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    Yeah, I’m still playing but between your updates and Mesk’s Combat Tweaks, I don’t know when I’ll finish a playthrough. 😀 😀

    Speaking of wich, I’m having a glitch with the tactics that started after your last update (3.4) but mind you that I can’t say if it’s your mod or Mesk’s that is causing it… or even some other mod. I’m currently testing trying to find the culprit.

    I’m currently playing as a Dalish Archer and the tactic “Self – Being attacked by melee attack -> Use Dirty Fighting”, sometimes my archer just takes hit after hit and don’t use the DF or he uses it against other archers instead.
    Also, some tactics I set and save, after a reload some tactics get mixed and replaced…

    This never use to happen before, I’m using Advanced Tactics for ever without any gitch…

    Like I said, can’t say yet wich mod is causing this. And I already found some leftover from a mod I uninstalled causing conflit with Mesk CT, so it can be also something like that causing this…
    I’m currently investigating that possibility but just in case, I’m also letting you know about it.

    Merry Christmas. 🙂


    Hi, Qwinn it it possible that your mod is causing this bug?
    I do NOT have “Improved Atmosphere” and I started a new game using the new fix pack 3.4.


    Thanks 🙂

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    Hard to tell on my phone, but I’m guessing the issue is with Dog. If so – no, nothing in my fixpack could cause that. I’m guessing you have some other mod conflicting with Extra Dog Slot.

    Oh, and sorry Portucally – no, nothing I changed could screw up tactics either.

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    Im running this mod, and I have bumped into an issue. not sure if its related to this but thought Id ask.

    In the Wardens Keep DLC, after talked to Avernus and he walks back to start doing his ritual thingy to close demon portals. After the cutscene where he explains what hes doing the actual battle never starts. Avernus just walks to the side and stands there and the quest itself never triggers or continues.

    Ive never had that happen before in the past, and running this mod is the only thing different, so thought id see if thats something from this or not.



    i toggled the mod off and on as well as the dlc off an on in the DLC window and it progressed when i tried to walk out of the area.

    so, it was wonky but i did get the thing to finish.

Viewing 5 posts - 256 through 260 (of 260 total)

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