Places of Power”: Fixed exploit where you could complete the quest by placing all party members near a single mystical site, pausing, and then having each one spam-click the mystical site.

MC3005: “Justice Must Be Served”: Delivering the bribe to Harrith, completing “A Gift of Silence”, was supposed to cut off being able to deliver potions to Tavith, but you could still do so for the reward. No longer.

MC3206: “Blood of Warning”: A missing quest marker on one of the two doors in the Denerim Market district has been restored. Thanks to dgm22 of the Nexus forums for making me aware of this one.

MC3207: “Notices of Termination”: If the third apprentice you delivered the notice to was the one in the Market District, the mage collective representative wouldn’t get marked as having a reward until you left the area and returned. Fixed. Thanks to dgm22 of the Nexus forums for making me aware of this one.

MC3408: “Have You Seen Me?”: Removed a bit of unnecessary scripting that could prevent the random encounter associated to this quest from taking place. Thanks to Aden for making me aware of this one.


RA3001: Random Encounter “Forest Incline”: The camera will no longer focus on the side of a cliff wall during the Dwarf Rebel Leader’s single line of dialogue.

RA3002: Random Encounter “Forest Clearing”: A campfire in this area that was interactive for no good reason has been deactivated.

RA3003: Random Encounter “Roadside Field”: You could click on any of the survivors but the reply would come from only one of the Redcliffe Soldiers, even if he was on the other side of the map.

RA3204: Random Encounter “Forest Stream”: A detectable but undisarmable trap in this area (part of Leliana’s personal quest) can now be disarmed properly.

RA3205: Random Encounter “Roadside”: Even on Easy difficulty, the apprentices in this encounter have a very high probability of dying, after which their master brags about how capable they obviously are and how he plans to take them on to help your cause. I have therefore dubbed the master mage and his two apprentices “plot critical” and therefore unkillable for the length of this encounter, as even the apprentice dialogues state that they all survived, with no alternative dialogue available for any of them. The apprentices have been granted some low level spells (heal, mind blast) and the intelligence to use them so that their survival won’t appear as excessively improbable as it otherwise would.

RA3006: Party Camp Shriek Ambush: Dalish Elves Only: Party interjections have been restored to the additional dialogue that only plays for Dalish elves. Thanks to TotalBalance on the Nexus forums for making me aware of this one.

RA3007: Party Camp Shriek Ambush: Dalish Elves Only: The “Tormented Shriek” in the party camp shriek ambush has been renamed to “Tormented Ghoul”.


FI3001: “Dead Drops”: The barrels for the Dead Drops will no longer be invisible until you click on them.

FI3002: “Dead Drops”: The dead drops will now immediately become non-interactive when you make your initial delivery – previously you had to leave and reenter the area for them to deactivate.

FI3003: “Dead Drops”: Per comments in the dead drops dialogue file, being near an exploding dead drop was supposed to apply a random injury to the player. Makes sense, so mote it be.

FI3004: “Dead Drops”: Many people have reported that the Redcliffe barrel would sometimes not appear in Redcliffe – however, I was unable to duplicate the problem myself. I have made a change that should help. If anyone ever encounters this problem with my fixpack installed, please please let me know, and include any pertinent details, in particular, does it *remain* missing if you leave and reenter the area, and was a dialogue initiated when you entered the area (by Alistair or Teagan) and found that you couldn’t find the barrel? Did you complete the siege, did you wake up Eamon, are there Darkspawn around (in which case the barrel -shouldn’t- be there), any information like that would be helpful – but I’m hopeful it won’t happen anymore.

FI3005: “New Ground”: Due to various scripting errors, the guard contact would incorrectly despawn when you gave Gorim or the Sister K’s signal, forcing the player to leave and reenter the area to respawn him. He will always be where he needs to be now.

FI3006: “New Ground”: Due to even more of the exact same scripting error, it was quite possible for this quest to play out in reverse order. You could easily encounter D’s lieutenant while traveling in Denerim any time after accepting this quest and before giving the first 3 signals, and giving those signals or talking to the guard after killing “D” would also set the journal entries out of order.


CW3001: “Crime Wave”, subquest “The Absent Mistress”: Restored the possibility of Sophie’s guard confronting you while ransacking Sophie’s room. She’s still rather unobservant and it only takes a minimal amount of care to get in and out without her hearing you, but if you take no precautions whatsoever, she will catch you in the act.

CW3002: “Crime Wave” subquest “An Absent Mistress”: If you ransacked Sophie’s room before getting the quest to do so from Slim Couldry, then talked to Slim about it, it could add an incorrect available quest marker the next time you left the market and returned.

CW1003: “Crime Wave”, subquest “Rob the Maid in the market”: Completing this quest would put a permanent quest marker on Slim Couldry that overwrote all subsequent quest markers. The quest flag on Slim Couldry will now accurately inform the player when he has a new quest available.

CW1004: “Crime Wave”, subquest “Acquire Ser Nancine’s Sword”: As an exploit, you could get the sword from her in dialogue, and then use the Stealing skill to pickpocket a second copy off of her.

CW1005: “Crime Wave”, subquest “Acquire Ser Nancine’s Sword”: In various dialog paths, you could get Nancine to indicate she was giving you 5 silver or 2 gold, but you didn’t actually receive any money in either case. Now you will.

CW3006: “Crime Wave”, subquest “Acquire Ser Nancine’s Sword”: If you failed a stealing attempt, Nancine would respond with her normal opening dialogue. She will now respond as she was intended to.

CW1007: “Crime Wave”, subquest “Steal Master Tilver’s Key”: Talking to the messenger boy during this quest would (possibly very prematurely) initiate the “Trial of Crows” quest line, even before meeting Zevran or talking to Ignacio. This caused all kinds of havoc with that quest chain.

CW3008: “Crime Wave”, subquest “Steal Master Tilver’s Key”: You can no longer hire the messenger boy to create a distraction if you don’t have 10 silver to give him, and if you do have it and choose to pay it, it will now actually be deducted from you.

CW3009: “Crime Wave”, subquest “Steal Master Tilver’s Key”: You can no longer steal the key twice, once via dialogue and the second time via the stealing skill.

CW3010: “Crime Wave”, subquest “Steal Master Tilver’s Key”: In dialogue with Master Tilver, restored an option to “Put arm around him” to attempt to steal the key that was bugged and could not appear.

CW3011: “Crime Wave”, subquest “Steal Master Tilver’s Key”: The staging for the conversation with Tilver and the guards wasn’t implemented, resulting in odd graphic glitches such as the participants facing away from you or with their heads turned away while talking to you.

CW3012: “Crime Wave”, subquest “Steal Master Tilver’s Key”: The Restless guard could go up to talk to the Alert guard more than twice, but they only had two proper dialogues with each other. The third time, the wrong dialogue would take place and the Restless Guard would fail to return to his original position.

CW3013: “Crime Wave”, subquest “Steal Master Tilver’s Key”: Both dialogues between the two guards, if overheard by the player, would set the flag that the player learned who Tilver was waiting for. One of those dialogues makes no mention of that information, however, and will no longer set that flag.

CW3014: “Crime Wave”, subquest “Steal Master Tilver’s Key”: The Restless Guard’s ability to perceive anyone approaching (or even walking right in front of him) would be severely reduced if: 1) He was talking to the other guard, 2) He was walking toward or away from the other guard, or 3) 4 seconds after each time he’s decided to go to the other guard, but before he actually starts moving. And how often did he decide to talk to the other guard? Pretty much anytime anyone in your party is anywhere near the scene. In other words, his perception was pretty much ALWAYS severely limited, which made it trivial to just walk right past him and steal the key from almost any direction. He will only talk to the other guard twice now (as was intended), and his perception will now only be limited while actually in conversation with the other guard.

CW3015: “Crime Wave”, subquest “Steal Master Tilver’s Key”: Zevran and Leliana’s stealth skill was useless in this quest – the guards would see right through it every time regardless of their skill. Their stealth will work now.

CW3016: “Crime Wave”, subquest “Steal Master Tilver’s Key”: If the guards discussed why Tilver was there, you’d only be considered to have overheard it if the Warden was close enough to them. It will now depend on whether the party member you are controlling at the time is close enough to have overheard them. Also, any controlled party member can trigger that discussion to begin now as well.

CW3017: “Crime Wave”, subquest “Steal Master Tilver’s Key”: When the guard intercepts a party member trying to get close to Tilver, he and Tilver will recognize the gender of the intercepted party member correctly, rather than the gender of the PC.

CW1018: “Crime Wave”, subquest “Stealing the Teyrn’s Crown”: (v2.0) This quest has been *completely* reworked. Many of the options that were clearly intended as valid ways to bypass the guards did not actually work when you tried them (the guards would spot and attack you even if they were drunk/unconscious/etc.). They now work as they were intended to. This quest now has five entirely different fully functional methods of being solved (previously, only two of them worked: intimidate or very very high stealth). Also, similar to Ser Nancine, you can no longer get the crown via dialogue and then a second copy via stealing. Many thanks to Spellhold Studios poster Darziak for his help with reorganizing the seneshal’s sound files. (v3.0) Massive rewrite and enhancement of the v1.0 version. The staging is vastly improved, Leliana and Zevran’s stealth will now work, paying the waitresses will now deduct gold, the number of dialogue responses when you click on the guards after getting them drunk is multiplied by 15, and the difficulty of the skill checks, which were absolutely trivial, has been raised to be balanced with the fact that you can’t get this quest until the Landsmeet starts and it’s supposed to be “the heist of the century”. Also, be aware that if you brute force your way through this quest via intimidation or combat, which fully exposes your identity as the crown’s thief, it will trigger Stealing Infamy in Denerim, the same as if you are caught stealing from anyone in Denerim using the regular stealing mechanic, which includes two attacks on you by the Denerim Guard in random encounters.

CW1019: “Crime Wave”, subquest “Tears of Andraste”: The guards *are* coded to react to your poisoning the drinks table, but due to a scripting error it just wasn’t firing properly. I made it fire and I also move them a little during that sequence so they don’t fall through the walls quite so much.

CW3020: “Crime Wave”, subquest “Tears of Andraste”: This subquest will now close properly in the journal when the overall Crime Wave quest is completed.

CW1021: “Crime Wave”: When the entire quest chain was complete, Slim Couldry was supposed to exit the area but did not do so, and would talk about an already completed quest when clicked on.

CW3422: “Crime Wave”: The items to be acquired in the Stealing path – Pouch of Gems, Ser Nancine’s Sword, Tilver’s Key and Teyrn Loghain’s Crown – can all enter your inventory multiple times under certain conditions. These items would fire their quest closing scripts and attempt to enable the next quest in the chain every time they did so (such as when your entire inventory is removed and restored in the brothel, the Urn Gauntlet or the Captured! quest, or sold and re-bought, or just stored and then retrieved from your inventory chest), potentially bugging the quest chain and in one reported case even crashing the game when your entire inventory is restored. These items will no longer trigger their quest closing scripts after the first time they’ve done so. See related fix GL3410. Many thanks to poster naebram607 for making me aware of this issue.


UR3001: “The Urn of Sacred Ashes”: When trying to get into the back room at Genitivi’s house, a couple of responses to Weylon you should have only had available if you knew Genitivi was missing were instead only available if you knew almost nothing about Genitivi. This could result in your talking about the Urn before anyone had told you about it.

UR3002: “The Urn of Sacred Ashes”: If Weylon directed you to the inn at Lake Calahad for information, and later you made going there unnecessary and skipped doing so, a plot marker would remain on the innkeeper forever despite no longer being able to talk to him about the quest.

UR3003: “The Urn of Sacred Ashes”: If you have already killed Weylon, the Lake Calenhad events will no longer overwrite the journal entry saying so or the further entry telling you that Haven is where you need to go next, as was intended (and worked in most cases).

UR3004: “The Urn of Sacred Ashes”: Out of three dialogue paths where the Innkeeper tells you he is being watched, only one set the proper flag and journal entry, and only that one path removed the plot marker from him.

UR3005: “The Urn of Sacred Ashes”: When talking to the Innkeeper, if he told you he was being watched, the nearby Shady Patron was supposed to disappear but did not do so.

UR3006: “The Urn of Sacred Ashes”: If Weylon was already dead when you talked to the Innkeep, no follow up conversation with him regarding the ambush outside was possible.

UR3007: Haven: Discovering the bloody altar in the Village Home would cause the village to attack you – but only if Wynne was in your party at the time. This was a bug. The village will now attack once you find the altar regardless of who is in the party.

UR3008: Haven: If you avoid raising the alarm and don’t kill the shopkeeper (which can only be done if you kill Father Eirik before setting off any alarm and have Genitivi take you straight to the Ruined Temple – it is presumed that if you fight the villagers, he is one of them, as there is one who looks very much like him near the shop during the village attack), he’d disappear forever anyway, despite having dialogue for when you returned after siding with the Cult. He will now reappear in his shop after the main plot events are done if he was never killed and you sided with the Cult.

UR3009: Haven: If you *did* kill the shopkeeper and later side with the Cult, a new shopkeeper was supposed to replace the old one. This new shopkeeper has been restored. This effectively restores the previously unobtainable Greater Elixir Grounding recipe and the Greater Tome of the Mortal Vessel to the game.

UR3010: “The Urn of Sacred Ashes”: Brother Genitivi will no longer forget that you have Eirik’s medallion after you’ve shown it to him, and will thus no longer repeatedly pester you to retrieve it.

UR3011: “The Urn of Sacred Ashes”: As the dialogue scripting comments indicate should have been the case, you can no longer tell Genitivi “Isolde sent the knights to find you when the arl fell ill” until Genitivi knows the arl fell ill, otherwise his reaction isn’t appropriate.

UR3012: “The Urn of Sacred Ashes”: Two questions with long and interesting answers that you could ask Brother Genitivi about how he came to find Haven in the first place and how he ended up in Haven would disappear for the rest of the conversation if you didn’t choose one of them the very first time you had the option (and they were way down on the initial list of questions you could ask).

