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    This thread is now the final changelog for version 3.3. Please do not add replies to it. If you want to comment on these changes or request something new, please post them on the Version 3.3 Development Discussion thread:



    HUMAN NOBLE ORIGIN: HN3301: Daytime: Fixed an invisible door in the room just before the hall to Fergus’s bedroom. Thanks to Greinke34 of the Nexus forums for alerting me to this one.

    IB3315: Interparty Banters: One of the Zevran-Alistair banters restored by IB3001 (about “wooing” women) had an incorrect condition based on scripting comments – it should have and will now only play if you are in an active romance with Alistair. Thanks to mckatsims for making me aware of this one.

    CIRCLE TOWER: CT3311: Wynne’s Nightmare: Fixed some clipping issues with the ground in the scene where Wynne stands amidst the bodies. Thanks to Totalbalance for making me aware of this one.

    REDCLIFFE: RE3323: “The Attack at Nightfall”: This fix does not address a bug that can appear in the unmodded game, but rather attempts to make this Fixpack able to tolerate more Event Manager mods such as Dragon Age Rules Fixpack than the vanilla game can. As is noted in the DARF mod readme, the Siege of Redcliffe is known to break if an excessive number of such mods are in use because of a hard limit on the number of script/event calls that the engine can handle. The Siege of Redcliffe is particularly prone to having this limit exceeded, due to the large number of script calls it makes all on its own. I have streamlined the scripts in the Siege to make many fewer script calls, so that multiple Event Manager mods used in conjunction with my Fixpack should now be considerably less likely to break “Attack at Nightfall” than if they were applied to the vanilla game.

    RESCUE THE QUEEN: RQ3309: Howe Dungeon: City Elf Wardens only: When talking to Vaughan in his cell, a condition on a particular line checking that the player was female should have been checking that he was male instead. Thanks to GoesOnGhost for catching this one.

    LANDSMEET: LA3320: Post-Landsmeet Redcliffe Village: Added missing doors to the blacksmithy and the cottage above it.

    FINAL BATTLE FB3310: Alienage: Added missing doors to various houses in this area, seven doors in all. Thanks to sialivi for making me aware that the area was missing several.

    ITEM FIXES: IF3321: “Apprentice Robes”, “Mage Robes”, “Tranquil Robes”, “Senior Enchanter Robes”: The specular mask for these robes when worn by females was missing and has been restored, allowing for them to reflect surrounding light and shadow and making them much less drab. Many thanks to Illusia for making me aware of this one and showing me how to correct it.


    MO3001: Morrigan: Restored a great number of non-functional scripted approval boosts and penalties in Morrigan’s dialogues in the Korkari Wilds and inside and outside of Flemeth’s Hut both before and after the Battle of Ostagar. Note that you will not be notified of any approval changes until Morrigan is properly recruited, at which point you will be notified of the total accumulated approval gains or losses earned up to that point. (v3.3) Fixed some issues with the implementation – it is now safe to delay going with Morrigan to see Flemeth. Also, Morrigan will no longer appear in the Ostagar quartermaster’s “Compare To” list. Thanks to tyraeldw for making me aware of these issues.

    CIRCLE TOWER: CT3211: Sten’s Nightmare: Fixed some buggy camera work in Sten’s Fade sequence (Sten stands up but the camera kept pointing at his sitting position in several paths). Thanks to dgm22 of the Nexus forums for making me aware of this one. (v3.3) Missed a few paths with this issue (thanks to Totalbalance for making me aware and helping test the extended fix). All camera issues in this scene should now be completely fixed.

    REDCLIFFE: RE3242: The Fade: The desire demon at the heart of the Fade should no longer be found buried in the ground up to her waist. (v3.3) This fix did not work in v3.2, sorry about that. Thanks to Portucally for letting me know. (POST RELEASE EDIT: Note that this fix STILL doesn’t work properly as of v3.3 either. Sorry about that. The proper fix for this issue will need to wait for the release of v3.4.)

    LANDSMEET: LA3110: Gnawed Noble Tavern: Once the Landsmeet plot has begun, several nobles appear in the Gnawed Noble Tavern. Sighard can have several conversations with Ceorlic as the plot progresses. Eventually, Sighard moves to another table. He would, however, be facing backwards, with his legs through the back of the booth he moves to. He will now face the proper direction. Credit to sialivi of the Nexus forums for making me aware of this one. (v3.3) This fix didn’t actually make it into the v3.2 release. Originally corrected by hotfix v3.21.

    LANDSMEET: LA3211: Gnawed Noble Tavern: Made a number of fixes to the dialogues of the nobles in the tavern. They will no longer keep repeating the same conversations over and over, and clicking on Ceorlic will trigger the proper response rather than repeating his most recent conversation with Sighard. Thanks to Totalbalance of the Nexus forums for drawing the latter issue to my attention. (v3.3) Corrected some issues. Among other things, you will no longer miss any of their conversations due to not visiting the tavern as various quest lines are advanced, and leaving the area before their “Have you heard about Howe?” conversation completes will no longer prevent Sighard from moving to Bryland’s table on your next visit.

    UNREST IN THE ALIENAGE: UA3019, UA2023, UA3024, UA3027: These fixes did not actually make it into release between v3.0 and hotfix v3.22.


    The above is the final changelog for v3.3. It was released on August 22, 2017.

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