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    Speaking of hidden/cut content, there’s also this Ruck-ish quest as the skymoves call it.
    And it has very funny line of dialogue. 😉


    Yep, that’s one of the possibly restorable quests I found yesterday. I may actually not get a chance to write about it and the other stuff I found tonight, but when I do, I’ll create a new thread for it. “The Potential Restoration Thread”, probably.


    Hi Qwinn,
    How are you?
    I am trying to make compatible:
    -Your mod
    -Improve Atmosphere
    -Morrigan restoration pack

    I checked every file name inside your DAZIP and delete it from IA and MORP.

    1)I want to keep UTI files from IA because i made a lot of modification on the NPC outfit with mods like swang song and trading post.
    Have the override UTI files priority over the ones on the DAZIP of your mod right?

    2)In MORP i want to keep only angry kiss cut scene and the return to flemeth hut cut scene.
    But i have some difficult to find the right files.
    Probably this two files will conflict with your mod right, but they are needed to trigger the cut scenes.
    Simple keep MORP files in override will make them loaded first, or they will mess sup each other?

    Denerim Market area is an important place in the game structure, it often crashes also without mods, there are a lot of reports on the web. Could be related to a Vanilla of are files, npc or other things? I read that could be a memory problem, because the game it’s not made for multi core CPU. It’s impossible to fix this?

    Thank you again for your mod!!
    Good work!!


    Hi gosho, thanks for the kind words.

    1) Yes, UTI’s in the override folder will override my files by default, UNLESS I put them in core/override myself so that the changes can carry over to the DLC. I mostly touch weapons, though – very few armors. Take a look at the UTI’s I list in my affected file list. The ones that say “PCO” next to them are the ones I put in /packages/core/override/qwinn.

    2) I’m afraid I’m not going to be spending any effort to make my Fixpack compatible with MRP or Improved Atmosphere. Even with the other modders’ help, it’d be a difficult task, and without it, it’s pretty much impossible. There is no way at all to make them work together correctly, I wouldn’t spend any time trying, it’s pretty much doomed to failure.

    3) Denerim’s Market is indeed prone to crashing even with no mods at all. I did a few things that will hopefully help matters a little, but it’s still prone to crashing. The only solution I know of is the 4GB patch that allows the executable to use more than 2GB of memory. I haven’t pursued that for myself, though, because if any change I make *CAN* increase crashes on the original 2GB version, I need to know about it.

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