UR3013: “The Urn of Sacred Ashes”: When telling Genitivi about Weylon’s fate, removed the reply “I found his body in your basement” because A) he wasn’t found in a basement, and B) it’s the only way of telling Genitivi that Weylon is dead without informing him that an imposter was put in Weylon’s place, which he makes reference to knowing about if you ask what the villagers were doing with Genitivi again.

UR3014: “The Urn of Sacred Ashes”: One particular dialogue path with Brother Genitivi would cause him to react as if you had the medallion/key without your ever actually having acquired it. If you then sent him to Denerim, you’d be transported to the Ruined Temple without the key, and would have to fight your way back to the Haven chantry to get it before you could proceed. If you brought him with you, he’d magically open the door without the key, and then you could go back to Haven and get the now useless key which would be stuck in your inventory forever.

UR3015: Wyrmling Caverns: Party comments by Leliana and Shale have been disabled because they make references to lava that doesn’t exist anywhere in the area. Also, the trigger has been moved so that Zevran’s comment that you haven’t met the leader of the cultists yet can no longer be false.

UR3016: “The Urn of Sacred Ashes”: The primary camera used during the first dialogue with Kolgrim is placed terribly, behind the player’s shoulder, such that if the player uses armor with large shoulder pieces (e.g. Warden Commander’s Armor), Kolgrim’s face is 90% obscured repeatedly throughout his very long dialogue. Another camera placement when Oghren interjects is poorly placed and has been fixed as well.

UR3017: “The Urn of Sacred Ashes”: When answering the Guardian’s question about whether you felt guilt for your actions during the Origin story, if you said no and you had Sten or Shale in the party, then every companion’s interjection for your answering no would be immediately followed by their interjections for your answering yes.

UR3018: The Gauntlet: When your party fights its doppelgangers, they were all Lieutentant rank except for Shale, who was only normal rank. Shale’s rank has been upgraded to match the rest of the doppelgangers.

UR3219: The Gauntlet: Restored party commentary after defeating the dopplegangers. Credit to Totalbalance of the Nexus forums for finding this well hidden dialogue file.

UR3020: The Gauntlet: The ash wraiths that join your party if you have less than 3 followers with you when you approach the bridge puzzle will no longer leave the Gauntlet with you. If you try and they are removed, approach the bridge puzzle again and they will rejoin you if they are still needed.

UR3021: The Gauntlet: The ash wraiths that join your party if you have less than 3 followers with you when you approach the bridge puzzle can no longer be stripped of the heavy chain mail they are equipped with.

UR3022: The Gauntlet: You will no longer be drenched in blood and gore during the cutscene where the Guardian informs you that you have been “cleansed” after passing through the fire.

UR1023: “The Urn of Sacred Ashes”: After you find the Urn, zoning from the Gauntlet to Mountaintop gives you 750xp. Go back into the gauntlet and exit again, another 750xp. Repeat ad nauseum and hit the level cap quite quickly. Exploit fixed.

UR3024: “The Urn of Sacred Ashes”: Alistair’s approval would not decrease when you kill Genitivi if Leliana was also in the party.

UR3025: “The Urn of Sacred Ashes”: Genitivi’s codex entry will no longer say that he was given funds to mount an expedition unless talking to Genitivi reveals that actually happens.

UR3026: Haven: If you fought the villagers, the Village Guard would always be hostile and attack you by himself when you returned, regardless of whether or not you tainted the ashes, and if you didn’t fight the villagers or taint the ashes, he’d have utterly inappropriate dialogue, oblivious to everything that happened, and unchanged from when you first arrived. He even tells you to go talk to (dead) Father Eirik in the chantry. Now, when you return to Haven after finding the Urn, he will always attack you if you didn’t taint the ashes, and he will always be friendly if you did, even if you killed the rest of the villagers (this may seem odd, but his dialogue in this case actually addresses this – you can ask him: “Why so friendly? I killed many of your fellows, you know.”)

UR3027: Haven: The child that you can speak to when you first visit Haven can now be spoken to after you find the Urn as well (as long as you didn’t threaten him the first time). This restores a nice little bit of previously inaccessible dialogue to the game.

UR3028: Haven: The lone Villager outdoors in Haven (aside from the Guard and child) would sometimes fail to speak when clicked on after the Urn was found. Also made her lines a little more random – she has 5 possible lines at any given point in time, but 4 of them had only a 5% chance to be heard on a given click, making the last line awfully repetitive.

UR3029: Party Camp, post-“The Urn of Sacred Ashes”: If both Wynne and Leliana were in camp when you tainted the Ashes, only Wynne would leave, and Leliana wouldn’t react at all. They will now both leave, as Wynne informs Leliana of what you have done.


OR3001: Hall of Heroes: Restored a previously unseen altercation between a guard and a beggar in this area. The altercation will happen when you approach the beggar, he talks to you, then you move away from him.

OR3002: Orzammar: Under varying circumstances, every male commoner in the Commons and one reveler in Tapsters would randomly fail to speak when clicked on. This was particularly bad if Bhelen was crowned king.

OR3003: Orzammar: After speaking to Nerav in the Commons, she says she’s going home and disappears. She was then supposed to reappear by her home in the Diamond Quarter, but because her talked-to flag was never set, she failed to do so.

OR3004: Commons: Asking Nerav “Who has the authority to defend against a Blight?” will no longer make her confuse you with a dwarf noble. Also, a dwarf asking if Bhelen was King Endrin’s son wouldn’t remember the answer. Finally, she will no longer claim a dwarf noble has the face markings of a dwarf commoner.

OR3005: Tapsters: A Tapsters patron had a line meant for only non-dwarves that was instead said only to women of any race.

OR3006: “A Lost Nug”: The Nug Wrangler will now have a Quest Available marker. He will also now recognize when you’ve collected all of the available nugs, and a prize will be awarded at the end as per scripting comments – See IR3008 for more information.

OR1007: “An Unlikely Scholar”: Removed the quest marker over Janar’s head once the quest is completed. It was previously permanent once the quest was initiated.

OR3008: “An Unlikely Scholar”: If you went to the Circle Tower and got an answer for Dagna, return to her and mention her father’s disapproval before telling her that answer, she was supposed to ask you again if you got an answer but this failed due to an unset flag, causing you to be unable to tell her the good news or to get any reward.

OR3208: “An Unlikely Scholar”: If you complete the quest successfully but don’t ask Dagna for a material reward, you will now still get the experience reward. Thanks to dgm22 of the Nexus forums for making me aware of this one.

OR3009: “An Unlikely Scholar”: If Janar knows you wanted to help Dagna join the Circle, you will now be able to tell him that Dagna left for the Tower once she has done so (though you probably don’t want to since he doesn’t take the news well, but the option is there now.) Previously you could only tell him she left if you’d never mentioned Dagna to him before.

OR3010: “An Unlikely Scholar”: If you accepted Dagna’s quest, talked to Janar, then told Dagna she should stay in Orzammar, the quest would close as failed, but then when you spoke to her again her response would be unchanged and the quest could be continued. Credit to squarenic on the Nexus Forums for making me aware of this one.

OR3011: “Zerlinda’s Woe”: You must now have enough money to offer some to Zerlinda, and if you do, it will now actually be deducted.

OR3012: “Zerlinda’s Woe”: If you refused to help Zerlinda (“Then I’ll let you fix your own problems”), the resulting journal entry that should have been in the closed section (since it closes off all progress) was instead in the open section, forever uncompletable. Also, another dialog option where you refuse to help (“You’re right. I guess you’re on your own.”) will now also close the quest.

OR3013: “Zerlinda’s Woe”: Zerlinda would forget that you’d met her previously until you accepted her quest. This restores an entire previously inaccessible dialog branch that you can see if you end her initial conversation early.

OR3014: “Zerlinda’s Woe”: Ordel could be exploited in order to get the Bully and Menacing achievements by repeatedly leaving and reentering the tavern to respawn him. He will no longer reappear in the tavern once he’s agreed to take Zerlinda home.

OR3015: “Zerlinda’s Woe”: If you sent Zerlinda to the Chantry, when you visited her there, she’d have a Quest Available marker (exclamation point) on her.

OR3016: “Chant in the Deeps”: What was supposed to be a medium level Cunning skill check in the Shaper’s dialogue was checking for medium Intimidate skill instead.

OR3017: “Caged in Stone”: During this codex miniquest, you can kill a small dragon in the otherwise empty Royal Palace throne room. Much much later, when a king is crowned and moves there, no one thinks to clean up the big pile of decayed dragon bones which nonetheless freakishly emit a tremendous spreading puddle of blood all over the courtier nobles’ feet. If you crowned Bhelen, you can in fact be teleported right on top of the bone pile. I’ve managed to remove the oddly disturbing regenerating puddle of spreading blood, at least. I still haven’t found a way to remove the bones.

OR1018: “Thief in the House of Learning”: You can sell the tome to a fence for 2.3 gold and 75 XP or return it to the Shaperate for nothing at all. Comments in the Shaperate questgiver’s dialogue indicate that returning it should give a “moderate” xp reward, as compared to a “minor” xp reward for selling it. Returning the tome now gives a 125 xp reward.

OR3019: “Precious Metals”: You can no longer get the quest from Rogek if all the Circle mages (which includes Godwin) are dead. Be aware that if you try to get the quest if they’re all dead, he won’t trust you anymore and he will leave, so do anything else you need to with him first.

OR3020: “Precious Metals”: Certain dialog paths could allow you to negotiate a second time with Rogek for the lyrium, although nothing would be gained or deducted in doing so.

OR3021: “Precious Metals”: If the lyrium ever leaves your possession for an instant (other than selling it to Godwin or donating it to Greagoir in the restored dialogue with him about it – see CT1027 for more information), the quest fails and closes. The game assumes you sold it to a merchant. The problem is this also happens by putting it in your storage chest, or if you have it when you encounter various events in game where you temporarily lose all of your inventory (for example, the Captured! quest, or certain *ahem* events in the Denerim brothel.). And even if you did sell it to a merchant, you could always buy it back and deliver it and claim Rogek’s payment, but the quest would still be marked that you failed to deliver the lyrium. With this fix, the quest will still update if you no longer possess the lyrium, but it won’t close the quest, suggesting instead that you reacquire it or tell Rogek you won’t be delivering it. If you reacquire it, the quest journal will revert to what it was before you lost possession of the lyrium. If you tell Rogek you won’t be delivering it (which you can only do if you don’t have it on you at the moment), the quest will be firmly closed stating that you’ll never be paid by Rogek for delivering the lyrium (even though you still could reacquire and deliver it to Godwin at that point).

OR3022: “Seek Out Steward Bandalor”: Talking to the Captain of the Guard in the Commons after completing this quest will no longer put a permanent plot marker on Steward Bandelor.

OR1023: “Vartag Gavorn” / “Dulin Forender”: If you initially talk to Dulin and/or Vartag but end the conversations before accepting either of their first quests, then talk to the Steward and ask what you can do to help break the stalemate, you would get permanent quest markers stuck over Dulin and/or Vartag (whichever you’d spoken to) for the rest of the game.

OR3024: “Vartag Gavorn”: If you never accepted this quest to find Vartag before talking to him and accepting “A Prince’s Favor: The First Task”, then failed the first task by winning the Proving for Harrowmont, you’d get a closed failed journal entry saying you never found and spoke to Vartag.

OR3025: “A Lord’s Trust: The First Task”: Failing this quest did not properly close the three subquests.

OR3026: “A Lord’s Trust: The First Task”: After having declared for Harrowmont in the proving, and when speaking with Hanashan/Farinden before you actually fight Hanashan, a scripting error would cause her to fail to recognize that you were already destined to face her in the ring, possibly causing Farinden to challenge you to enter the Proving after you already did so. This partially restores a couple of lines that could only be seen if Vartag never offered you Bhelen’s first task.

OR3027: “A Lord’s Trust: The First Task”: If you talked Gwiddon and/or Baizyl into fighting in the Proving for Harrowmont, but you fought the Proving as an independent, when you talked to them afterwards they’d respond as if you also fought for Harrowmont.

OR3128: “A Lord’s Trust: The First Task”: Several fixes when completing Baizyl’s subquest: 1) The persuade check to get 15 gold instead of 10 gold from Baizyl for the letters has been made slightly harder to match the difficulty called for in the scripting comments (it was nearly automatic success in the vanilla game). 2) If you somehow failed that persuade check, you were still supposed to get 10 gold but did not actually receive it. Now you will. 3) Removed the walking away animations at the end, since he doesn’t actually go anywhere. Thanks to Totalbalance of the Nexus forums for making me aware of the third issue.

OR3029: “A Lord’s Trust: The First Task”: After having declared for Harrowmont in the proving, and when speaking to Wojeck before you actually fight him, you could claim “You idiot! I’m working for Bhelen!” based solely on whether you ever accepted Vartag’s first task, and declaring for Harrowmont caused that task to fail. You’ll now only get this option if you’re already a double agent for Bhelen at this point.

OR3030: “A Paragon Of Her Kind”: There is an internal counter that tracks political support for both Bhelen and Harrowmont depending on your choices. If you crowned a king with very high support, you were supposed to get a better reward from them. There were supposed to be three additional ways to get Harrowmont a point of political support in the Proving, but they weren’t actually implemented (recruiting Baizyl, recruiting Gwiddon, and winning the first round of the Proving). These and an additional bug listed below (see OR3060 for more information) made the reward you were supposed to get for crowning Harrowmont as King with high support – Endrin’s Mace – unobtainable in the unmodded game. These fixes restore Endrin’s Mace to the game as a possible obtainable reward when publicly working for Harrowmont.

OR3031: Proving: Several fixes to Seweryn’s dialogue: 1) You can no longer tell Seweryn you’re fighting for Harrowmont if the opportunity to do so has passed. 2) Seweryn would wind up “recruited” even if you told him you work for Harrowmont and he no longer wishes to speak to you. 3) The flag for “recruiting” Seweryn wasn’t set on every dialogue path where you do so.

