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    Version 3.4 has been released! Enjoy!

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    GLOBAL: GL3410: A reported bug I was never able to duplicate was that sometimes, in the 3 places where you can be stripped of all your inventory and then regain it (the Pearl, Captured! and the Urn Gauntlet), sometimes a follower wouldn’t get their gear back. I strongly suspect this problem was caused by the fact that dozens of items that are set to fire events when acquired to add associated codex entries or quest updates *continue* to fire these events every single time they enter your inventory, despite the fact that in the vast majority of cases there is no reason to ever fire those events more than once. When your entire party regains their entire inventory, this would cause potentially dozens of completely unnecessary item-acquired events to fire in extremely rapid succession. In this fix I stop over 35 items from firing item-acquired events after they’ve run once and fulfilled their purpose. This should significantly reduce the chances of hitting the hard limit on script calls and events that can be reached when using multiple mods that use Event Manager, which again is what I strongly suspect caused the reported inventory-not-restored problems.

    OGHREN: OG3407: “Oghren’s Old Flame”: In the quest-starting dialogue, a couple of dialogue paths allowed the player to reference Oghren mistaking “Lake Calenhad” for “Lake Cleanbad” even if Oghren had been there and didn’t make the mistake. Thanks to Illusia for making me aware of this one.

    STEN: ST3401: Sten Caged: Made a significant fix to the dialogue that occurs if you talk to Sten after opening his cage but prior to convincing him to join you. The fix restores a previously unattainable line of dialogue should you tell Sten “Yes, you’re free to go”, and advances the dialogue the next time you speak to him as it was intended to.

    STEN: ST3402: Sten Caged: Fixed a couple of dialogue paths in your initial conversation with Sten that could make the cage never activate, barring the player from ever opening it via lockpicking. Thanks to Alehazar for making me aware of this one.

    OSTAGAR: OS3401: “The Mabari Hound”: Dwarf Nobles Only: The script check that disables the Quest-Available marker and associated trigger on the Kennel Master for Human Nobles (since they already have Dog) actually checks for the background “Noble”, thus incorrectly deactivating them for Dwarf Nobles as well. The quest marker and trigger will now be active for Dwarf Nobles. Thanks to Alehazar for making me aware of this one.

    OSTAGAR: OS3408: Fixed bug that delayed mages getting Wynne’s main and first quote codex entries until they met her again during Broken Circle. Thanks to Alehazar for making me aware of this one.

    CIRCLE MAGE ORIGIN: CM3401: Senior Mage Quarters: Fixed a couple of bugs in Niall’s dialogue. 1) The camera will no longer inexplicably focus on a silent Torrin while Niall is talking. 2) You will no longer be forever cut off from asking Niall about apostates if you fail to ask about them the very first time the option appears. Thanks to Illusia for reminding me of the first one and making me aware of the second one.

    CIRCLE TOWER: CT3403: “Summoning Sciences”: During this quest, clicking on the statue “Magus Gorvish” was the only click that didn’t appear to have an accompanying sound effect. It did, it was just effectively buried in a wall and thus inaudible. The intended sound effect is now audible. Thanks to Alehazar for making me aware of this one.

    DENERIM: DE3409: “Pearls Before Swine”: If you had this quest the first time you entered the Pearl, it was pretty much impossible to avoid having Sanga’s ambient dialogue overlap with Isabela’s fight scene, making both of them very difficult to hear properly. Although some difficult area geometry issues make it impossible to fix this in an ideal manner – it is easily possible that one of your followers can accidentally trigger Isabela’s fight scene while Sanga is still saying her lines – it *is* now definitely possible, if you stop as soon as you hear Sanga’s lines start, to hear her entire ambient dialogue before triggering Isabela’s fight scene. Also, some animations have been added to Sanga’s ambient dialogue, as the animations that were coded for those lines didn’t work. Many many thanks to Illusia for alerting me to most of these issues and helping me do extensive testing of my various attempts at fixing all of them.

