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    I have a problem with The Trial of Crows quest and I haven’t been able to find a solution on my own.

    When I first came to Denerim, I saw the Grey Warden Poster (the one containing the password) and rushed to The Pearl to kill Paedan and his group. Didn’t realise they were involved in this quest.

    Several days and main quests later, I recieved the first task from Master Ignacio – to kill Paedan. When talking to him I only have the option to leave or attack him.

    I think I know what caused the problem here. There is a script which is supposed to run when Paedan dies and in my case it didn’t. The script is responsible for unlocking the doors, loot from Paedan (100% chance to get Paedan’s Orders) and also might enable the dialogue option with Ignacio.

    I’ve done a lot of digging on my own and I have not found a single solution for this problem. Seeing that Qwinn has already done some fixes on the quest, I thought that I would ask here. Could somebody please provide me with the name of the script (if it is indeed a script problem) which is responsible for this? I’d like to try force activating it via the console.

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