OR3032: Proving: 1) All of the female and half of the male Proving fans, Darvianak, and two Tapsters patrons would congratulate you for winning the Proving before you actually did so (after the 4th round but before the 5th). For Darvianak, if you’re not fighting for Harrowmont, this restores a line if you talk to him after you beat him in the 4th round and before starting the 5th. 2) Restored a one-time line that a male fan was supposed to say when he first became aware you had joined in the Provings. 3) A proving fan will no longer excitedly say “My money’s on the twins in round 2” if they already lost.

OR3033: Proving: Asking Varick if Piotin and Bhelen are related was supposed to only be available to non-Dwarf Nobles (since a Dwarf Noble would know the answer) but it was instead restricted to only Dwarf Nobles.

OR3034: Proving: Myaja will now wield a large hammer instead of a mace and shield, in order to be consistent with both the Proving Master and Seweryn’s dialogues. Credit for making me aware of this one goes to theskymoves and the readme of her “Her Hammer is her… uh… never mind” mod.

OR3035: Proving: Corrected Darvianak’s last name from “Volney” to “Vollney”, to be consistent with the way it is spelled in the Dwarf Noble origin and various other dialogues. Credit for making me aware of this one goes to danexuslurker and the readme of his “Tiny Fixes” mod.

OR3036: “A Prince’s Favor: The First Task”: If you completed one of the subquests, then failed the overall quest, both subquests were marked as failed, including the one you completed successfully.

OR3037: The Deep Roads: It will no longer be possible to access the wide world map and travel to anywhere in the world directly from the Deep Roads. Not just because it’s objectively silly, immersion breaking and inconsistent with the map behavior everywhere else in the game, but it can also lead to catastrophic game breaking consequences if done at the wrong point in the Orzammar plot line.

OR3038: Aeducan Thaig: Restored unused party commentary about the Deep Roads, added near the entrance in Aeducan Thaig.

OR3039: “A Prince’s Favor: The First Task”: It was possible to steal Lord Dace’s tier 3 Thorn of the Dead Gods twice, once for each location he could appear in. No longer.

OR3040: Tapsters: Several fixes to Corra’s dialogue: 1) You couldn’t say “I heard Lord Helmi was here” until you’d completed his quest and he was no longer there (at which point she’d direct you to where he used to be). 2) Restored a broken line where, once Oghren has left for the Deep Roads and before you’ve recruited him, she can tell you that he left. 3) The prices Corra lists for her drinks were completely inconsistent with what was checked for/deducted. 4) After buying a drink, Corra could say she heard you spoke to Lord Harrowmont even if you’re publicly working for Bhelen.

OR3041: Diamond Quarter and Royal Palace: There are four Bhelen supporting nobles in the Diamond Quarter, and a whole mess of them in the Royal Palace pre-coronation, whose dialogue is only appropriate if you’re working publicly for Bhelen or made Bhelen king, or you are a dwarf noble, or you are a dwarf commoner prior to committing to Harrowmont. They will no longer be interactive unless one of those conditions is met. (v3.1) Note – the ones in the Royal Palace were not fixed until v3.1 – thanks to Totalbalance of the Nexus forums for pointing them out to me during the v3.0 beta.

OR3042: “Betrayed from Within”: The first of the two persuade options when trying to initiate this quest with Vartag was checking for poison skill instead of persuasion.

OR3442: “Shifting Allegiances”: If you told Dulin what Vartag asked you to do for his First Task, he would refuse to offer you Shifting Allegiances after completing that task, claiming “I told you that if that [doing Vartag’s task] happened we were through.”. Only, he never says any such thing when you tell him what Vartag’s task is, and no line conveying that meaning exists in his entire dialogue file. Removed the reference to non-existent dialogue, and failing to respond to a threat that was never actually made will no longer lock you out of this quest. Thanks to RJWalker for making me aware of this one.

OR3043: Orzammar: It was possible to steal Vartag’s Champion’s Shield 3 times (well, after one of the Bioware patches, twice – see next fix OR3044 for more information), once for each location he could appear in. No longer.

OR3044: “Betrayed from Within”: It appears that Bioware’s official patch fix to prevent Orzammar’s various main plots from getting broken by doing both quest lines simultaneously also prevented Vartag’s “You betrayed me!” speech from taking place on your way out of the Proving after fighting it for Harrowmont if you had accepted Vartag’s quest previously. Vartag’s appearance after the Proving (if you accepted his quest and then failed it by doing Harrowmont’s) has been restored.

OR3045: “Shifting Allegiances”: Same as the Vartag bug above (see OR3044 for more information), while Dulin doesn’t leave Tapster’s if you betray him, his dialogue where he accuses you of betraying him (rather than just upset you backed the other side) wasn’t firing, for similar reasons.

OR3046: “Betrayed from Within”: If you had the quest from Vartag to find out what Harrowmont’s second task is, and you found out but didn’t accept Harrowmont’s second task immediately, the journal should still have updated to tell Vartag about Harrowmont’s plans, but due to a scripting error it failed to do so. Then if you told Vartag and got the journal entry to plant the papers, then accepted Harrowmont’s quest, the “Go tell Vartag about Harrowmont’s plans” journal entry would activate and overwrite the “Plant the papers for Vartag” journal entry.

OR3047: “Betrayed from Within”: You will no longer be attacked by Harrowmont fanatics for working covertly for Bhelen as a double agent. When this bug triggered, you would actually get attacked by both Harrowmont and Bhelen fanatics simultaneously. Note that once you choose Bhelen as king, you’re no longer acting covertly.

OR3048: “Shifting Allegiances”: You will no longer be attacked by Bhelen fanatics for working covertly for Harrowmont as a double agent. When this bug triggered, you would actually get attacked by both Harrowmont and Bhelen fanatics simultaneously. Note that once you choose Harrowmont as king, you’re no longer acting covertly.

OR3049: “The Second Task” quests: When confronting Roggar in Figor’s shop, it wasn’t actually possible to give Roggar the 10 gold he demands.

OR3050: “The Second Task” quests: When giving you their second tasks, both Bhelen and Harrowmont ask you if you’d ever heard of Jarvia and her carta. If you weren’t a dwarf commoner, however, you could only answer no, even if you’d learned all about Jarvia and the carta from Figor.

OR3051: “The Second Task” quests: If you bribed Rogek with 5 silvers to tell you about Jarvia, only 40 copper was deducted. If you bribed Rogek with 15 gold to tell you about Jarvia, nothing was deducted.

OR3052: “The Second Task” quests / “Precious Metals”: Replying “Thanks for the tip” after getting the info on Jarvia by bribing him with 15 gold or previously agreeing to smuggle would cause him to leave forever and, if you had already accepted his quest, made the quest uncompletable.

OR3053: “The Second Task” quests / “Precious Metals”: You cannot ask Rogek about Jarvia if you’ve already accepted Precious Metals. This is the opposite of the intent. If you’ve accepted his quest and haven’t completed it, he was supposed to give you the 15 gold bribe information for free. This can now be done.

OR3054: “The Second Task” quests: Fixed complete inconsistency between what the dialogue said you bribed Alimar for information about Jarvia, and what was actually checked for/deducted (copper instead of silver, wrong amounts, etc.) Also, if you kill him after bribing him, you can now recover your bribe from his corpse.

OR3254: “Jammer’s Stash”: Fixed a bug that would allow you to get two stash keys, one of which would remain stuck in your plot items forever.

OR3055: “The Second Task” quests: Jarvia will now correctly identify who you’re working for publicly (she’d identify you as working for Harrowmont if you were doing “Shifting Allegiances”).

OR3056: “Shifting Allegiances”: Fixed a bug that prevented non-Dwarf Nobles from telling Harrowmont that you found the evidence against Bhelen regarding Trian.

OR3057: “Betrayed from Within”: Removed infinite experience exploit when telling Vartag you planted the papers and then delayed talking to Bhelen.

OR3058: “Betrayed from Within”: Bhelen will no longer refer to a male Dwarf Noble as his “big sister” when you say “The throne should belong to an Aeducan”.

OR1059: “A Lord’s Favor: The Second Task” / “Betrayed From Within”: If you were publicly working for Harrowmont but planted the papers in Jarvia’s chest for Bhelen, when you reported to Harrowmont that you had killed Jarvia, a journal entry for this quest would remain stuck open and you’d lose out on the rather hefty experience reward for dealing with her.

OR3060: “The Second Tasks”: Killing Jarvia *always* gave +3 support to Bhelen, regardless of whether you were working for Harrowmont when you did it. Based on the previous findings on how Shifting Allegiances ends up benefiting Harrowmont, I believe the intent was that only when planting the papers for Bhelen was it supposed to give Bhelen +3 support instead of Harrowmont, but it was only partially implemented resulting in Bhelen *always* getting the support for killing Jarvia. Now, killing Jarvia for Harrowmont will give Harrowmont +3 support, unless you planted the papers for Bhelen, in which case Bhelen gets the +3 support instead. This keeps it possible to receive Bhelen’s high support reward by doing Betrayed From Within as well.

OR3061: “Betrayed from Within”: Scripting comments call for a fourth point of support to be awarded to Bhelen when telling Vartag you planted the papers, mirroring the 1 point you get immediately for acquiring the evidence for Harrowmont in Shifting Allegiances, but that point increase was not implemented.

OR3062: “Shifting Allegiances”: MAJOR RESTORATION! The crowning of King Harrowmont was supposed to play out completely differently if you had the evidence that Bhelen killed Trian that you acquired from Jarvia’s hideout, but due to a malformed plot file, this wasn’t possible to see in game. Fixing this also makes it possible to do Shifting Allegiances and end with high support for Harrowmont, restoring Endrin’s Mace as a possible reward for this path as well. (Note: This option will not be available for dwarf nobles who themselves killed Trian in the origin story).

OR3063: “Of Noble Birth” / “Shifting Allegiances”: If you were working covertly for Harrowmont, you had no opportunity to ask him to promise to take care of your son until you crowned him. You now have one chance to ask him immediately upon first meeting him after killing Jarvia (as you do with Bhelen when working covertly for him).

OR1064: “A Paragon of Her Kind”: If you sided with Bhelen before going into the Deep Roads (whether openly or as double agent) such that you had his version of the “A Paragon of Her Kind” quest open in your journal (Harrowmont has his own version, and you can have both if a double agent), and then you chose Harrowmont as king, the quest would remain open in your journal forever telling you to go back to the assembly to crown a king.

OR3065: “A Mother’s Hope”: Filda was supposed to disappear after completing her quest (in any way) once you left the Commons, but instead due to a bug she disappeared when a King was chosen. This fix restores some post-King dialogue that could therefore never be seen, and the quest will no longer be rendered uncompletable if you didn’t finish it before the King was crowned. This also resolves a quest marker issue that was previously fixed in v1.0 in a different way. That fix has been redacted – see RD1005 for more information.

OR3066: “A Mother’s Hope”: Getting Ruck to tell you his name was originally intended to be a key part of this quest, but later it was just assumed you magically knew who he was even if he never said his name. This caused various issues interfacing with other code and dialogue that was written with the original intent in mind. The smoothest way to fix all this was to actually complete the implementation of the original intended design, where you have to actually hear his name to know who he is. It kinda kills the whole concept, however, when the name “Ruck” appears floating over his head the first time you see him from a distance. Ruck will now be identified as a “Dwarf Scavenger” until you find out who he is, at which point his name will change to “Ruck”. Until then, the only thing you will be able to tell Filda is that you never found him.

OR3067: “A Mother’s Hope”: If you talked to Ruck before accepting Filda’s quest (why?), you couldn’t mention Filda to him, but the quest would nevertheless be activated and journal entries would be added out of order and out of context. Meeting Ruck without her quest active will no longer activate the quest. If you then talk to Filda, you will still (as before) have to go through her initial dialogue without being able to mention you already found Ruck (sorry, that would take an additional TON of work for little gain.) If you accept her quest at that point, the resulting entry describing the outcome of your previous meeting with Ruck will be immediately added to the quest journal and you can immediately turn the quest in if you wish (or you can go talk to Ruck again so you can mention Filda to him as well). It’s not the perfect solution, but at least the quest journal no longer gets broken.

OR3068: “A Mother’s Hope”: Speaking to Ruck, you could promise him you’d tell Filda that he died heroically long ago. Due to a bug, however, you could only tell her that if you killed Ruck, whether you made the promise or not. Making that promise to Ruck is now what correctly enables that option (and will be available whether or not you kill Ruck after making the promise). The player is also no longer forced to say “Yes, but you… might not want to hear it.” before having this option available to them.

OR3069: “A Mother’s Hope”: If you killed Ruck, you can no longer choose the options “(Lie) I’m sorry, Ruck’s dead.” or “Lady, your son is a dung eating lunatic”, as was intended, with the same restriction implemented in other similar dialogue paths.

OR3070: “A Mother’s Hope”: If you promised to tell Filda that Ruck is dead, making him grateful to you, a dialogue line and its scripting indicate he was meant to give you an item – “Ruck’s Sword” – but there is no such sword in game, and the way the line was disabled caused the conversation to crash abruptly and prematurely. Ruck will now give the player a regular dwarven longsword if he’s grateful, and the dialogue won’t crash at that point anymore.

OR3071: “A Mother’s Hope”: If Ruck is grateful to you when you ask to see his store, he says you don’t even have to give him money for his things. Scripting comments indicate the intent was that he’d give you one item from his store for free, but that merchant functionality did not yet exist at the time that line was written, and in the end it was never implemented. Ruck will no longer offer free stuff from his store.

OR3072: “A Mother’s Hope”: If you have Oghren or Zevran in your party when you say “I should go.” in conversation with Ruck, they will advise putting him out of his misery. The options to persuade them otherwise were bugged and inaccessible. If you had Zevran, you were forced to kill him, while with Oghren you did at least have a way out of the dialogue with Ruck alive. The options in both cases to ixnay the idea of killing Ruck are now accessible.