    DENERIM: DE3415: “Trial of Crows”: If you ask Sanga about the poster, you’d get a descriptive line indicating she scowled and gestured toward the back, but her actual animation did not match this description. Now it does. Thanks to Illusia for making me aware of this one and helping to test my fix.

    CRIME WAVE: CW3422: “Crime Wave”: The items to be acquired in the Stealing path – Pouch of Gems, Ser Nancine’s Sword, Tilver’s Key and Teyrn Loghain’s Crown – can all leave and enter your inventory multiple times under certain conditions. These items would fire their quest closing scripts and attempt to enable the next quest in the chain every time they did so (such as when your entire inventory is removed and restored in the brothel, the Urn Gauntlet or the Captured! quest, or sold and re-bought, or just stored and then retrieved from your inventory chest), potentially bugging the quest chain and in one reported case even crashing the game when your entire inventory is restored with one of those items in it. Acquiring these items will no longer trigger their quest closing scripts after the first time they’ve done so. See related fix GL3410. Many thanks to poster naebram607 for making me aware of this issue.

    MAGE COLLECTIVE QUESTS: MC3408: “Have You Seen Me?”: Removed a bit of unnecessary scripting that could prevent the random encounter associated to this quest from taking place. Thanks to Aden for making me aware that it could fail to trigger. If a game with v3.4 is installed prior to accepting the quest in Denerim, and if the random encounter fails to trigger within 3 or 4 world map trips of getting the quest, please let me know. This fix will not cause the random encounter to trigger if your save game was affected by the bug (by accepting the quest) prior to installing v3.4. That would require an edit of the save game.

    ORZAMMAR: OR3442: “Shifting Allegiances”: If you told Dulin what Vartag asked you to do for his First Task, he would refuse to offer you Shifting Allegiances after completing that task, claiming “I told you that if that [doing Vartag’s task] happened we were through.”. Only, he never says any such thing when you tell him what Vartag’s task is, and no line conveying that meaning exists in his entire dialogue file. Removed the reference to non-existent dialogue, and failing to respond to a threat that is never actually made will no longer lock you out of this quest. Thanks to RJWalker for making me aware of this one.

    LANDSMEET: LA3425: Post-Landsmeet Redcliffe: Bodahn’s Redcliffe-Castle-specific dialogue (“The Arl has allowed us to stay”) will now only play in Redcliffe Castle.

    ITEM FIXES: IF3422: Heavy Gloves: The sort order for heavy gloves in your inventory has been fixed. They were previously sorted as light gloves. Thanks to Illusia for making me aware of this one.

    ITEM FIXES: IF3423: “Dwyn’s Sword”: This weapon (obtainable only by killing Dwyn) will now sort properly with other longswords in inventory. It would previously sort at the bottom of the inventory and merchant lists. Thanks to Khuu for making me aware of this one.


    REDCLIFFE: RE3242: The Fade: The desire demon at the heart of the Fade should no longer be found buried in the ground up to her waist. (v3.3) This fix did not work in v3.2, sorry about that. Thanks to Portucally for letting me know. (v3.4) STILL didn’t work even in v3.3. Turns out the bug was random, and when it randomly worked properly, I thought I’d fixed it. Oops. Redid the fix an entirely different way and appears to work consistently now. Thanks again to Portucally for letting me know and helping test it extensively.


    RD3407: (v1.0 – listed as ST1001 in v3.3) If Lothering was destroyed and you never even talked to Sten, you were still getting a codex entry about his death that implied you had met him. REDACTED in v3.4: I did this one back in v1.0 seven years ago due to a player request, but I’ve never liked it. The codex entry really *doesn’t* imply you had met him, and I see no good reason to refrain from adding it even if you refused to talk to him for some reason. It definitely doesn’t justify the two relatively important files that it adds to the Affected Files List all by itself either. Redacting this improves compatibility more than most fixes would.

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