Qwinn’s Ultimate Dragon Age: Origins Fixpack v3.4

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Create DateNovember 30, 2017

Hello Dragon Age fans! I've spent the last 11 months updating my Fixpack/Restoration pack for base Dragon Age: Origins. It now fixes over 790 dialogue, quest, scripting and item bugs, including all known bugs fixed by existing mods as well as even more previously undiscovered bugs, and restores a huge amount of content. It should be fully compatible with any texture, morph and graphics mods you currently enjoy, along with some of the most popular gameplay mods like Extra Dog Slot, Skip the Fade and Zevran ASAP.

Here's the short list - yes, this is the short list! - of the great restored content you can expect to see, many of these never restored in any existing mods (SPOILER WARNING: This list has a lot of spoilers, don't read it if you haven't played the game before):

Restored all broken codex entries (aside from a handful in the "Controls" section)
Restored human female cocky soundset
Restored option to show mercy to Mandar Dace if fighting him during the Dwarf Noble Origin
Restored dozens of scripted approval changes, particularly when first meeting various followers
Restored 3 different reactions each to breakups with Morrigan and Zevran, depending on approval level
Restored harsh breakup with Leliana
Restored turning Morrigan in as an apostate to Greagoir
Restored dialogue when taking Morrigan to Flemeth's hut during her personal quest
Restored the proper extended ending to Flemeth's Real Grimoire quest.
Restored several conversations with Oghren in the Deep Roads
Restored Oghren asking to join the party permanently after a king is crowned
Restored long dialogue with Wynne about Connor, and fixed bugs usually preventing another long dialogue with her between "Rescue the Queen" and the Landsmeet
Restored 18 interparty banters that previously would not play at all
Restored Alistair's intended warnings when you are about to be attacked by stealthed darkspawn in the Korcari Wilds
Restored Alistair introducing you to Ser Donall in Lothering
Restored being able to distract Lanaya (with very high persuade/cunning) long enough to steal her Songbook without getting caught
Restored the ability to heal Deygan in "Wounded in the Forest"
Restored ability to turn Godwin in to Greagoir
Restored several ambient dialogues between Redcliffe villagers and Shale
Restored non-functioning morale boosts/penalties to the Redcliffe militia and knights depending on how you prepared them for Attack at Nightfall
Restored combat shouts and calls for healing by Redcliffe militia and knights during Attack at Nightfall, which vary depending on morale and sobriety
Restored Sophie's Guard being able to catch you ransacking Sophie's room in the Gnawed Noble Tavern
Restored 3 of the 5 intended ways to be able to Steal the Teyrns Crown
Restored Haven alternate shopkeeper if you side with the Cultists
Restored exchange between the beggar and a guard in the Hall of Heroes
Restores the broken Jowan's Intentions Chanter Board quest
Restores the intended final reward for completing all Chanter's Board quests
Restored Vartag confronting you in the Provings if you fought for Harrowmont after agreeing to work for Bhelen
Restored the ability for a dwarf noble who didn't kill Trian to be exonerated
Restored the ability for a dwarf noble to complete "Of Noble Birth" properly
Restored ability for Shale to come rescue you during "Captured!"
Restored interjections by Leliana, Morrigan and/or Sten during the Landsmeet if you are betrayed by Anora
Restored Alistair thanking you for not making him king
Restored dialogue between Loghain and Anora in Redcliffe Castle after the Landsmeet (new in version 3.2!)
Restored the last two "Story So Far" updates in the game.
Restored many location based party comments and follower interjections during dialogues
Restored 13 previously unobtainable items in game
THIS is the long list (warning - 98 pages when pulled up in Microsoft Word!) View the QUDA:O Fixpack Readme v3.4 In Your Browser. You can also download it as a text file in the sidebar menu.
.If you installed any Hotfix files for previous versions into the /packages/core/override directory, you can and should remove them after installing this version.
If you have any comments, new bug reports or requests, please register (I don't ask for your name or any other private info, just your email so you can reset your password if you lose it) and post in my Dragon Age Fixpack Forums.
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