OR1073: “A Mother’s Hope”: If Filda learns that Ruck is alive, the dialogue, graphics, quest journal and comments all indicate that she leaves immediately for the Deep Roads to look for him, but she’d actually stay where she was, still praying but facing wherever you were standing instead of the stone. She’ll actually leave now. (v3.0) In v1.0 she would just vanish (and due to the bug where her leaving was conditioned on a king being crowned instead of her own quest, she would reappear if you left the Commons and returned before the King was crowned – oops). Now she will actually run to the Deep Roads exit (during which she can say her final line) and disappear forever (per script comments: “Filda runs off and eventually dies off-screen in the Deep Roads, searching for Ruck.”).

OR3074: “A Mother’s Hope”: Several other dialogue paths with Filda also ended with her praying toward wherever you were standing instead of the Stone. This should never happen anymore.

OR3075: “A Mother’s Hope”: In a couple of Filda’s dialogue paths, you could only ask about the Deep Roads and the Darkspawn there if you’d already been told about it.

OR3076: “A Mother’s Hope”: Ruck will now only end a conversation with “Then… I have done what you wished? Ruck answered your questions?” one time. If you talk to him again and end the conversation, you will now get one of several other shorter ending dialogues that were previously inaccessible.

OR3077: “A Mother’s Hope”: If you have both Oghren and Zevran in your party when discussing whether to kill Ruck, Zevran is the one who advises you to kill him. If you agree, however, Oghren responds as if he were the one to raise the issue.

OR3078: Oghren: If you are working for both Bhelen and Harrowmont, and even if you aren’t, Oghren would be perpetually confused about who you work for (even more than being perpetually drunk would account for), from Tapsters all the way to Branka. Since virtually every check has a different condition, and since it seems reasonable that you *could* always tell him who you’re really working for, I’ve decided to go with this: At Tapsters, when it’s still possible that it’s not clear who you are ultimately working for, he’ll pick one (the correct one if that can be determined at that time) and at least be consistent about it. Once you are sent to look for Branka, Oghren will initially believe you work for whoever’s quest to find her you accepted, and if you accepted both, he’ll believe you work for whoever you worked for publicly. At the end of that conversation, though, you can tell him that whoever you accepted the quest from gave you a map to Carridin’s Cross (and you can choose one, if you accepted it from both). If you choose one of those options (you don’t have to, in which case he’ll stick with his prior belief), then whoever’s map you tell him you’ll be following, that’s who he’ll believe you’re working for from then on. The choice is yours!

OR3079: “A Paragon Of her Kind”: Harrowmont and Bhelen’s quests to find Branka would overwrite the main A Paragon of Her Kind quest, and if playing as a double agent would sometimes incorrectly create multiple entries with that title under The Blight entry. Those two quest chains will now be listed as subquests under A Paragon of Her Kind, thus restoring and preserving the main quest chain entries.

OR3080: Oghren: Restored a previously inaccessible short dialogue with Oghren in Ortan Thaig. Can be seen by initiating conversation with him after leaving Ruck’s Camp while in the area and before reading Branka’s journal.

OR1081: “Asunder”: Fixed exploit where, by placing all party members near the altar, pausing, and then having each one spam-click the altar, you could spawn the beast multiple times, receiving his reward as many as ten times over. You cannot get more than one beast now.

OR3082: Ortan Thaig: If you went to Ortan Thaig before visiting Haven, the party commentary that was meant to play in the center of Haven instead played in the middle of Ortan Thaig (about where you first spot Ruck) instead of the comments you were supposed to hear, and you would get no comment in Haven. If you went to Haven first, the Haven comment would play correctly but you’d hear nothing at all at the proper spot in Ortan Thaig. This restores the proper party comments in Ortan Thaig – and, I must say – YOU HAVE NEVER PLAYED DRAGON AGE until you hear Oghren’s comment there.

OR3083: “An Admirable Topsider”: Fixed exploit where, by placing all party members around the warrior’s grave, pausing, and then having each one spam-click the altar, you could acquire the quest reward multiple times. You cannot get more than one sword now.

OR3084: Oghren: Restored a previously inaccessible long dialogue with Oghren in the Dead Trenches. Can be seen by initiating conversation with him after talking to Kardol while in the area and before meeting Branka.

OR3085: Dead Trenches: Removed “Goodbye.” option in initial dialogue with Kardol that was only supposed to show in subsequent conversations. Using it could also lead to having an “I’m leaving” option available in subsequent conversations that was only supposed to show in the initial dialogue and could be obsolete if chosen later.

OR3086: Dead Trenches: Restored party commentary about the Dead Trenches, in the tunnel after the bridge.

OR3087: Dead Trenches: Restored party commentary after dialogue with Hespith. }

OR3088: “Anvil of the Void”: Your available responses to Branka supporting Harrowmont or Bhelen were inconsistent and sometimes unavailable when they should have been. You can now ask Branka to support whoever’s quest you accepted to find her.

OR1089: “The Golem Registry”: The Shaper tells you “Warden, I hope this artifact from our archives will suffice as a reward.”, but if you have recruited Shale, you get nothing. The following comments exist in the script: “// If Shale is Recruited, give player a special golem crystal; otherwise he gets a generic magical item as a reward.” The “otherwise” actually works, without Shale recruited you get a Master Hale rune. No golem crystal is given out if you have Shale, however. Going with Small Flawless Spirit Crystal.

OR3289: “The Dead Caste”: Removed infinite xp exploit, where leaving the Shaperate and reentering after completing the quest would always reactivate the “Memories” book allowing you to get the experience reward as many times as desired. Thanks to SilverLucario of the Nexus forums for making me aware of this one.

OR3090: “A Paragon of Her Kind”: If you choose Harrowmont as king, dialogue scripting comments clearly state that the number of Bhelen supporters you fight was supposed to be dependent on how much support Harrowmont had. This was not implemented, however, and the final battle always has the same numbers on each side regardless of how much support each candidate had. The intent as described in the dialogue comments makes much more sense and makes choices and consequences meaningful, so I’ve made it work. If Harrowmont’s support is very low or very high, a few of the deshyrs will now switch sides or not join in the attack at all.

OR3091: “A Paragon of Her Kind”: The implementation of the rewards given by the Kings at the end of this plot is gobsmackingly bad. It is supposed to be based on the amount of support you were able to get while working the quests. Note that Harrowmont’s reward for high support, Endrin’s Mace, was inaccessible in game due to several of the bugs previously listed regarding his support (you simply couldn’t get his support anywhere close to high enough). But the stats on all of these rewards are incredibly low level quality, with Bhelen’s low support reward being MUCH better than his high support reward. Here are the four possible rewards:
Harrowmont High Support: Endrin’s Mace. Tier 6 Silverite. +10 cold resistance, +15 mental resistance. That’s it. No +damage to darkspawn, despite dialogue scripting comments indicating it should have that property.
Harrowmont Low Support: Harrowmont’s Staff: Steel (seriously – Tier 3 Steel. Dog can fetch a better staff than this! You can steal a better staff than this in the Mage Origin!) +1 Magic, + 2 Constitution. Possibly the worst staff obtainable after Lothering.
Bhelen High Support: Aeducan’s Mace: Tier 2 GREY IRON!!!! Even worse than Harrowmont’s Staff. (The description says it’s “made finely”). +2 damage vs. darkspawn and Messy Kills. Duncan actually gives this mace to a noob Dwarf Commoner at the end of that origin.
Bhelen Low Support: Trian’s Maul: Silverite. 4 tiers better than the high support reward, lol. +4 damage vs. darkspawn – double the bonus of the high support reward.
All of these are terrible, and it’s completely implausible that any King would have ever used the two high support rewards as a weapon, unless they had a serious death wish. I have changed the stats and bonuses on the 4 rewards to match the difficulty of the Orzammar plot. Note that I have balanced these in the context of equipment available in the base game, not DLC’s. You will probably find better DLC equipment, but the new rewards should be competitive with the best weapons avaiable in the base game, at least pre-Landsmeet.

OR3291: “Betrayed From Within”: If you accepted Vartag’s quest to plant evidence against Harrowmont but never actually did so, the quest would be closed as failed when you crowned a king, but the text of that closing journal entry would only state that you “failed to deal with Jarvia and her carta”, which is incorrect. This closing journal entry will now properly reflect what you actually failed to do. Thanks to Totalbalance of the Nexus forums for making me aware of both of these issues.

OR3192: Oghren: Restored Oghren asking to stay with the party after the main Orzammar plot is completed. This conversation is initiated when leaving the palace or assembly after a king is crowned. Note that if you refuse Oghren’s request, he will no longer be available to recruit afterwards. This also restores an update to Oghren’s codex entry. (v3.2) In v3.1, this dialogue would trigger the first time you brought Oghren to the Diamond district, even if the plot was not completed yet. My apologies. Fixed in v3.2.

OR3093: Proving: After Harrowmont is crowned king, the proving master will no longer say you fought as his champion if you didn’t.

OR3094: Proving: Hanashan and Farinden do not have proper post-King dialogue and, as per scripting comments in Hanashan’s dialogue file, will leave the Proving when a King is crowned.

OR1095: “Of Noble Birth”: This quest is only available for male noble dwarves, but *everyone* got a closed failed journal entry for it after the coronation in “A Paragon of her Kind”. No longer.

OR3096: “Of Noble Birth”: Male Dwarf Nobles Only: A number of dialogue paths when Bhelen agrees to accept Mardy and your son did not set the necessary flags to complete the quest.

OR1097: “Of Noble Birth”: Male Dwarf Nobles Only: A number of dialogue errors fixed. In particular, it should be a lot less common to get “If X becomes king, he’ll take care of you” reply options after the king has been crowned, and you will no longer get Mardy giving her mid-quest dialogue after the quest is completed. This also fixes an infinite loop exploit where, if you didn’t tell Mardy any good news until the King agreed to take her in, you could name your child for 100xp at a time infinitely.

OR3098: “Of Noble Birth”: Male Dwarf Nobles Only: Slightly tweaked the journal entries to better match the course of events. (Your journal will say “Mardy will be pleased to hear of this.” before, rather than after, you’ve told her.)

OR3099: “Of Noble Birth”: Male Dwarf Nobles Only: Upon the successful completion of “Of Noble Birth”, Mardy will now appear in either the Palace or Harrowmont’s Estate, instead of loitering in dingy clothes in the Nobles Quarter forever.


RQ3001: “Rescue the Queen”: Corrected Erlina’s dialogue if you attempt to leave Howe’s estate while she is following you.

RQ3002: “Rescue the Queen”: Simply leaving and reentering the dungeon will no longer cause your disguises to be removed.

RQ3003: “Rescue the Queen”: Making the first group of guards encountered in the dungeon hostile using AOE spells, thereby avoiding the cutscene that normally removes the party’s disguises and restores their equipment, will no longer cause the disguises to become permanent. The disguises will be removed and the original equipment restored when the first group of guards are all dead.

RQ3004: Howe Dungeon: Fixed bug that could prevent talking with Soris if you clicked on him prior to opening the door to his cell

RQ3005: Howe Dungeon: An approval boost for Zevran when freeing Soris would only be received if you didn’t have the key when you first talked to him. Getting the boost will no longer depend on that condition.

RQ3006: “Rescue the Queen”: Human Noble Wardens Only: Corrected the conditions for a bit of dialogue between Howe and a human noble during this quest, depending on what was said when meeting Loghain and Howe at Arl Eamon’s Denerim Estate.

RQ3007: “Rescue the Queen”: Looting the key off Howe before triggering his death cutscene would leave a permanent plot marker on Howe’s body.

RQ3008: Howe Dungeon: Fixed bug that would prevent talking with Vaughan if you clicked on him prior to opening the door to his cell.

RQ3009: Howe Dungeon: City Elf Wardens only: When talking to Vaughn in his cell, if your romance interest is in the party, they interject upon hearing about the wedding from the City Elf Origin, but if Alistair was also nearby he would incorrectly take over that conversation part way through. This and several other bugs also occur in Shianni’s dialogue during “Unrest in the Alienage”. See UA3023 and UA3024 for more information.

RQ3309: Howe Dungeon: City Elf Wardens only: When talking to Vaughan in his cell, a condition on a particular line checking that the player was female should have been checking that he was male instead. Thanks to GoesOnGhost for catching this one.

RQ3010: Howe Dungeon: City Elf Wardens only: City Elves that didn’t kill Vaughan in the Origin can free him on the condition that he join the Chantry, and if they did so he was supposed to appear near the Denerim chantry, but instead he’d still show up on the Howe estate main floor as he would if he was freed without that condition (albeit with praying dialogue rather than his normal dialogue). He will now appear near the Denerim Chantry instead of Howe’s estate in this circumstance, as was intended.

RQ3011: Howe Estate Main Floor: Fixed bug that would make Vaughan’s reward chest permanently inaccessible, and a freed Vaughan not appear on the main floor, if you ever left the dungeon prior to freeing him or getting the key from him.

RQ3212: “Rescue the Queen”: If you “kill” Ser Cauthrien and loot the Summer Sword from her, and then proceed to lose the fight and get yourself Captured!, Ser Cauthrien survives (because her remaining team members can revive her, just as the party’s team can be revived until they all die). Therefore, the Summer Sword will be returned to Ser Cauthrien rather than placed in the player’s inventory chest during Captured! In this circumstance, she will have the sword when she is met later at the Landsmeet. Note for completionist players that there is still a use for “killing” her and getting the sword during the “Rescue the Queen” fight: this allows you to get the sword’s associated codex entry without having to permanently kill her at any point in the game.

RQ3013: “Tortured Noble”: If you freed Oswyn during “Rescue the Queen” and talk to his father in the Gnawed Noble Tavern, turning down the gold reward for this quest also cost you any experience reward. You will now get the experience reward regardless of what material reward you request.


CA3001: “Captured!”: If escaping without rescue, if you put on the disguises (with or without Alistair) prior to collecting your gear from the chest, you’d forever lose the equipment you had equipped when you were captured. Now, if you are disguised and you click on your equipment chest, you’ll retain your disguises, and you’ll immediately get all of your gear back except your own chest/gloves/boots/helm, which you’ll get back when you drop your disguises. In other words, it’ll behave exactly as if you had collected the chest and then donned the disguises.

CA3002: “Captured!”: If escaping without rescue, when you encountered party members waiting for you near the exit, they’d speak a single line as a cutscene but the camera would almost always be pointed in the wrong direction. The line will simply be an ambient (stringhead) line now.

CA3003: “Captured!”: If escaping without rescue, when you open the last door on the way to the exit, you are met by two of your followers (usually Leliana and Morrigan) who are immediately added to the party and help you against the ensuing attack. Another way to trigger this is to get very close to Sister Augustine if you make a left before opening that door. When you get close, she screams and runs, opening the previously mentioned door and adding the 2 followers to your party instantly. The problem is that you’d have to get so close to Sister Augustine to trigger this that you’d be far enough away from where your 2 followers were near the front exit that they’d be instantly teleported right next to you, appearing out of thin air, which is rather bizarre and confusing if you don’t know what’s going on. The trigger for Sister Augustine triggering this chain of events is now much closer to the front exit, which should prevent the awkward teleportation issue.

CA3104: “Captured!”: If escaping without rescue and wearing the disguises, your helmet(s) will no longer be removed when talking to the various guards and commanders. Credit to SpaceAlex and the readme of his Improved Atmosphere mod for making me aware of this one.

CA3205: “Captured!”: If you escaped disguised as guards, the player’s Regulation Sword would be removed, but Alistair’s would not be. Now it will. Thanks to Totalbalance of the Nexus forums for making me aware of this one.

CA3006: “Captured!”: If waiting for rescue, Shale can now be selected when choosing who will come to rescue you. This restores many dozens of lines of previously inaccessible (and enjoyable) dialogue.

CA3007: “Captured!”: If waiting for rescue, when talking to Alistair in the prison cell and choosing who will come to rescue you, the second rescuer selected could appear for a brief moment in the prison cell next to you as Alistair spoke his final line. The camera will now close up on Alistair’s face during that line to avoid this as much as possible.

CA3008: “Captured!”: If waiting for rescue, in the first waiting room, the dialogue that should be there should you pair Wynne/Sten or Wynne/Oghren is unfortunately missing altogether. There will now be no interaction between those pairs in the waiting room if you bring them, which is better than the ugly dialogue glitches that happen without this fix.

CA3009: “Captured!”: If waiting for rescue, if you had the second party member selected as the controlled character when you approached the front guards, or during the “let’s think of a plan” cutscene in the ballistae room, or when opening the cell door that the player is in, that controlled second party member would be invisible in the cutscene (in the waiting room cutscene for the first one), and the camera would jump to an empty view of somewhere else in the area when that character was supposed to be speaking their lines. Fixed.

CA3010: “Captured!”: Regardless of how you finish this quest, if you had not yet collected your equipment from the chest when you leave Fort Drakon, you’d get your equipped inventory back but due to a bug not the general party inventory. You will get it all back now.


UA1001: “Something Wicked”: Clicking twice on the same clue, or asking the beggar about “Bad Men” twice in one conversation, could screw up the quest journal updates.

UA1002: “Something Wicked”: Telling Otto about the beggar wasn’t registering as a “clue” if you told him about that one first. He’d then refer to “both your clues” when you had to give him 3.

UA3003: “Something Wicked”: If you beat Otto to the Orphanage, when you exited back out into the Alienage, you’d see him run the remainder of the way to the Orphanage and disappear, even if he was already dead at that point.

UA3004: “Something Wicked”: There are many reports of this quest glitching in the final room. While I could not duplicate the glitch, I made a few common sense changes that should at least help and hopefully does fix it (for example, you won’t be able to get the cutscene you get when you first enter the last room more than once now.) Let me know if it still occurs and I’ll try a few other things I have in mind.

UA3005: Soris, non-City Elves: Soris will no longer repeatedly forget that non-City Elves talked to Shianni.

UA3006: Soris, non-City Elves: Non-City Elves can no longer ask Soris “Why shouldn’t I be seen with you?” if Soris never said “You’re better off not being seen with me.” (which he’d only say if you refused to talk to Shianni when he asked you to – he’ll now say it if you click on him again after telling him you talked to Shianni, which he would previously always forget, see previous fix UA3005 for more information).

UA3007: Soris, non-City Elves: If a non-City-Elf agreed to talk to Shianni when Soris asked them to, then told Soris what Shianni had said prior to entering the Hospice and finding the note and key, they would be unable to ask Soris “Is there some way out of the Alienage besides the gate?”.

UA3008: Soris, non-City Elves: Non-City Elves could only ask Soris “What’s being done about the plague” if they already knew the answer.

UA3009: Soris, non-City Elves: Non-City Elves told about the Tevinter mages by Soris might not remember what they heard in later conversations or have their journal update properly, depending on the dialogue path.

UA3010: Soris, non-City Elves: Soris will no longer forget telling non-City Elves about his wedding.

UA3011: Soris, non-City Elves: Fixed Soris being excessively repetitive about asking non-City-Elves to talk to Shianni.

UA3012: Soris, non-City Elves: Non-city-elves will no longer permanently lose the ability to ask Soris why he was in the dungeon depending upon the dialogue paths chosen.

UA3013: Soris, City Elves Only: A City Elf could only ask Soris “Where’s Shianni?” if they’d already talked to her. The reverse is now true.

UA3014: Soris, City Elves Only: A City Elf could only ask Soris “What quarantine?” or “Isn’t anything being done” about the plague if they already knew about the quarantine. The reverse is now true.

UA3015: Soris, City Elves Only: A City Elf could only discuss the massacre with Soris if they hadn’t heard about the quarantine yet.

UA3016: Soris, Male City Elves Only: A male City Elf that asked Soris “Where’s Valora?” first would no longer be able to ask “Where’s Nesiara?”, and would not be able to ask both Soris and Shianni about either of them.

UA3017: Soris, Male City Elves Only: Nesiara’s fate will no longer change radically depending solely on who a male City Elf chooses to ask about her first.

UA3018: Soris, City Elves Only: If a City Elf warden that didn’t take Vaughn’s bribe in the Origin was told by Soris that their father was taken into quarantine, the flag that allowed you to ask others about this wasn’t being set.

UA3019: Soris, Alarith: If Soris or Alarith mention the plague at all in several dialogue paths, it would create a journal entry with more information than you actually received. (v3.3) This fix did not actually make it into release prior to Hotfix v3.22.

UA3020: Soris, Alarith: Fixed Alarith’s and Soris’ conversations aborting abruptly after running out of conversation options.

UA3221: Alarith: Alarith would recognize an elven mage as an elf for the first conversation with him (thus allowing barter), but would stop bartering upon subsequent conversations. Thanks to Totalbalance of the Nexus forums for making me aware of this one.

UA3022: Alarith: Talking to Alarith, you can no longer ask “What are Tevinter healers doing here?” and similar questions after the Tevinters have been dealt with but before you’ve officially completed the quest by talking to Eamon.

UA2023: Shianni, City Elves Only: When talking to Shianni, if your romance interest is in the party, they interject upon learning about the wedding, but if Alistair was also nearby he would incorrectly take over that conversation part way through. Kudos to ejoslin for spotting this less than obvious bug. (v3.0) There were quite a number of additional obvious bugs that needed fixing – see UA3024, UA3026. (v3.3) This fix did not actually make it into release between v3.0 and Hotfix v3.22.

UA3024: Shianni, City Elves Only: Talking to Shianni, if you were having a conversation with a romantic interest about your wedding in the Origin story, and you had a second romantic interest back in camp, a disembodied version of that second romantic interest could interrupt the conversation. (v3.3) This fix did not actually make it into release until Hotfix v3.22.

UA3025: Shianni, City Elves Only: Fixed Shianni treating a city elf warden who accepted Vaughan’s bribe with more warmth than warranted in a couple of dialogue paths.

UA3026: Shianni, Female City Elves Romancing Leliana or Zevran Only: In the wedding conversation with your romance during Shianni’s dialogue, when you tell Leliana or Zevran that “He died”, the only informative reply option to their reaction was actually the reply to a male warden’s version of the story.

UA3027: Shianni, Female City Elves Only: Female city elves can now ask Shianni about Valora in their initial conversation, just as male city elves can. (v3.3) This fix did not actually make it into release until Hotfix v3.22.

UA3028: Shianni: Shianni will no longer forget that you’ve talked to her about the Hospice.

UA3029: Shianni: Fixed bug where, if talking to Shianni after failing to rescue the slaves in the Compound, she would only tell you she was sorry about your father if you *weren’t* a city elf. The reverse is now true.

UA3030: Caladrius: Talking to Caladrius, fixed an approval boost to Sten (applied whether he was in the party or not) that was meant for Wynne.

UA3031: “Unrest in the Alienage”: Looting the evidence off of Caladrius before the fight was completely finished would cause the journal entries to be applied in the wrong order, leaving a permanent plot marker on Caladrius’s body and a journal entry stating you still needed to collect the evidence.

UA3032: Cyrion / Valendrian: You can no longer get the conversation with Cyrion or Valendrian meant to be had in their house while you are still in the slave compound.

UA3033: Soris: Restored inaccessible Soris’s ambient dialogue following completing this quest if resolved in any way except killing Caladrius, and prevents incorrect pre-quest-completion dialogue taking its place.

LA0000: LANDSMEET (and Post-Landsmeet Up To Dark Ritual)

LA1001: Pre-Landsmeet: In the conversation with Ser Cauthrien just before the Landsmeet, what was meant to be a high Persuade check was actually checking for high skill with Poison.

LA3002: Landsmeet: Restored a number of follower interjections (by Leliana, Morrigan and Sten) if Anora betrays you that would always be preempted by Alistair’s interjection. These only play if the player’s reply to the betrayal is “What?!”.

LA3003: Landsmeet: If the Landsmeet is won, the result can be a general melee or Loghain can be challenged to single combat. Either way, Anora’s codex entry would state “Fighting erupted, breaking the long tradition of the Landsmeet, which was ultimately settled with a duel.” The codex entry will no longer claim “fighting erupted” if this never happened. (v3.1) The corrected codex entries will now display properly in Awakening as well.

LA3004: Landsmeet: When talking with Anora at the Landsmeet, if you state you also wish to speak to Alistair, Alistair will no longer give his non-hardened response if he’s been hardened.

LA3005: Landsmeet: A hardened Alistair will no longer say “Wait, what? No! When did this get decided? Nobody’s decided that, have they?”, followed by Anora declaring that he obviously doesn’t want the throne, when Eamon tries to declare Alistair king.

LA3006: Landsmeet: A hardened Alistair will no longer say “She seems to want it, anyway, and I know I don’t.” about the crown.

LA3007: Landsmeet: A hardened Alistair will no longer stutter nervously when accepting the throne if Alistair and Anora are engaged.

LA3208: Landsmeet: A hardened Alistair will no longer deliver his unhardened line if you choose him after Anora refuses to marry either Alistair or the player. Thanks to Totalbalance of the Nexus forums for making me aware of this one.

LA3209: Landsmeet: Fixed the player’s available responses when talking to Alistair during the Landsmeet to be consistent with Anora’s dialogue: your possible responses should no longer disappear and reappear depending on the arbitrary dialogue path taken, and once an option is used it will not reappear. Thanks to Totalbalance of the Nexus forums for making me aware of this one.

LA3110: Gnawed Noble Tavern: Once the Landsmeet plot has begun, several nobles appear in the Gnawed Noble Tavern. Sighard can have several conversations with Ceorlic as the plot progresses. Eventually, Sighard moves to another table. He would, however, be facing backwards, with his legs through the back of the booth he moves to. He will now face the proper direction. Credit to sialivi of the Nexus forums for making me aware of this one.

LA3211: Gnawed Noble Tavern: Made a number of fixes to the dialogues of the nobles in the tavern. They will no longer keep repeating the same conversations over and over, and clicking on Ceorlic will trigger the proper response rather than repeating his most recent conversation with Sighard. Thanks to Totalbalance of the Nexus forums for drawing the latter issue to my attention.

LA3012: Post-Landsmeet: If you made Alistair king, when he meets you in Eamon’s Estate afterwards, a large negative approval hit you’d suffer regardless of whether or not he was hardened will now only apply if he was not hardened, in order to be consistent with his dialogue responses.

LA2013: Post-Landsmeet: A previously inaccessible dialog of Alistair thanking the player for not making him king is restored.

LA2014: Post-Landsmeet: When talking with Alistair after the Landsmeet, he would repeatedly reference himself as king quite often even if it was decided during the Landsmeet that he would not be king. Major dialogues where such references have been eliminated include the City Gates dialogue, discussing the Dark Ritual, talking with Goldanna, his camp discussion when in love, and at the Fort Drakon rooftop. Extra thanks to weebeady for pointing several instances out to me and Lady Olivia for the same as well as for working the sound files necessary to implement some of them. (v3.0) Greatly expanded the dialogue for non-kings on the Fort Drakon rooftop. In v2.0 a non-king Alistair’s dialogue was bare bones after all the king references were clipped. In v3.0, most of the dialogue originally applying only to kings can now be seen, but thanks to some new lines cobbled together from existing ones, it’s now in the context of a hypothetical – what he should/would do if he had been made king. There’s also now alternate versions for hardened and unhardened Alistairs.

LA3015: Post-Landsmeet: Male Human Noble Wardens Only: If the PC arranged to marry Anora before the Landsmeet, but the Landsmeet resulted in a different outcome, Morrigan could still bring up the marriage as if it were still going to happen. Morrigan will now wait until the end of the Landsmeet to be sure that the marriage is definitely going to happen before bringing it up.

LA3016: Post-Landsmeet: Male Human Noble Wardens Only: If the PC arranged to marry Anora before the Landsmeet, but the Landsmeet resulted in a different outcome, Leliana could still bring up the marriage as if it were still going to happen. Leliana will now wait until the end of the Landsmeet to be sure that the marriage is definitely going to happen before bringing it up.

LA2017: Post-Landsmeet: Human Noble Wardens Only: If the PC is getting married, Leliana will now only break up with you (not hardened) or comment on it (hardened) if you’re actually romancing her.

LA2018: Post-Landsmeet: Human Noble Wardens Only: If the PC is getting married, Zevran will now only talk about it in the party camp. If it took place outside of camp, it would cause game-stopping graphic glitches.

LA3019: Post-Landsmeet: Female Human Nobles Only: Fixed bug in conversation after Alistair becomes engaged to the player, if the player says “I would make an excellent queen” or “It was better than the alternatives”, players at Warm or better approval would always get the Neutral response (“Hmmm. If you say so.”). This restores a previously inaccessible line of dialogue.

LA2020: Post-Landsmeet: Female Wardens Only: After ending a romance with Alistair, you would see several later dialogue references (example: in the City Gates dialogue) to a specific breakup conversation (related to Alistair marrying someone else) even if the breakup was initiated by the player and that specific conversation never took place. Also, several fixes to the logic regarding whether Alistair remains in love with the player following a breakup. (v3.0) The prior fix from v2.0 claimed you could see references to the Alistair-initiated breakup even if that didn’t happen. This is incorrect – due to checks for the romance currently being active earlier in the conversation, you couldn’t see it even if that breakup -did- happen. So the real fix is that references to Alistair’s breakup when he becomes king that were previously inaccessible are restored under the right circumstances (which include that he was in love when he broke up with you). The STILL_IN_LOVE fixes are also redone much more thoroughly. Note that I’m pretty sure that dialogue was made accessible in v2.0, it was mainly just my description of the bug being fixed that was wrong.

LA3320: Post-Landsmeet Redcliffe Village: Added missing doors to the blacksmithy and the cottage above it.

LA3021: Post-Landsmeet Redcliffe: The messenger outside of Redclife Castle will no longer say the Queen is inside the Castle if she isn’t (example – he would say she was inside if Alistair and Anora are engaged and Alistair is still with the party, in which case she remains in Denerim).

LA3022: Post-Landsmeet Redcliffe: If Alistair will be king but left the party because Loghain lived, Eamon will no longer state that Alistair will be accompanying you to Denerim.

LA3023: Post-Landsmeet Redcliffe: Female Human Noble Wardens Only: Eamon would fail to comment on Alistair’s impending coronation if he was marrying a female human noble player.

LA3024: Post-Landsmeet Redcliffe: Fixed bug in Eamon’s dialogue that could cause the conversation to end abruptly.

LA2025: Post-Landsmeet Redcliffe: If Alistair is not to be king, Redcliffe Bodyguards will no longer refer to him as such.

LA3425: Post-Landsmeet Redcliffe: Bodahn’s Redcliffe-Castle-specific dialogue (“The Arl has allowed us to stay”) will now only play in Redcliffe Castle.

LA3226: Post-Landsmeet Redcliffe: Restored an ambient conversation between Loghain and Anora on the second floor of the castle (requires Loghain being recruited, of course).

LA2027: Post-Landsmeet Redcliffe: During the talk with Riordan, Loghain will no longer speak if he has been killed. Also, some Alistair-king-when-he-isn’t references removed.


DR3001: Morrigan will no longer appear in Redcliffe Castle for the Dark Ritual conversation until after you’ve talked to Riordan. This fixes several issues: 1) You can no longer remove her from the party at that point, which would break the game. 2) If she’d previously been kicked from the party, she could be talked to prior to speaking with Riordan with normal dialogue as if she’d never left. 3) Her initial line in the Dark Ritual conversation indicates you should be surprised to see her, when you could have just talked to her.

DR3002: Dark Ritual: Talking with Morrigan, the male romance line “Is this why you’ve been so… friendly to me?” could become inaccessible depending on the arbitrary order that the player selected his responses. Credit to TerraEx and the readme of his Morrigan Restoration Patch for making me aware of this one.

DR2003: Dark Ritual: If Alistair is not to be king, Morrigan will no longer refer to him as such in this dialogue. (v3.2) Thanks to Nexus forum poster Totalbalance for noticing during the v3.1 beta that this had the effect of disabling the music that should play during this scene, and to posters sialivi, Pinjanna, Tinimaus and most especially to dgm22 for helping me to work out a solution for this difficult problem.

DR2004: Dark Ritual: Talking to Morrigan, restored two player responses (“Why did you not mention this earlier, then?” and “But I need your help against the archdemon”) that you would only see if Alistair had left your party permanently. Corrected to the intended check that *Morrigan* had *not* previously left the party permanently.

DR3005: Dark Ritual: Morrigan refers to Leliana or Zevran as your “beloved” even if you’re just in the light flirting stages with them. Now checks for at least ADORE.

DR3006: Dark Ritual: Morrigan will only call the player “My love” if she is actually in love. Previously, she’d do so merely for having an active romance, which could be true even if it never went beyond light flirting.

DR3007: Dark Ritual: Restored a previously inaccessible The “Story So Far” update (which is attached to each saved game and sometimes seen on loading screens) when Morrigan’s offers the ritual.

DR3008: Dark Ritual: Morrigan will now acknowledge a female Warden’s relationship with Leliana.

DR3009: Dark Ritual: Female wardens can no longer say that they will perform the Dark Ritual with Morrigan (even though it doesn’t actually lead to the Ritual).

DR3010: Dark Ritual: When talking to Alistair about the Dark Ritual, one of your replies, “I know we aren’t friends, but I need you to trust me” would appear for everyone. It will now only appear for those who are not in a romance with Alistair and have less than Warm approval, as was intended.

DR3011: After the Dark Ritual: Restored a previously inaccessible response by Morrigan to “This “entanglement? Is that all it was to you?” if Morrigan was in love with the player when discussing the Ritual the morning after.

DR3012: After the Dark Ritual: If you broke up with Morrigan after the ritual, the flag that she was “STILL_IN_LOVE” would be set even if Morrigan was never in love with the player in the first place. Just having an active romance was all that was necessary. Among other effects, this could trigger her Ring epilogue even if her approval had dropped quite low. Morrigan will now need to be in love with the player during the breakup to be still in love afterwards. The Ring epilogue will only occur if Morrigan loved the player at some point. Speaking of which…

DR3013: After the Dark Ritual: It is no longer necessary to break up with Morrigan after the Ritual to get her Ring epilogue in Origins. You can avoid the breakup by just not talking to her afterwards, and by avoiding that, you should also get the dark haired sorceress epilogue in Awakening. Note that if you do talk to her and break up, then you cannot get the “dark haired sorceress” epilogue in Awakening.

DR2014: After the Dark Ritual: Many issues with Alistair/Loghain intermittently knowing and then forgetting about the Dark Ritual, even if they were never told about it, fixed. This was most obvious talking to Alistair at the city gates. (v3.0) This fix has been significantly improved. Even with the fixes in v2.0, it was possible to talk to Alistair/Loghain but change your mind and not ever mention the ritual to them, but they’d still sometimes know about it, especially when talking to Alistair after the coronation. They really shouldn’t ever know more than you tell them now.


FB3001: City Gates: Restored a previously inaccessible The “Story So Far” update (which is attached to each saved game and sometimes seen on loading screens) upon arriving at Denerim.

FB3002: City Gates: After choosing your final party for the Battle of Denerim, if Dog was the only party member left in the party pool, a disembodied Leliana would agree to help defend the city gates.

FB2003: City Gates: After Riordan’s talk, Zevran would speak to a warden he loved with his friendly dialogue, and to a warden he was friends with with his warm dialogue. Kudos to ejoslin for spotting this less than obvious bug. (v3.0) My fix in previous versions may not have been sufficient to fully fix this issue. It should definitely work now.

FB3004: City Gates: After Riordan’s talk, when speaking to Morrigan, fixed bug that would abort the conversation if you said “I love you, Morrigan”, preventing her final line from being delivered.

FB2005: City Gates: After Riordan’s talk, if Alistair was coming with you and hostile, the conversation would abort ending the entire City Gates sequence prematurely.

FB3006: City Gates: After Riordan’s talk, you could tell Alistair “I’ll be back, don’t worry about me” only if you refused the Dark Ritual. Per scripting comments and logic, this should have been if you *didn’t* refuse the ritual.

FB3007: Market/Alienage: When hunting the generals in the Market and Alienage, upon leaving the first area you visited and entering the second, you would get an erroneous journal entry stating that the second area you just arrived at had been destroyed by the darkspawn. The only way you’ll get those journal entries now is 1) if you enter the Market or Alienage, then leave it (see next fix) before killing the general there, or 2) you reach the Fort Drakon Exterior without killing them, since at that point there is no way to get back to the Market or Alienage.

FB3008: Market/Alienage: It was possible to leave the Market District without killing the General, but not the Alienage. It is now possible to leave both areas without killing the General there – however, this will result in the darkspawn destroying the area immediately (see previous fix).

FB3009: Market/Alienage: Hovering the mouse over the exit at the far end of the Alienage would read “Market”, even though it pulled up the city map, and it would always reactivate the market district even if it had already been cleared. That exit transition will now be labeled “City Map” like all the other transitions, and it will no longer reactivate the Market area if it has already been closed off for any reason.

FB3210: Alienage: Fixed bug that prevented elven mages, and only elven mages, from being able to ask Shianni and the elves to help defend the Alienage. Thanks to Totalbalance of the Nexus forums for making me aware of this one.

FB3310: Alienage: Added seven missing doors to the Alienage area. Thanks to sialivi for making me aware that the area was missing several.

FB3011: Fort Drakon Exterior: Restored a party bark in the Fort Drakon exterior, just before entering the large double doors into the Fort itself.

FB3012: Fort Drakon Rooftop: Talking with Alistair about who kills the archdemon, you could say to Alistair “We’re not friends, Alistair. Why sacrifice yourself?” if you had low enough approval, but (per scripting comments) it should also have checked that Alistair wasn’t being romanced. If you were romancing Alistair, the replies would be inconsistent. (e.g. “I’m not doing it for you. But I’m doing it for you.”).

FB3013: Fort Drakon Rooftop: Talking with Alistair about who kills the archdemon, restored an inaccessible dialogue branch should you be in a romance but not in love with Alistair.


CO3001: Coronation: If Alistair and Anora were engaged and Loghain was recruited, only Anora would be crowned in the coronation cutscene. (v3.1) Thanks to Thandal of the Nexus forums for spotting during the beta that the joint coronation wasn’t working if Loghain was executed. Fixed.

CO3002: Coronation: If Alistair was not made king and was not taken to the roof of Fort Drakon, he would not appear at the coronation, post-coronation or funeral. But if he was executed by Anora, he would! He will always appear now if he wasn’t killed and he didn’t leave forever at the Landsmeet.

CO3003: Coronation: Arl Eamon would only appear at the coronation, post-coronation or funeral if Alistair was made king (potentially meaning Connor attends the funeral by himself!). He will always appear now.

CO3004: Coronation: If the player chose a monument as their boon from Anora, and anyone other than Loghain killed the Archdemon, Anora would dedicate the monument to Alistair even if he survived. This restores a previously inaccessible dialogue line where Anora dedicates the monument to Duncan and Riordan.

CO3005: Coronation: If the player chose a monument as their boon from Anora, the relevant plot flag was not set. I have no idea if this makes a difference in any DLC or sequel (it has no effect on the DA:O epilogue), but any effects it might have should now work the same regardless of who grants it.

CO3006: Coronation: City Elves only: Fixed bug that would usually prevent being able to choose Soris as the Bann of the Alienage for your boon, depending on how you opened his cell door back during “Rescue The Queen”.


PC3001: Post-Coronation: Talking to Alistair, restored an inaccessible line meant for Alistairs who broke up with the player while he was in love with them.

PC3002: Post-Coronation: Talking to Alistair, a human noble female marrying him without being in a romance would get his neutral/hostile dialogue (“We’re not exactly friends”) even if he was at warm or friendly.

PC3003: Post-Coronation: Talking to Alistair, if he is in love, you could ask “And what about Anora?” if his marriage to her was arranged prior to the Landsmeet, even if the Landsmeet led to a different outcome.

PC2004: Post-Coronation: Talking to Anora after the coronation, Anora will no longer act as if Alistair is still engaged to her if he is no longer alive.

PC3005: Post-Coronation: Talking to Arl Eamon, if the PC becomes king, Arl Eamon says he will remain in Denerim to advise King Alistair.

PC3006: Post-Coronation: Talking to Arl Eamon, if Alistair became king but left the party because Loghain lived, Arl Eamon would fail to stay in Denerim to advise him.

PC3007: Post-Coronation: Talking to Arl Eamon, a line that was only meant to play if you allowed the Fade demon to keep her link to Connor would always play for everyone.

PC3008: Post-Coronation: Talking to Arl Eamon, if the PC killed Connor, Eamon would speak as if both Isolde and Connor were dead. If Isolde killed Connor, Eamon would speak as if both Isolde and Connor were alive.

PC3009: Post-Coronation: Talking to Fergus, a response that was supposed to show if the player was to marry either King Alistair or Queen Anora has been restored.

PC3010: Post-Coronation: Talking to Leliana at ADORE or LOVE, she will no longer bring up a female warden’s impending marriage to Alistair if Alistair did not survive the final battle.

PC3011: Post-Coronation: Talking to Leliana, a line for wardens that was only supposed to play if Leliana was at ADORE or higher instead played for female wardens romancing Leliana at any approval rating, and male wardens even if they weren’t romancing her at all.

PC3012: Post-Coronation: Talking to Leliana, a line she was meant to say at Hostile or Neutral was only playing if she was Hostile.

PC1013: Post-Coronation: City Elves only: Cyrion will no longer appear during the post-coronation if the player allowed Caladrius to kill or enslave him. Note: Cyrion will still appear in the funeral, if that is where the game leads. He’s too central a figure in it to be removed successfully.

PC1014: Post-Coronation: Dog can now be interacted with during the post-coronation sequence, but don’t expect much from this. It’s mainly here just to reassure the player that, yes, Dog *did* survive. It was hard to be sure previously. (v3.0) In the v1.0 fix, Dog would get a “Happy Bark” stringhead but he could not be heard actually barking. He will now respond in a manner befitting the occasion, complete with audio.

PC3015: Post-Coronation: Dog will no longer be present at the post-coronation if he was not recruited.

PC3016: Post-Coronation: If Oghren’s personal quest was completed, Felsi would appear next to him after the coronation. She has been removed, since in his dialogue he says “I might just look up Felsi again” under those conditions.

PC3017: Post-Coronation: Talking to Oghren, a line meant to show at neutral or hostile was only showing for warm or better.

PC3018: Post-Coronation: Talking to Sten, two lines meant to show at neutral or hostile were only showing for hostile.


FU3001: Funeral: The new king or queen automatically grants the race/class based boon that can be chosen by the player if they survive (exception: Dwarf Commoners), but these boons had no effect on the epilogue slideshow. Now they will.

FU3002: Funeral: If Alistair delivers the funeral speech for a female warden, any active romance at all with any follower was treated as if the player and that interest were in love. It will now be consistent with all the other gender/ruler combinations, which require actual love for the romance to be acknowledged.

FU3003: Funeral: If Alistair delivers the funeral speech for a female warden, he would say “There was a time when I thought… we would be together forever.” even if he never romanced the player at all and was only at Warm approval. That line will now only play if Alistair was in love with the player when they broke up, as scripting comments indicate was the intent.

FU3004: Funeral: Connor had the appearance of an elven boy during the funeral. He will now look like Connor. Credit for making me aware of this one goes to theskymoves and the readme of her “Connor Isn’t an Elf! Epilogue Fix” mod. Note that she cleans up his appearance in her mod, removing bruising, etc. I do not – he will look like Connor did in Redcliffe, bruises and all. If you wish to clean Connor up, feel free to replace my version of Epilogue Connor with hers (file epi200cr_connor.utc).

FU1005: Funeral: Ser Cauthrien would show up at the funeral *only* if you killed her just before the Landsmeet. Obviously an error. She will now only appear at the funeral if you did *not* kill her just before the Landsmeet or during “Rescue the Queen” (meaning, you didn’t wipe out her entire group).

FU3006: Funeral: Zathrian would only appear at the player’s funeral if he sacrificed himself to end the curse.

FU3007: Funeral: Brother Genitivi would always appear at the funeral, even if he was killed.


SL3001: Slideshow: If the conditions for seeing one of (Redcliffe Tavern) Bella’s slides is true, it will now be seen regardless of the outcome of the unrelated quest “A Missing Child”. (v3.2) Under certain conditions in v3.0 and v3.1, this fix could cause the epilogue slideshow to abort prematurely. Fixed in v3.2.

SL3002: Slideshow: You will no longer get the slide that Flemeth is dead if you never killed Flemeth.

SL3003: Slideshow: If you tainted the ashes and killed the dragon, the epilogue will no longer state that the dragon still lived and began attacking Ferelden.

SL3004: Slideshow: If Genitivi is sent home early on, and you later go to Denerim and tell him you found the Urn, he gets his expedition but the epilogue would play out as if he never returned to Denerim.

SL3005: Slideshow: If Zathrian died and Lanaya was made Keeper, the epilogue would always play out that the elves were granted their own lands, even though this was only meant to be a boon available to Dalish Elf PC’s.

SL3006: Slideshow: The epilogue slides regarding the following boons would only appear if granted by Anora – they would not appear if they were granted by Alistair: making the mages independent (mages), stripping the Howes of their lands and restoring Highever (human nobles), sending aid to Orzammar (dwarves) and making the PC the Bann of the alienage (city elves).

SL3007: Slideshow: Restored the City Elf epilogue slides should the player choose themselves, Shianni or Soris as the new Bann of the alienage.

SL3008: Slideshow: Restored the slides for the fate of Connor or Isolde that would not play if Arl Eamon remained in Denerim to advise Alistair. (v3.2) Removed playing Isolde’s epilogue when both she and Connor survived under this circumstance as it creates an inconsistency with Dragon Age 2. Many thanks to TotalBalance on the Nexus forums for alerting me to that inconsistency.

SL3009: Slideshow: If the PC becomes king, in the slideshow Arl Eamon remains in Denerim to advise King Alistair.

SL3010: Slideshow: If the player did not survive the final battle, you’d get Wynne’s Warm epilogue if her approval was greater than 3. Warm requires 26 approval.

SL3011: Slideshow: Restored an inaccessible epilogue for the post-werewolf humans should Zathrian sacrifice himself to remove the curse.

SL3012: Slideshow: Alistair’s love epilogue at the end of the slideshow will now only play if Alistair isn’t king, as he is clearly still primarily a Grey Warden in them and they significantly contradict the beginning of the slideshow if Alistair is king. (Unfortunately, there is no slideshow epilogue for “The Warden stayed in Denerim as King Alistair’s mistress.”, sorry girls. You have to marry him or not make him king to keep the romance going, apparently.)

SL3013: Slideshow: Alistair’s love epilogue slides will now only play if he’s actually in love, rather than just in an active romance with the player.

SL3014: Slideshow: Restored two slides (one in Morrigan’s epilogue, and one in the player’s epilogue if he chose to return to the Grey Wardens) related to the Dark Ritual that would only show if the player themselves (and not Alistair or Loghain) performed the Dark Ritual with Morrigan.

SL3015: Slideshow: A male warden romancing Zevran will no longer be referred to as “the woman he loved” in the slideshow.


PI3001: “Food” and “Water”, quest “The Hungry Deserter”: You could get the food and water and then just never give them to the prisoner, or kill him and then steal them from the guard, which if you didn’t open the chest would leave the food and water stuck in your plot items forever. They will now be removed regardless of how this quest is ultimately completed.

PI3002: “Beloved Amulet”, quest “Last Will and Testament”: As the Beloved Amulet that you get when you open the lockbox has no use as a quest item, it will no longer be a plot item and can be sold. Credit to aeroldoth for making me aware of this one.

PI1003: “Rigby’s Last Will and Testament”, quest “Last Will and Testament”: This item will now be removed upon opening the lockbox, delivering the lockbox, or failing the quest.

PI3004: “Letter”, quest “Attack at Nightfall”: Berwick’s Letter will now be removed after the Redcliffe siege, as it serves no further purpose after that point.

PI1005: “Scroll of Banastor”, quest “The Scrolls of Banastor”: Removed upon quest completion.

PI1006: “Topsider’s Hilt”, “Topsider’s Pommel” and “Topsider’s Blade”, quest “An Admirable Topsider”: Removed upon quest completion.

PI1007: “Feldspar Ring”, quest “Have You Seen Me?”: Removed upon quest completion.

PI1008: “Letter”, quest “Friends of Red Jenny”: Removed upon quest completion.

PI1009: “Letter of Condolences”, quest “Notices of Death”: Accepting the quest gave 5 letters for only 4 widows, leaving an extra. Accepting the quest will now only give 4 letters, eliminating the need to remove it upon quest completion.

PI1010: “Grey Warden Documents”, no marked quest: Removed upon giving the documents to Riordan.

PI1011: “Worn Amulet”, quest “Hearing Voices”: Removed upon quest completion.

PI1012: “Bundled Testimonies”, quest “Defending the Collective”: Removed upon giving the testimonies to Knight Commander Harrith (they were already removed correctly if given to Knight Commander Tavish).

PI3013: “Key to Front Hall Door”: During the “Captured!” quest, it is possible to acquire two of these keys, but only one was removed at the end. Both will be removed now.

PI1014: “Corpse Gall”, quest “Skin Deep”: Removed corpse gall upon quest completion. (v3.0) As this item continues to drop even after the quest is completed all the way till the end of the game, it is now removed an additional two times: Upon going upstairs in Redcliffe Castle post-Landsmeet, and at the coronation.

PI3215: “Forged Documents”, quest “Betrayed From Within”: If you accepted the quest but then crowned a king before planting the papers, the quest would be closed as failed but the Forged Documents would be stuck in your inventory forever. Thanks to TotalBalance of the Nexus forums for making me aware of this one.

PI3016: “Slaver’s Document, “Paedan’s Orders”, “Silversmith’s Key”, “Vial of Dragon’s Blood”: A number of other plot items with no better earlier point at which to remove them will be removed upon going upstairs in Redcliffe Castle post-Landsmeet.

IF0000: ITEM FIXES (note: Fixed and new items will import to Awakening and other DLC correctly)

IF3001: “Piece of Wood”: This mage staff was not restricted to mages.

IF3002: “Malign Staff”: This mage staff was not restricted to mages.

IF3003: “Chevalier Armor Set”: The set bonus for wearing this complete armor set gave a -3 penalty to willpower instead of a +3 bonus as intended. Fixed. Credit to TotalBalance on the Nexus forums for making me aware of this one.

IF1104: “Ageless”: This greatsword will now drop with rune slots enabled, no more need to workaround by selling to a DLC merchant and repurchasing to activate them.

IF3005: “Crow Dagger”: This dagger will now have rune slots enabled if acquired at a high enough level.

IF3006: “Imperial Edge”: This longsword will now have rune slots enabled.

IF3007: “Fang”: This dagger, a City Elf’s possible reward for completing “Unrest in the Alienage”, had different stats in the PC version versus the console versions. The PC version’s stats are terrible enough for the level at which it can be acquired as to qualify as a bug in my view. The dagger’s stats now match that of the console versions of the game. Credit for making me aware of this one goes to Kromtar and his “Unobtainable item BUGFIX” mod.

IF3008: “Helm of the Red”: This reward from Bann Teagan for saving everyone during “Attack at Nightfall”, arguably the single hardest challenge in the game, was always Tier 3 Steel, potentially rendering it 3 to 4 tiers lower than the worst equipment the player would likely have equipped at the point it is received. I’ve judged this potential extreme imbalance between challenge/reward, not to mention its history as a noble family heirloom, to be deeply immersion breaking. Its material will now scale to the player’s level at the time it is received. See RE3033 for more information.

IF3009: “Shielded Dwarven Armor”: This reward from Owen for undertaking “Lost in the Castle” successfully was always tier 3 steel, despite Oghren praising it as a “fine piece” that he would be “honored to wear into battle” despite Oghren already being equipped with armor offering at least twice as much protection as this “fine piece” when you first meet him, and despite Owen crafting some of the highest quality material items in the game. I’ve judged this reward to contradict Oghren’s dialogue and as such an immersion breaker. Its material will now scale to the player’s level at the time it is received. See RE3033 for more information.

IF3010: “Owen’s Remasterwork”: This reward from Owen for undertaking “Lost in the Castle” unsuccessfully was always tier 2 gray iron, making this “masterwork” worse than the common loot Studded Helm that can drop during Origin stories, despite his crafting some of the highest quality material items in the game. I’ve judged this reward to be contradicted by its own name and description and thus somewhat immersion breaking. Its material will now scale to the player’s level at the time it is received. See RE3033 for more information. (v3.2) Now scales only up to tier 4 veridium, as that appears sufficient to resolve the discrepancies.

IF3011: “Enchanter’s Staff”: This reward from Isolde (or Arl Eamon, if she promised a reward but did not survive) for reviving Arl Eamon in “The Arl of Redcliffe” was always tier 1 iron. Wynne has the exact same staff when you acquire her, except hers is at least tier 3 steel or better. This is deemed to directly contradict Isolde’s statements that her staff possesses “great power”, that it is “by far the most valuable thing” she owns, and that “the one good thing that came out of my grandfather’s life was this staff”. Its material will now be tier 6 silverite (due to a bug that would be very problematic to fix directly, staves can unfortunately not be scaled to the player’s level). See RE3033 for more information.

IF3012: “Thorn of the Dead Gods”: The tier 2 and tier 3 versions of this dagger had their bonuses reversed. Note that the tier 2 version is available on a merchant in Lothering, and thus this bug incorrectly made it one of the best weapons available in the early portions of the game.

IF3013: “Templar Gauntlets”: These gloves, unobtainable and only worn by Templar NPC’s, now has the same material progression as the rest of their armor set. This prevents the gloves from having a markedly different coloring than the rest of the armor set in the early game. Credit for making me aware of this one goes to theskymoves and the readme of her “Templar Armor Fix” mod.

IF3014: “Royal Aeducan Mace”: New item replaces “Aeducan Mace” reward from Bhelen for making him king with high political support. His prior reward is the same tier 2 gray iron mace given to a noob Dwarf Commoner during their origin. See OR3091 for more information.

IF3015: “Harrowmont’s Staff”: Stats improved. Dog can fetch you a better mage staff during the human noble origin than the vanilla version of this staff. See OR3091 for more information.

IF3016: “Trian’s Maul”: Stats improved. See OR3091 for more information.

IF3017: “Endrin’s Mace”. Stats improved. This item was previously inaccessible in game. See OR3091, IR3011 for more information.

IF3218: “Noble Clothing”: The file for one particular set of this type of clothing could sometimes become corrupted, leaving some male characters in their underwear (including the man just outside the Gnawed Noble Tavern in Denerim and three nobles at the post coronation.) This should no longer happen.

IF3219: “Noble Clothing”: It was possible to attain this item from certain characters as a rare drop that only looks correct on a single gender, and if equipped by the other gender produces a yellow covering with the words “DO NOT USE” on it. I have removed this drop from the following characters: Ignacio, the Chamberlain zombie in Redcliffe castle, Nelaros in the City Elf origin, and two Disguised Crows in the “Ransom” portion of the Trial of Crows. If anyone is able to find another creature that can drop this item in normal gameplay with my fixpack installed, please let me know. Thanks to firepanda of the Nexus forums for making me aware of this one.

IF3220: “Ignacio’s Dagger”: This NPC only item, which was definitely never meant to be acquired by the player, will no longer be attainable as a rare drop from Ignacio.

IF3321: “Mage Robes”: “Apprentice Robes”, “Tranquil Robes”, “Senior Enchanter Robes”: The specular mask for these robes when worn by females was missing and has been restored, allowing for them to reflect surrounding light and shadow and making them much less drab. Many thanks to Illusia for making me aware of this one and showing me how to correct it.

IF3422: Heavy Gloves: The sort order for heavy gloves in your inventory has been fixed. They were previously sorted as and mixed in with light gloves. Thanks to Illusia for making me aware of this one.

IF3423: “Dwyn’s Sword”: This weapon (obtainable only by killing Dwyn) will now sort properly with other longswords in your inventory. It would previously sort at the bottom of the inventory list. Thanks to Khuu for making me aware of this one.


IR1001: “Ancient Elven Boots”: These previously unobtainable boots will now appear in the Lothering Chantry cabinet. They were only missing from there in the PC version of the game.

IR3002: “Tattered Notebook”: In the unmodded game, when asking Dog to fetch, you could get “Dog has brought to you a tattered old book. Some of the pages have been chewed”, along with codex entry “A Very Chewed and Moist Book”, but the previously unobtainable item “Tattered Notebook” was not added to your inventory. It can be given as a gift which is preferred by Wynne.

IR3003: “Botanist’s Map of Thedas”: A chest containing a previously unobtainable gift for the Secret Companion in Arl Eamon’s castle in post-Landsmeet Redcliffe has been moved from it’s location behind an unopenable door to an accessible location, restoring the Botanist’s Map of Thedas to the game.

IR3004: “Dwarven Defender”: This previously unobtainable crossbow will now be dropped by Rogek in the Orzammar slums if you kill him (it was actually already equipped as his only weapon, I have just made it drop on his death). Note that killing him means you won’t be able to claim his reward from his quest, so obtaining this weapon will be rather expensive.

IR1005: “Nugbane”: This previously unobtainable crossbow can now be stolen from the Mines Commander in Orzammar. He has it in the vanilla game, and the “Stealable” flag is clearly checked, but it could not be stolen due to being equipped. As there is no other reasonable explanation for his having it in his inventory (his graphics displays his battleaxe, not the crossbow), it being equipped is almost certainly a bug. Note that if you steal it from him in the Commons, you will not be able to steal a second copy when he appears later in the Assembly.

IR3006: “Greagoir’s Shield”: Similar to Nugbane, this previously unobtainable shield was marked to be stealable, but because it was equipped to him it couldn’t actually be stolen (and just like Nugbane, there’s no other purpose to having it or it being equipped because it does not appear graphically on his character anyway). Greagoir’s Shield is now unequipped and stealable.

IR3007: “Gateway Amulet”: This previously unobtainable amulet can now be obtained by killing the Gangue Shade, summoned in an unmarked mini-quest which previously had no other reward.

IR3008: “Dead Metal Bucket”: This previously unobtainable helm can now be obtained by completing the quest “The Lost Nug”, as scripting comments indicate the quest was supposed to award a “special bonus item” upon turning in the last nug as a prize but did not do so.

IR3009: “North Ward”: This previously unobtainable amulet has been restored (made droppable) on the Genlock Master Assassin on the Fort Drakkon second floor during the climax.

IR1010: “Shaperate’s Blessing”: All three forms (greatsword, mace, and mage staff) of this bugged and unobtainable reward for the codex miniquest “The Shaper’s Life” have been restored to the game.

IR3011: “Endrin’s Mace”: This possible reward from Harrowmont for crowning him king with high support from the assembly was previously unobtainable because due to a host of bugs it was impossible to get him anywhere near enough support. The stats on the item were also pathetic and have been upgraded to be balanced with the high difficulty of obtaining the item. It can now be obtained via working for Harrowmont either publicly or covertly. See OR3030, OR3091 and IF3017 for more information.

IR3012: “Greater Tome of the Mortal Vessel”: This previously unobtainable tome can now be bought from the restored merchant in Haven (only restored under certain conditions). See UR3009 for more information.

IR3013: “Greater Elixir of Grounding Recipe: This previously unobtainable recipe can now be bought from the restored merchant in Haven (only restored under certain conditions). See UR3009 for more information.

IR3214: “Fade Wall” (Partial Restoration): Although this item was obtainable in the base game, it had a very low chance to drop (~5%). Only two notable unique items in the game (see IR3215 for the other) suffered from this low drop rate. As there is strong evidence that rare drops of unique items were never intended, this item will now drop consistently. Credit to firepanda of the Nexus forums for making me aware of these and discovering a designer quote backing up that it wasn’t intended.

IR3215: “Robes of the Gifted” (Partial Restoration): Although this item was obtainable in the base game, it had a very low chance to drop (~5%). Only two notable unique items in the game (see IR3214 for the other) suffered from this low drop rate. As there is strong evidence that rare drops of unique items were never intended, this item will now drop consistently. Credit to firepanda of the Nexus forums for making me aware of these and discovering a designer quote backing up that it wasn’t intended.


RD3001: (v2.0) Damage from the Chain Lightning spell will now scale by the caster’s spellpower – it was previously the only primal spell that did not do so. REDACTED IN v3.0. This was the only “combat rule” fix in previous versions, and it has been removed for maximum compatibility with those kinds of mods.

RD3202: (v1.0, v2.0, v3.0, v3.1 – listed as RQ012 in v3.0 and v3.1) “Rescue the Queen”: You can get into a fight with Ser Cauthrien, “kill” her, and loot her sword. If you are then killed/captured by the rest of her group, you will meet her again just before the Landsmeet. That has not been changed: it’s quite possibly intentional that she was revived in the same way your own party members revive after being “killed” if your party doesn’t actually lose a battle. However, if you looted her sword during that first fight, she will now no longer have a second copy of that unique sword when you meet her again, she will instead have a normal red steel greatsword. REDACTED IN v3.2: Much credit to ViktoriaLanders of the Nexus forums, who pointed out: “If you get Cauthrien’s sword mid-fight but then lose the fight and end up with rags in prison, isn’t it normal that Cauthrien’s men will retrieve the greatsword and return it to their boss?” Clearly. Kudos, didn’t think of that. And there’s no way to get Captured! with Cauthrien dead, therefore, RQ012 has been replaced with a more logical fix to the issue (RQ3212).

RD3203: (v3.0, v3.1 – listed as RE033, IF011 and IF013 in v3.1): These fixes originally also scaled Eamon’s Shield and Pyromancer’s Brand. After receiving input from various Nexus forum members, I have agreed that there is insufficient evidence that they qualify as a bug and the changes have been REDACTED IN v3.2.

RD3104: (v3.0 – listed as LO005 in v3.0) “A Fallen Templar”: This quest’s name has been changed to “A Fallen Knight”, and all other pointers to Ser Henric being a Templar changed to Knight, in order to be consistent with Ser Donall’s dialogue and the “Knight’s Note” that clearly identify him as a Knight serving the Arl of Redcliffe, not a Templar. REDACTED IN v3.1: After five days of heated argument, discussion and research, in my judgment the vanilla game is entirely internally consistent. All Templars aside from recruits are also knights (credit to dgm22 of the Nexus forums for doing the research to prove this conclusively), correctly bear the title ‘Ser’, and Redcliffe does have Templars assigned to its Chantry. It also provides a much needed explanation for why those Templars are not there to help defend the village. Nothing in this quest is inconsistent with that or any other game lore, and I am deeming it Not A Bug.

RD3005: (v1.0) “A Mother’s Hope”: If you asked Ruck to trade after completing Filda’s quest, it would put a permanent quest marker on Filda, but it would remain impossible to talk with her. REDACTED IN v3.0: Further investigation revealed the true bug causing this issue (and many others): Filda was supposed to disappear after completing her quest (in any way) once you left the Commons, but instead she disappeared when a King was chosen (and she did have some post-King dialogue that could therefore never be seen, as well as making this quest uncompletable if you didn’t finish it before the King was crowned). By removing her at the proper time, many reported issues including this one can never happen. This issue is now resolved by OR3065.

RD3206: (v2.0 – listed as IB014 in v3.0 and v3.1) Interparty Banters: A banter between Sten and Alistair (“Draw your weapon.”) that only occurred if the player was in a romance with Alistair has been opened up so that it can now occur any time after two major plot quests are completed, as the banter has nothing to do with the PC or romance. REDACTED in v3.2: Upon hearing it in game and further review, I’ve reconsidered that evaluation. It’s quite plausible the original condition was intended.

RD3407: (v1.0 – listed as ST1001 in v3.3) If Lothering was destroyed and you never even talked to Sten, you were still getting a codex entry about his death that implied you had met him. REDACTED in v3.4: I did this one back in v1.0 seven years ago due to a player request, but I’ve never liked it. The codex entry really *doesn’t* imply you had met him, and I see no good reason to refrain from adding it even if you refused to talk to him for some reason. It definitely doesn’t justify the two relatively important files that it adds to the Affected Files List all by itself either. Redacting this improves compatibility more than most fixes would.


SOFTWARE TOOLS USED IN DEVELOPMENT: Dragon Age Toolset (including FaceFX Studio), FMOD, Goldwave, Audacity, pyGFF

(v3.4) Special thanks to Portucally, Illusia and Alehazar who were particularly helpful in testing and bug reporting following the release of v3.2.

(v3.2): Many thanks are due to a few Nexus forum posters who went the extra mile in helping test the beta versions and producing detailed reports, and they deserve special mention: Totalbalance, dgm22, firepanda, Thandal, sialivi.

(v3.0): The following is the credits from my version 2.0, from seven years ago. Version 3.0 has been even more of a solo project, though I did get some testing help from folks on the forum, and I did find out about some bugs from a few mod readmes, and where credit to them is due for versions 3.0+, I give the credit in the individual bug listing. Note that I have never downloaded anyone else’s mod or looked further into what they did than looking at the readme to find out about an issue, and I do extend credit if I did that much. If I didn’t extend credit, I found out about a bug through my own testing or from the Dragon Age wiki.

(v2.0 and prior:)

While version 1.0 was a solo project, I did consult with and was offered help by several other DA modders in producing some of the fixes of version 2.0. In particular:

ejoslin, creator of the Zevran Dialogue Fixes mod, kindly gave her permission to consult the project details page of that mod in order to identify for me a good number of bugs, and even offered me access to the actual files in her mod (though I did not take advantage of that kind offer).

Many thanks to Lady Olivia, creator of the Alistair Dialog Patch for her enthusiastic help in pointing me toward many bugs, especially in Alistair’s dialogue, and for providing most of the sound files necessary for some of the fixes. In particular, many thanks and kudos for coming up with a very elegant solution to enabling the pre-Joining Alistair discussion about the Joining without losing any existing content.

Also, many thanks to weebeady of the Companion Mod Authors group, for pointing me to several dialogue bugs I had missed otherwise, and especially for providing me with an excellent solution to the Fort Drakon Rooftop Alistair-Isn’t-King issue.

My gratitute also goes to didymos1120 for providing me with the new coordinates for the undisarmable traps fixed in version 2.0.

Additional thanks to weebeady and Charsen for going the extra mile in helping me figure out how to work with FSB and FEV files in the pursuit of adding sound clips to dialogues.

Finally, many thanks to Nukenin for doing the legwork on figuring out the importance of the module’s Priority field. I highly recommend Nukenin’s Healing Received Fix.


Version 1 released April 15, 2010
Version 1.1 released April 17, 2010
Version 2.0 released May 20, 2010
Version 3.0 BETA released June 11, 2017
Version 3.1 BETA released June 24, 2017 (originally released as v3.01 BETA)
Version 3.2 released July 23, 2017
Version 3.3 released August 21, 2017
Version 3.4 released November 30, 2017

v3.1 changes (codes have been updated to the new system):

Removed core-en-us.tlk and many plot files and includes that were automatically generated by the toolset but are not necessary
Redacted LO005 – see RD3104
Added GL3105, CM3102, LE3115, MO3111, MO3137, ST3115, WY3107, WY3108, LO3120, BF3112, BF3113, BF3126, CT3102, CT3131, RE3103, RE3109, OR3128, CA3104, LA3110
Improved or extended DN3001, AL3003, BF3004, OR3041, LA3003
Previously broken, corrected: MO3018, DE3001, CO3001

v3.2 changes:

Redacted and replaced RQ012 – see RD3202 and RQ3212
Redacted IF011, IF013, IB014 – see RD3203 and RD3206
Added documentation only of GL3006
Added GL3207, GL3208, GL3209, AL3206, WY3205, ZE3207, ZE3210, ZE3216, OS3215, LO3216, LO3219, BF3237, BF3239, CT3211, CT3220, CT3222, CT3229, RE3212, RE3234, RE3241, RE3242, RE3250, DE3210, DE3218, MC3206, MC3207, OR3208, OR3254, OR3289, OR3291, RA3204, RA3205, UR3219, CA3205, UA3221, LA3208, LA3209, LA3211, LA3226 (New restoration!), FB3210, PI3215, IF3218, IF3219, IF3220
Improved or extended: OG3003, OG3014, BF3028, RE3033, DR2014, SL3008, IF3010
Previously broken, corrected: DA3002, CT3025, OR3092, DR2003, SL3001

v3.3 changes:

Added: HN3301, CT3311, RE3323, RQ3309, LA3320, FB3310, IF3321
Previously broken or incomplete, also corrected by v3.2 hotfixes: LA3110, LA3211, UA3019, UA2023, UA3024, UA3027
Previously broken or incomplete, fixed in v3.3: MO3001, CT3211, RE3242

v3.4 changes:

Added: GL3410, CM3401, OG3407, ST3401, ST3402, OS3401, OS3408, CT3402, MC3408, DE3409, DE3415, CW3422, OR3442, LA3425, IF3422, IF3423
Redacted ST1001 – see RD3407
Previously broken or incomplete, corrected: RE3242, SL3007